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Flight Attendant on Reserve | Hurricanes, Vomit and Reassignments

Flight Attendant on Reserve | Hurricanes, Vomit and Reassignments

hey guys I am back today is Sunday
September 1st I had standby this morning I checked in
at 11:45 and now it is 245 and crew scheduling just called me with a trip so
today we are going to LA tonight and then we go to Orlando tomorrow which
we’ll see because that big hurricane is coming through to Florida I have no idea
what position I’m working or what aircrafts are on but I’m sure it’s big
since we’re going to LA so that’s just kind of how it works when I’m on the
standby I just go where they tell me so we’ll just show up and figure it out
just got to the hotel room in LA really really loving this one we have just
under 15 hours here and I’m really excited it’s gonna be really nice and
relaxing so I’ll give you guys a quick tour so this is the room you have a very
nice very large bathroom that I’m excited about super pretty can always
appreciate a nice bathroom cute little coffee area and here’s the bedroom
so here’s the trip that I got like I said we’re going from we went from
Chicago to LA today and we ended up being on a 57 and I was in the back
flight was fine coming in I was with a really nice crew there’s one other guy
who is Orlando based who I’m kind of tagging along with for the rest of the
trip so tomorrow our van time is 8:40 a.m. we go from LA to Chicago and we
have about an hour and a half in Chicago before we’re supposed to go from Chicago
to Orlando now Hurricane Dorian is like tearing
through Orlando right now as of right now the airport is not closed
it’s kind of been off and on in Orlando so we’re just gonna be go with the flow
and you know what if I had it my way we would make it to Orlando tomorrow night
and then I’d get stuck there for maybe like a day or two and I just get to
relax in the hotel room but anyways after we go to Orlando and I lay over
there if all goes well I will deadhead back the next day to Chicago which means
I just rise as a passenger I don’t even have to wear my uniform so I love my
deadhead thing it is about 9:20 a.m. we’re about to start boarding here in a
second we just got on the plane we are on the 757 I’m not sure the exact
configuration but I’m working in the back doing the economy service I’m kind
of the helper not really back galley just kind of like I just helped out in
the aisle and hop on the bar cart so anyways headed to of Chicago usually
about like a three and a half four hour flight usually closer to three and a
half hours but it should be relatively easy the 57s are super long it’s just
two more it’s just a longer more people filled 737 as you can see we’ve got this
whole bat cabin I guess after the lavatories right here and this is kind
of my spot this is my jump seat and then I go and help them out in the back
galley so that’s what we’re doing today once we get to Chicago we have about an
hour and a half’s it so I’m sure we’ll be checking to see if we’re actually
going to go to Orlando today and we’ll just see what they say I hear that all
the other airports in the area are closed down but the Orlando Airport so I
don’t know all right we just deplaned in Chicago the cleaners came on cleaned the
plane I didn’t realize that we were staying on this aircraft and taking it
to Orlando but we are which is great because that means that we don’t need to
change the lanes of any sort so that’s nice we still have not heard word yet as
to if we’re going or not apparently Orlando’s Airport is still open as of
right now basically up until this point we’ve everyone’s been saying we’re going
we’re going it’s not a big deal we can get in there safely we’re going and as
of two minutes ago we may not be going I guess we’re just waiting on air traffic
control and they come to you to find out what they want to do and then we’ll
either go or I’ll just stay here and the rest the trip falls apart I don’t know
we’ll see you’re not gonna believe where I ended up I am in Newark that’s right feels good to sit down I’m in a new work
we landed in Orlando the crew desk hunted me down and like had the pilots
give me a message to call them once we landed and instead of laying over in
Orlando they decided to add a Newark leg to our flight who’s a long day that
flight was only two hours but it turned our nine-hour Duty day into a 12 and a
half 13 hour duty day just kind of pushing it so I’m exhausted
that last flight just really took it out of me I was just not mentally prepared
to work a third leg on the 757 and ended up having to and now I’m tired
we just dead head back to Chicago tomorrow our flight takes off at about
1:00 p.m. it’s about 1:30 a.m. now so I’ve just about 12 hours and I think I’m
just gonna conk out and go to sleep things certainly have not gone as
planned today I am in Newark like I said last night we were supposed to be dead
heading back to Chicago today they reassigned me and her scheduling
didn’t call me in time so I was already at the airport you know ready to
deadhead and they finally called me and told me that I had been reassigned to a
different trip so now my check-in isn’t until 7:00 p.m. it’s currently about
12:30 p.m. so I’m going back to the hotel to take a nap we go from Newark to
Austin tonight we work the flight Newark to Austin and then we work the flight
from Austin to Houston I’ve got 16 hours in Houston my mom and most of my family
lives in Houston so I’m actually pretty excited about that I get to go visit to
see them and then the next day they deadhead me as of right now you know
things have just been changing every day with this trip as of right now they’re
deadheading me to Washington Dulles the next day and then I worked the flight
from Washington Dulles to Newark layover in Newark again and then deadhead to
