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First Date Tips: How to Avoid the #1 Turn-off (Bad Breath)

First Date Tips: How to Avoid the #1 Turn-off (Bad Breath)

Hi, Katrina Szish for Howdini. I’m joined by Melissa Brown, the
president of It’s Just Lunch. And she’s going to be telling
all of us how to avoid– dun, dun, dun– dating disasters. [LAUGHS] Nice to see you. Yes. Thank you for having me. So what are some of the
top dating disasters? Well, I think it’s hard to say just the
top dating disasters, but I think we can generalize them. The first is just being on time,
and not being late to the date. With today’s lifestyle– I mean, people have busy
schedules between their profession and their family. And sometimes, meetings run longer. You may get stuck in traffic. So, making sure that you’re prepared,
you’re contacting the restaurant, you’re contacting your date and letting
them know can help avoid that dating disaster. The other is just topics. You want to keep your topics nice and
safe, especially on that first date. So, keeping it more to your interests
and your hobbies, and staying away from political conversations, or
especially talking about your exes, because that could lead you
down to a dating disaster. Dangerous. Oh, yes. Definitely. And then also, if you are going on a
blind date, make sure the reservation is under both of your first names. This way you don’t miss each other. Oh. You don’t want to end up
meeting someone else. Strangers passing in the night. Exactly. So, put the reservation under
both of your first names. And then, I hate to say
it, but bad breath. That could be another dating disaster. Is it a deal breaker? Oh, absolutely. It’s the number one turn off. Really? Bad breath is number one? Bad breath, yes. So, I mean, if you have a date
that night, think about what you’re eating that day. Stay away from garlics, and onions, and
anything that may give you that bad breath. Coffee too. So those are things that you
might want to consider. So I always tell my clients,
have a little refresh kit. Keep it at your office. Whether it’s mouthwash, or a mini
toothbrush and toothpaste. And so that way, before you go on the
date, give yourself a little refresh in case you can’t stop
home to do that. Or what if you even maybe just duck
out, say, after dessert if you’re anticipating a first kiss? Oh, yes. If you are anticipating a first kiss,
and that date is going good, I highly recommend excusing yourself and using
the wash room before you head out to leave. And what if you find yourself
in a dating disaster? Maybe a conversation goes
away it shouldn’t. How do you get out of it if you
already feel yourself in it? Exactly. Exactly. Well, going on a first date can
be a little nerve wracking. And we try and take that awkwardness
away from our clients by setting them up. But remember to consider your date. Remember to ask them questions. But if you find yourself getting carried
away and the conversation is going somewhere that you don’t want it
to go, take a deep breath, take a step back, regroup yourself, and change
different directions. And in the end, would just kind of
smiling or laughing be a way to diffuse a situation? It helps. [LAUGHS] Sense of humor helps. Yes, absolutely. Melissa Brown, thank you so much. OK, you are officially prepared
to avoid dating disasters. So, get out there and have some fun. Get a good oral care routine
that includes brushing, floss, and mouthwash. Avoid the foods and activities
that cause bad breath. No smoking, limit the coffee, and
no garlic on the date or for lunch the same day. Make sure you have a travel toothbrush
and toothpaste and maybe some mints. And finally, keep a sense of humor
about the whole thing. Dating is, after all,
supposed to be fun. On behalf of Scope, I’m Katrina’s
Szish for Howdini. For more information, check
out the website.

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  • Bad breath is most definitely a turn off. However, the trick though is not to overdo with the mouthwash or even cologne/perfume for that matter. Some people try to mask any signs of bad breath or odor by going overboard with these two items and on a first date, this type of overkill can also actually be a turn off as well. Hence, moderation is always best.

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