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Fight the Obesity Epidemic with SlimGenics

Fight the Obesity Epidemic with SlimGenics

Obesity has become an epidemic. Nearly two-thirds of American adults are
overweight or obese. 55% do not get enough
physical activity. 26% are completely inactive. Only 25% eat the recommended
amounts of fruits and vegetables. Over the last twenty years, here’s what
has happened with our food consumption. Hamburgers are
23% larger, soft drinks have increased in size by 52%. Snack portions have grown by 60%. Standard dinner plate
sizes have increased by two inches. As food portions and plates
have grown, so have our waistlines. The yearly medical costs of obesity are
estimated at over 147 billion dollars. This figure has
ballooned by more than 80% over a five-year period.
75% of health care costs stem from preventable chronic conditions. Overweight and obese men have
significantly more medical expenses per year than those at a healthy weight. This figure is even larger for women. 3% of the US workforce is morbidly obese but accounts for 21% of obesity costs. Employers may try cost-sharing, managed
care plans, or cash based rebates, but these methods
merely shift costs. Only workplace wellness programs can get
employees healthy in the first place. It’s time to lift the
weight that is bringing down your bottom line. Now is the time to
invest in wellness.

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