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Fiebre en niños | ¿Cómo bajar, tratar o quitar la fiebre hijos?

Fiebre en niños | ¿Cómo bajar, tratar o quitar la fiebre hijos?

Fever in children Hi, I’m Doctor Bueno and this is Medicina Clara, your health channel on YouTube. In Medicina Clara we will explain you with easy and clear words the different aspects of medicine that you, as a patient, will need to know Today, we are going to talk about several basic concepts about fever in children We all know that we are worried to those of us who are parents when our the son has a prolonged fever, Although we know in most cases, corresponds to common diseases that does not need great treatments or large follow-ups by the doctors What happens to our son when he havs a fever? One, they are more muted two, they are more lethargic three, they requires more sleep, but it’s not a continuous dream Four, they lose the desire to eat Five, are with a process of mucus, cough, do not feel well more tearful even more absent Everything we are saying is normal and usual when children have a fever What we can do as parents to correctly treat our children’s fever? the first of all is to follow the guidelines given to our pediatrician the fever will correspond as we have told a sore throat, a problem of mucus, an otitis and only in some cases more serious diseases but you must follow the guidelines that our doctor has given us First, the medicine to treat fever What are they going to tell us, what are they going to prescribe to our kids? Answer is: usually paracetamol or ibuprofen in some cases they can give us a combination therapy, that is, paracetamol in some takes, with ibuprofen in the others Very important is that it fits well to the weight of your child that you can find in all the prospects, although your doctor will tell you how many milliliters, or how drops can fall you have to supply and two, that you do according to the hours that they marked you that because the treatment of all these medicines what they are going to do is keep the fever in a line, it will keep it within normal limits so that your child is comfortable other things we can do, as a parents, when our children with the shivering, is to help this fever gradually diminish If the fever is very high, we can give the child a bath with warm and fresh water sin tener que ser agua helada, solo agua confortable This helps to lower the fever Also, we can use a little towel with cold water, it does not need to be an eau de cologne, or alcohol, simply with these small towels moistened with cold water, they will help the medicine to have its effect and the fever progressively diminish but, what happens if in spite of giving you the medication, put the child in the bathtub with fresh water, put the child fresh water cloths.. …the fever continues to rise We are already in 39º CG, 102,2º FG, and we have done all this goes to 40º (104ºFC) the child complains more and cries, feeling more dejected, in this point, If the child has more than 40º (104 FG) or he passes it, we have to go to hospital emergencies in this case the fever may be a sign of some disease something more serious or that the common catarrhal process that his son was suffering has become complicated do not try to solve it yourself, go to an emergency service and they will tell you what you have to do and this has been clear medicine with Doctor Bueno I hope this video has solved the doubts that you had Of course, this explanation does not replace the advice of your specialist doctor trust his criteria and remember that you can follow through our facebook and twitter accounts to send the topics you want us to discuss in the next videos You can also subscribe to our channel on YouTube to recieve our new weekly videos This is Medicina Clara and I am the Doctor Bueno, because an understandable medicine it is possible and necessary thank you very much

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