Chicago the next day so things just have not gone as planned this trip but
honestly do they ever really go as planned probably not
very rarely anyways I’m adding March to the hotel I’m gonna take a nap
you got myself a Starbucks so while I was at the airport and that’s just been
my day in Newark round two I’m here early it’s only about 625 airplanes
later than expected our original check-in well after they changed my
pairing for like the fifth time this trip my check-in was gonna be 7 p.m. my
planes not really getting in until 7:30 so I’ll be at the gate anyways but
technically that’s our check-in time just getting some food
I got a salad for myself if I had it my way I’d be eating fried chicken right
now but trying to be good better than yesterday it smells like home I am
officially in Houston we have finally made it it is just about 1 o’clock in
the morning Houston time I met a nice hotel which really makes me happy and
we’ve got an amazing shower which I also love anyways man so the flight from
Austin to Houston is super quick it’s 48 minutes but we ended up making it in 30
minutes which is basically we go right up and we come right back down and we
had since we were so delayed today we were about four and a half hours delayed
we had all of exactly six passengers on that entire flight so um we were able to
have a little bit of fun with them and be extra nice and I guess kind of cater
to each person so that was good I am exhausted it was a long walk
through the airport in the airport was an absolute ghost town tonight man I’ll
tell you though the vomit on this trip that I have experienced I’ve never
really had any sort of like a problem with that ever as far as like having
passengers that are sick on my plane you know like knock on wood but God the last
three the last four flights someone has gotten sick on and I just feel so bad
like there’s probably there’s nothing worse than being nauseous on a plane but
yeah the amount of vomit on this four-day trip has been unreal hello good
morning good afternoon it is just about 2:30 p.m. or 3 o’clock p.m.
I’m very early to the plane check-in isn’t until 3:30 today we are on the 767
and today is day 3 or 4 I forgot and I cannot remember they have modified my
pairing so many times so this is our first class polaris seating how neat is
that I love it I cannot wait to sit here one day anyways just got to the plane
literally it’s a big old bird but I hear we’re not
full I think we only have about 80 passengers this afternoon we are going so we’re starting in Houston going to
Dulles Washington DC have about an hour and a half and Dulles
and then we work the flight to Newark and layover in Newark again so
I was originally supposed to be deadheading on this bike but then they
changed me to working which is fine it is that’s what we’re gonna do
it should be a nice light I have no idea where I’m supposed to work we’re about
to hash all that out I’m I’m sure so I did forget to film once we got off of
the flight but I think it’s because we were we ended up boarding taxing out to
the runway and then we were delayed on the tarmac for about an hour hour and a
half before we could actually take off and go to Newark because of the storm so
anyways I got to the hotel I did make my butt go to the gym and I feel good about
that I got at least like an hour in which was nice
came back took a shower and now I’m about to get in bed it is just about
3:30 a.m. Newark time so it’s 2:30 a.m. home time Chicago time I’m pretty tired
but I figured I wouldn’t be today was not such a bad day and I figured I could
kind of stretch it and maybe not get a full eight hours tonight because I would
be just deadheading tomorrow it’s gonna be super easy this is actually day four
technically day five what was supposed to be like a two day trip turned into a
five-day trip this week you know I really didn’t I didn’t I had a love-hate
relationship with this week so it was hard it was tough to do it was tough to
be like modified and rerouted are not rerouted but you know what I’m talking
about it was tough to be modified as far as our pairing and things changed so
often throughout these last five days as to what flights I was working and
where I was laying over and how long my lay overs would be that it was a bit
tough but you know what a lot of good came from it I you know hmm
and that’s really what I should focus on like the past couple of days I don’t
know I’ve just gotten a lot of compliments from passengers which always
makes me feel really good and I was able to help people because they were sick
and I met some amazing crew members they’re just so sweet
good morning it is about noon 11:54 a.m. I just got to the airport in
Newark not too long ago changed out of my uniform got some coffee and a
blueberry muffin something really super sweet happened to
me this morning while I was walking to the crew room to get changed the sweet
flight attendant came up behind me and complimented me on my hair and I just
loved that and then we talked all the way until we got to the corners just
made me feel really good I am I really love that about I guess
the culture of being a flight attendant it’s like its own little unspoken world
I mean you can make friends with anyone feel comfortable talking to anyone
that’s in uniform or a flight attendant themselves it’s just nice the
camaraderie and like the family atmosphere is insane so cool I don’t
know whatever what other career field you get that in but you get in here so
anyways I’ve got quite a bit of time before we board I’ve got about 25 or 30
minutes so I’m just gonna hang out head to Chicago I don’t even want to say
fingers crossed we’re going home because I feel like we’re gonna jinx it but
that’s the plan today they have used me enough today’s day five I am ready to go
home you

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