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Eat Eggs Every Day! Egg health benefits

Eat Eggs Every Day!  Egg health benefits

The incredible, edible egg”. One day they’re getting a bad rap due to
cholesterol fears and the next day they’re being hailed as a virtual superfood! So, what’s the deal? When it comes to nutrient density, eggs will
take you by surprise! They contain an impressive range of nutrients:
protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and various antioxidants, all delivered in
a tiny parcel that packs a punch! So here are 5 reasons for eating an egg at
breakfast: 1 Energy: They improve physical performance
& productivity: Iron transports oxygen to the cells in the body, strengthening immunity
and boosting energy. Overall, your body functions will be optimized
and the protein in eggs provides energy to fuel the body, and sustain your energy through
the whole day! 2 Helps to maintain healthy Weight Loss: This
is one of the best sources of complete protein, containing all essential amino acids for the
human body. They help control the rate the body absorbs
calories so eggs for breakfast will make you feel full – good news for weight watchers! 3 Improves Brain Health: Choline, a substance
in the yolk, stimulates brain development and function. This is essential for pregnant women as it
enhances the development of the baby’s brain. Choline makes the brain work efficiently and
can enhance the memory of old people. 4 Eye Health: Eggs have been proven to be
good for the overall health of the eyes. Eating eggs is said to decrease the possibilities
of age-related eye problems such as cataracts, and macular degeneration because eggs are
full of antioxidants that protect the eyes. 5 Hair and Nails: Unhealthy hair and nails
is an imbalance in the biochemical state of your body. Eggs are very rich in vitamins and minerals
that balance mineral shortages and imbalances in the body. Eating eggs can help prevent issues such as
dry hair, hair loss, and dull nails. Eggs are a natural source of nutrients, which
makes it a great protein option you can enjoy and it’s the most ‘filling’ nutrient
by far – just don’t go overboard with it. As with all things, enjoy
in moderation.

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