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Dr. Alex German on the Causes of Animal Obesity

Dr. Alex German on the Causes of Animal Obesity

So we’re seeing an increase in incidents in
dogs. It currently affects about 40% of the population. There are a number of factors
that can contribute to weight gain; a lot of it relates to energy and balance. So, too
many calories in on the one hand, and not enough energy expended in terms of activity
levels. Obesity, like in people, can have a number
of effects on health, so we now see it as a disease rather than a cosmetic issue. Like
in people, obesity in dogs can sometimes increase risk of diabetes; it can also lead to arthritis,
and effects on other body systems, such as the respiratory system. So it’s very important
we prevent obesity from occurring before it’s too late. So, prevention is very much better
than cure. A lot of it is being aware of energy balance, so being aware all the time of how
many calories you’re feeding your dog and how much activity they’re getting. You may
need to adjust as the pattern of life changes. In addition to this, it’s important that you
weigh and check the condition of your dog on a regular basis. If you have any concerns
or any doubt about whether there is any weight gain in your dog, then you should seek advice
from your vet.

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