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Ep 83- Like A Boss: AntiVaxxer Mom & Whooping Cough [My Incredible Opinion]

Ep 83- Like A Boss: AntiVaxxer Mom & Whooping Cough [My Incredible Opinion]

I wanted to wrap up this quick series about
Whooping Cough and the Pertussis vaccine by taking a look at a story of what happened
to a family when their 3 kids caught Whooping Cough. Hooping, right? It’s not woop-ing? You’ve probably heard me say over and over
that most anti-vaxxers are educated, affluent families who spend a lot of time researching
vaccines and disease. I’m going to use this story to make the inverse
point. MOST, not all, but MOST vaccinating parents
are typically ignorant about disease and vaccines. They leave it up to the doctors to tell them
what to do and are clueless when it comes to immunizations. And unfortunately MOST, but not all, doctors
and nurses are similarly ignorant. I speak from experience, just so you know. I was one of those parents. I was absolutely clueless. I had no idea why they jabbed my 20-minute
old son. I couldn’t have named any of the vaccines
he received other than maybe polio and tetanus. I didn’t research. I didn’t care. But I just knew they were all necessary and
completely safe. If you would have told me otherwise, I would
have called you flat-earthing idiot. This January, an intelligent mother of three,
who has not had her kids vaccinated (ON PURPOSE), noticed that two of her older children had
developed a persistent cough by the end of the first week of school after Christmas vacation. She immediately suspected Whooping Cough and
rather than risking infecting anyone else at a hospital or doctor’s office, she sent
a video of her children coughing to their pediatrician. From that video, he also became fairly certain it was indeed Whooping Cough and gave the mother two options. Remove her children from school for 21 days,
or give them a course of antibiotics for 5 days, after which they could return to school. Both mother AND doctor knew the antibiotics
were unlikely to help, but rather than nuke her children’s gut microbiome with some Clindamyacin,
she decided to wait out the 21 days and start her children on an aggressive Vitamin C protocol. Here’s a quick look at what Whooping Cough
looks like once your kids are saturated with Vitamin C and any fluid in their lungs gets
thinner and easier to cough up. Now already, this anti-vaxxin mom had done
a couple of things a vaccine-using idiot like I used to be would have never done. She immediately recognized her children’s
cough as potentially serious and isolated them from infecting anyone else. She started them on a healthy regimen and
gave up 3 weeks of personal time in order that her children not spread the disease any
further. She had done the research on Whooping Cough
and antibiotics and decided to skip them even though they would have technically allowed
her children back in school. Even with these heroic efforts, we all know
that this mother, if the rest of the school knew her anti-vaxxing ways, would be immediately
considered as the cause of any other Whooping Cough. Her children would be considered patients
Zero, One and Two in the school outbreak, right? Wait- it gets better. This mom was able to do a little research
at school and realized many of her children’s classmates had also been coughing up a storm. And we all know how this story goes- most
of the vaccinated kid’s parents did not pull them out of school for 21 days. I can guarantee you most of those kid’s parents
did not have a clue their children might have had Whooping Cough and were going around infecting
everyone in their path. They were vaccinated! They’re fine! And if by some miracle they did get a Whooping
Cough diagnosis, they were on Antibiotics! They’re fine! This part is interesting- The mom found out
later that one of her kid’s teachers had what the doctor had called “walking pneumonia”. She was coughing for days and days but didn’t
ever consider it might have been Whooping Cough. A few weeks later, on a field trip, this mother
had a conversation with the teacher and asked her to explain her symptoms. They were identical to her children’s. Frequent coughing attacks with the wheezing
sound, followed by throwing up a little liquid. The teacher admitted after hearing the symptoms
that she probably had Whooping Cough as well, but had continued teaching in the school,
spreading it far and wide. The other kid’s parents missed it. The teacher missed it. The teacher’s doctor missed it. But the anti-vaxxing mom knew exactly what
to look for and what to do. She pulled her kids immediately, prevented
them from infecting anyone else, and nursed them back to help without a single trip to the
pharmacy. Now her kids have 30+ years of immunity to
this disease and won’t need a single booster to achieve it. If you’re like me, you just laugh every time
you see some doctor or vaccine-user try to belittle an anti-vaxxer mom or dad like this
woman. I know many of you are just like this mom. I know some of you will shut these poor people
down and make them realize how ignorant they are about disease and vaccines. Some of you will just shut your mouth, smile
and walk away. Either way, anti-vaxxer mom & dads are some
of the most compassionate, inquisitive, intelligent, well-read, well-informed people I have ever
met. And that is my incredible opinion.

