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Dyspepsia: How To Treat The Right Way

Dyspepsia: How To Treat The Right Way

Hello. Do you suffer
functional dyspepsia? Have you been diagnosed
with functional dyspepsia by doctors who have
nothing to offer you? Have you tried different diets? Have you tried
different supplements? Have you tried different
therapies, like enemas? Are you still suffering with
this condition to the point where it’s driving you mad? Watch this brief interview
with a mother and her daughter. The daughter who suffered
for almost a year with her functional dyspepsia. Listen to this recovery,
and then I’ll be right back. They thought I was faking. Yeah. They told me that maybe
it was all in her head, and that maybe she was making
up the symptoms, and so on. And I had seen it
happening, and so I knew she wasn’t making it up. She would be sleeping, and then
just wake out of her sleep. You can’t make that up. And no more dairy? No more dairy. I cut dairy out. I cut gluten out. And tomatoes. And tomatoes. And was there any
change in the nausea and the digestive complaints? No. But how many months was she
suffering before you came here? It was about nine months. And how many different
doctors had you seen? I saw three different
types of physicians. None of them were able
to give me any answers. What was her– like general
doctor, pediatrician. Right. General, pediatrician. GI. And then I also went
to another pediatrician who is more of a holistic
pediatrician to try to see. And they couldn’t figure it out? No. I’m feeling better. Better, like a lot better? Yeah. Yeah? So mom, has she– I’ll call you “mom”, I’m sorry. Has she been nauseous at all
in the past several months? No. The nausea, diarrhea, the
throwing up have all gone away. Nada. Nada. How much improvement
has she had from this first and only
protocol she’s taken? I would say 90% improvement. 90? Yes Almost 100. You still have a little
bit of headaches, but yeah. 90? Yeah. What do you want to say? 91 or 89? I’m being cute. I’m just kidding. 91. 91. 91. So she’s giving an even
greater percentage. Thank you. Isn’t that amazing? 90% relief. 90% better, let’s say. She was 100% relieved
of the nausea. 100% relieved of her dizziness. 100% relieved of her diarrhea. 100% relieved of
her stomach pain. She’s just still had a
little bit of a headache, so the mother called
it 90% better. But the little girl
was 100% better of her functional dyspepsia. Incredible. My name is Dr. Lonnie
Herman, and we’re going to get into
a different way to understand what causes
functional dyspepsia, and the different way to
help you help yourself remove the causes of the
functional dyspepsia so you can finally get better,
just like that little girl got better. I’m filming this video
in August 24th of 2019. They first came to see
me in December of 2017. Her original symptoms
started in January of 2017. So her symptoms started 11
months before I first met her, and I’m filming this a
year and about six months or so after I first started
to take care of her. And she still today,
August of 2019, is free of functional
dyspepsia of symptoms after her first
unique treatment. Her first unique therapy. I created a therapy called
functional neuro-recovery therapy, and within
this therapy I’ve gotten– or within this type
of program that I offer people, or backing me up
I should say, I’ve got several hundred hours in
functional neurology schooling and practice. Neurochemistry, neuroimmunology,
endocrinology postgraduate studies. Blood chemistry analysis
blood chemistry studies. Digestive studies,
stool analysis, food sensitivity studies. Developmental disorders of
the brain, movement disorders, vestibular disorders. I’ve taken a lot of
postgraduate studies. And you know, I’ll tell
you that one of the things that I noticed
when I was running the laboratories in my past,
like stool tests or food sensitivity studies, they
didn’t show us everything that was wrong with the person. Or if they did say that
the person had the food sensitivity, when the
person stayed away from that certain food they
didn’t just get better. So I had to go and really search
for answers and different ways of practicing that,
as you can see from the look on that little
girl’s face and her mother, she is better from this
care that I offered her. So we’ve got to understand
something different about your body, instead of
just looking at the stomach or looking at the intestines
or looking at the liver. While those are
all very important, we’ve also got to understand
about your nervous system and how your nervous
system regulates your digestive function. And what’s important
about that statement I just made is that you can
have infections like viruses, for example, that can
get up into your brain and that can start
to change the brain function so you
can perceive your having that digestive issue. You’re really having
a digestive issue, but you perceive
that your discomfort in the abdomen that’s caused
by an infection in the stomach or in the intestine
when it’s not. In her first examination,
which was in December of 2017, I found only a few things. One, I found that she had
dengue fever virus that was affecting her thalamus
of her brain, which helps her regulate digestion in a way. She had dengue fever
virus in her stomach. She had Candida in
the brain, and she had some scabies
in the bile duct and she had Borrelia
bacteria in the stomach. And she had Aspergillis
fungus in the bile duct. She took remedies that
we made in our laboratory to remove those infections
from the exact areas where I just mentioned them. She came back seven
months later– no more functional
dyspepsia symptoms. Still today, more than a
year and a half after I first started taking care
