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English Pronunciation: How to say through, thought, tough, though, cough, caught, laugh

English Pronunciation: How to say through, thought, tough, though, cough, caught, laugh

hello everybody my name is Steve Ford
welcome to your English lesson today I have a great pronunciation lesson for so
many people who have difficulties with certain words and I hope that this
lesson will be fun and that you will be able to practice pronouncing these words
so that you will never ever again forget how to pronounce them are you ready
let’s go my first question for you is why is English pronunciation so
difficult we know that it is difficult and I know from personal experience it
doesn’t matter where you are from I teach people from all over the world and
it’s the one thing that a lot of them say that American pronunciation British
pronunciation if you want to get that exact pronunciation like a native
speaker it can take many years for some of the lucky few it comes easily
probably you have asked that question and the first one this is a big one for
me maybe you haven’t thought about it maybe you have is that spelling does not
correspond with pronunciation that’s a big one
for the English language and I’m sure that you know it it’s like why do we
pronounce it this way and spell it a completely different way some people may
be mixing British and American pronunciation does that or has that
happened to you it’s common a lot of people they started studying British
English maybe a lot of their first teachers we’re trying to teach them a
good traditional British pronunciation and then after maybe you started
watching American TV series maybe you started to get some teachers that spoke
with an American accent and it all mixes together third one is that some people
may be mixing pronunciation of English with their first language so that can
happen so sometimes the pronunciation that you’re using isn’t coming from
American English it’s not coming from finishing British English
it’s coming from your own language and the way that you would say it in your
own language that can happen too so those are some things that I would like
you to think about there are many other reasons many other explanations about
why pronunciation English pronunciation can be so difficult I don’t have too
much time today and I don’t want to bore you with all the technical explanations
for me doing is much more important and practicing so we’re going to be doing
lots of that today last one that I wanted to say is maybe that nobody
corrected your mistakes and now it’s harder to fix your pronunciation this is
something that happens to a lot of people so you start pronouncing a word
incorrectly and you’re using it all the time and nobody corrected you nobody
said anything they thought that was good enough and that becomes your English and
incorrect English so is it possible to break those bad habits yes yes it is and
yes we can we can fix your English I wanted to give you one example before I
go into my lesson this was a story that they were teaching the wrong
pronunciation so here we have it that’s what it is and then here I want you to
see we have all these sweets we have chocolate bars and candy a lot of sweets
now I remember that some students told me that their teacher taught them that
this here was sweet case sweet case that’s not a sweet case this is a sweet
case something to hold sweets this is a suit case so one little difference in
the vowel sound the pronunciation and it totally can change the meaning that’s a
true story so it’s not sweet case it’s suit case and my question for you this
is for people who are watching the video live it’s also for people who are
watching a recording of this lesson please post your comments below this
lesson which words are the most difficult for
you to say I already know but I’m just curious to hear it from you directly as
we say to get it straight from the horse’s mouth relax and listen to the
words according to each sound are you ready let’s go a 1 2 3
oh no although we’re oh oh yeah ah God daughter
what ah ah ah laughs draft okay so we finally made it through though although
burro in case you don’t know burro is like is an old word for neighborhood
there’s a neighborhood in Toronto in my city my hometown there’s also a city or
a borough in the UK called Scarborough anyway that’s oh oh and the next sound
that we have is ah caught daughter but aught COFF all of those have the same
sound ah you want to open your mouth more ah then we have ooh look at the
formation of my lips here so we say through and also aah laughs draft that
those two last words laughs is a big surprise for a lot of people also draft
draft is a way of serving beer draft beer also called beer on tap you will
see more clearly in a second and what we’re going to do now is I’m going to
show you these sounds in the context of a dialogue
and I would like you to practice these after with yourself or with somebody
else hi what can I get you I’ll have the sushi how fresh is the
fish our sushi is made with fresh cut salmon
do you think two orders would be enough for us three yeah for sure so two orders
of sushi huh do you have any kinds of draft beer we have stella artois
Heineken and Guinness on tap well it’s it’s a tough choice but since my buddy
over there is driving cough-cough wait what I thought you were
the designated driver tonight bro don’t make me laugh
I’ve been the designated driver all year I’ll have a Guinness on tap okay I love
a coffee even though I was designated driver two weeks ago that’s the dialogue
everybody very quick it incorporated a lot of the ough words that we were
listening to in the practice so what I recommend that you do is try to find
words that sound similar so that you can group them together as I have and you
can listen to this video again also you can try and practice the dialogue so
that you can get the exact pronunciation of these words next week I will be
working on the R sound in American English and how certain combinations can
vary and how certain combinations can be very challenging for non-native speakers
I hope that you enjoyed this lesson and practicing these difficult words words
that a lot of people find so impossible to say in the context of a dialogue in
music I will be on this YouTube live my
international channel next week next Sunday hopefully a little earlier I
tried to be here every week and for those who are following me you know that
I always am I do have a few spots left for private lessons if you need English
lessons you can contact me either on whatsapp or on my contact page and I
hope to see you in our next English lesson bye everybody

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  • Good morning sir, one of the best English spoken teacher I like really appreciate for online teaching

  • Hello Steve. If doesn't be too difficult, could you give us the dialogue written? Maybe it will be easier to pratique speaking. Thanks for all. 😊

  • You know, as english learners, we have to learn both american and british at the same time we need to decide which one should we choose to communicate. Mixing those two accents sometimes makes us dumb in front of native speakers… lol

  • Hello Mr.Steve, you need no introduction sir, really you're always great my favorite teacher. For me I only study the American accent , I adore it and I have no any problem with the Pronunciation, Thanks so much and God bless you bro.Keep going 👍🤲👋🌹 From Iraq

  • It's really difficult to pronounce american 'r' in words like 'forward' – I usually just can't pronounce the first 'r' or else the word gets weird… Oh, I'm just finishing watching the video and you're saying it's gonna be 'r' next week. Awesome 😀

  • For me recently I have notice that sometimes I don't pronounce the sound TH maybe becaUse i don't realise before

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