23 Replies to “Ep 83- Like A Boss: AntiVaxxer Mom & Whooping Cough [My Incredible Opinion]”

  • My kids are battling whooping cough right now. Same story. I was a dumb pro Vax momma until by accident I saw Vaxxed and saw the light. The whole family is taking iodine, colloidal silver among other things and tons of Vitamin C. Within the first hour of my son having 2,000 mg of vitamin C his cough stopped the mucus thinned and he slept 5 hours straight. He is still battling after 5 days but it's not this deadly horrific thing we are told to be wary of. My daughters preschool is filled with "flu" and kids coughing up a lung yet no one is keeping their kids out but me. So far 4 weeks for my daughter and two weeks for my son. Took us a bit to realize what's going on as we are new to all this. Thank you Forest! I share your links with everyone! Get more shirts in stock! I want one 😀

  • Very cool video, who would of thought? Isolation and good ol vitamin C actually work? You don't need 75 years of medicine shoved up your veins? Hehe

  • http://whale.to/c/flat_earth.html

    ''Mainstream medical treatment of whooping cough is using Antibiotics…. First up…., it doesn't work. They know that…, I know that…, but they won't tell you that, for the simple reason that… they have NOTHING else to offer you.'' [2012 June] Whooping cough treatment by Hilary Butler http://whale.to/vaccines/whooping.htm

  • And closing with your incredible opinion I will add this; When a doctor, from the vaccinating center, begs for your 50% consent to "boost" is 50% to reach 100% what would that mean? I'm finished.

  • This is the first peer reviewed study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated children. https://youtu.be/H_JQpqUKLwI This study shows how we are trading a small decrease in benign childhood disease for a large increase in allergies, neurological damage, and autoimmune disease.

  • Forrest, can you PLEASE change the thumbnail photo for this video? The woman with the silver teeth looks evil and really has NOTHING to do with your report. I'm sure the anti-vax mom you are reporting on did NOT look like this scary person. Thanks!

  • Hands up who believes this? Oh, just because you have had the measles or pertussis etc DOES NOT mean you have lifetime immunity. Most of the time of course most people will. If they survive…

  • People are so scared that anti-vaxxers are going to be the reason for all these diseases returning but the anti-vaxxers are the ones that recognize the diseases keep their children home and treat the disease. It's the people that get vaccinated that think they don't have to worry about spreading anything and are the ones that spread everything.

  • But if they vaxxinated they would of never even got sick in the first place! Vaxxines are not poison! They are life savers! Polio was whiped of this earth thanks to vaxxines! Yes they have small amounts of diseise in them! but thats to give the immune defense a little sneak peak of what the real thing is like! so your immune defense can better defend against it! HOW IS THAT BAD!!!! STOP LYING TO YOURSELF!!!!

  • {background: mother gave birth 48 hours ago. Mother refused Hep B shot for baby. Hospital told her that she would need to be tested for HepB before she left the hospital. That the testing would take 3-7 days for results and that the baby would need to stay in the hospital until results were in: that she was now discharged and the baby wasn’t. Mother’s pediatrician was involved and agreed with the hospital. We all know that a HepB shot wouldn’t do anything for the baby at this point even if the mother DID have HepB. Mother is married in a monogamous relationship and does not use any drugs. Not sick, no fever, completely healthy pregnancy and birth. Baby is healthy and fine. The fact that this hospital staff decided to bully this mother into thinking she would have to leave her baby there is absolutely INSANE. Provaxx or Not- this is NOT OKAY. The GOOD news is: the RIGHT people at the hospital got involved. The social worker that told the mother that it would take up to a week for the blood results, was wrong. The social worker that told the mother that she would have to leave AMA and that CPS would be doing a follow up at her home if she refused: was WRONG.}
    What if this mother didn’t have support- and just unknowingly left her baby- can you imagine the mental state of the mother leaving her child-
    Not being able to nurse.
    And then that child- completely healthy. Alone in a bin. Without the comfort of her mother???

    You are on another planet. Get involved. This isn’t a provaxx/nonvaxx issue, this is a human rights civil rights issue.
    Get mad. Cause, this is coming to a town near you if YOU DONT get involved… get informed, or get educated.

    In the state of Pennsylvania there is no law that says you MUST get the vitamin K shot nor the HEPB shot. You also have right to refuse testing for Hep B.


    Cliffnotes below in pictures.


    Uniontown Hospital is holding my friends baby hostage because the mother refused the Hep B shot. I need an attorney STAT.(7:30am)

    EDITED:to add, everything is under control now. Warriors never quit.(9:30am)

  • Grade school teachers statistically have the lowest average IQ of any professional group.
    Oblivious teacher vs conscientious mom. The conscientious tend towards proactive education, the oblivious toward indoctrination.

  • Don't feel so bad I TOO was one of those parents who had no idea why they jabbed my newborns either…Gotta love that retroactive research!

  • Love your channel. But go easy on the trashing FE movement. You may find the globbers/NASA is just like the disinfo with the vaccine promoters.

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