of her, still no more functional dyspepsia symptoms. I saw her for a
second time in July. Her mother was still
concerned that she was getting some headaches. July of 2018 I got
to examine her again. I found that she had Saint Louis
encephalitis virus and West Nile virus were both
stressing her brain. And those can get into her
body from a mosquito bite. A simple common mosquito
bite could have given you a virus or a parasite
or maybe even a bacteria that’s stressing your
nervous system, that’s making a symptom in you recur. And there is no magical
supplement or diet that’s going to help take
care of that for you. Furthermore, I found
that she had dengue virus fever stressing her
cerebellum, of the back of the brain and her
cerebral spinal fluid, that fluid that’s in and around
your brain and spinal cord. And whenever that
fluid is infected and the brain is infected we
can have any kind of malfunction in our body, including
a digestive issue like functional dyspepsia. Furthermore, I found she had
Saint Louis encephalitis virus and dengue fever
virus in her liver, dengue fever in her
stomach, and dengue and Saint Louis encephalitis
virus in her pancreas. Both of those protocols were
approximately two months in length. She is headache free now. She has no more
functional dyspepsia. She has no more pain. She has no more
dizziness, no more nausea, no more dry heaving. She’s back to school. She’s enjoying her friends. She’s going to parties. She’s having a great
time in her life. OK? We have to look at
you differently. We have to think
about you differently. We have to have several
different minds of what’s going on with different
parts of our body that relate down to
the digestive system. Because you may or may
not have an infection in your digestive system that’s
making this problem occur. Your body didn’t just
decide to malfunction, OK? It’s not just somebody flipped
a switch and the stomach doesn’t work well,
causing your pain. There’s some kind of hidden
infection and/or toxin that’s in your central nervous
system, and possibly some of your organs, that is causing
your body to suffer this way. Now, I get emails all
the time from people who saw, months ago
when I first put up that functional dyspepsia
testimonial by that young lady and her mother. People are asking me all the
time, what kind of magic diet is there? They don’t say magic, but
basically what’s that mean. What kind of like mysterious
diet, what kind of supplement, or what kind of lab
can their doctor– whatever country
they’re living in, what can they do there
to get themselves well? And I’m going to tell you
that the only way that I could figure it out for you
is to have you undergo my unique examination process. That’s the only way. There’s a hands on exam where
I can use this research that was developed– I could say these
tools that were developed from
years of research– not my research, these
biophysicists in Germany and instituted via physics. They don’t treat
functional dyspepsia. That’s not their purpose. They were able to find
something very unique about how to examine the body. And I perform that
part of an examination, along with other parts
of exam steps that I’ve learned in neurology and so on. So there is no advice I
can give you besides you coming to my clinic. That’s my best advice for you. You come to my clinic. You call my clinic. Arrange an appointment
for a consultation with me first, and then for
your examination. OK? That’s all that I can offer you. Which is a great
offering, but there is no magic supplement
or magic therapy or magic kind of diet
or mysterious laboratory that we can send you or
tell you to do that’s going to help you fix yourself. I mean no harm when
I’m saying that. I mean no disrespect. I’m telling you I can help you
if you come to me in person. That is what I
have to offer you. Now, insurance doesn’t cover
this kind of work that I offer. This will be out of pocket. This will be an
investment in yourself. There’s nothing I can do
about the insurance companies, and that’s how they
run their business. So this will be an
investment in yourself. And I understand
that may be painful, because you want your insurance
to cover as they are covering your other doctors,
but they’re covering things that don’t work for
you, as you can see already in your experience, with your
history, with your condition. My clinic is located
in South Florida. You contact my clinic
at 954-370-3100. That’s 954-370-3100. Or contact my clinic assistant
via our office email address– I’ll put that on
the screen here. And we’ll help you get an
appointment in with me. And we usually run about a
two month waiting list here. So be prepared when
you call, you’ll be able to get some paperwork
that you’ll fill out and have your consultation via
phone or Skype or in-person first. But on average
you’ve got to wait for your exam for
about two months. You can follow me on Instagram. You can like me on Facebook. I put up some information
there on a regular basis. And you can subscribe
to my YouTube channel. I put up videos
there all the time. And even look through some
of my other videos and video testimonials of how
people have gotten better with different
conditions under my care. And I really look
forward to helping you. I believe that you
can get better. You deserve impressive results. You deserve to get better. I don’t think you did
anything wrong to deserve this condition. So you know, we just
have to work with you in a different way. You have to look at
this in a different way. Step out of the
regular medical box. Do something different. I’m here to help you. The results are
all that matters. Again, contact my
clinic at 954-370-3100. I look forward to helping you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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