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Does Pectus Excavatum Surgery Hurt? | Q&A

Does Pectus Excavatum Surgery Hurt? | Q&A

[MUSIC] For the pectus excavatum
procedure we perform, we make two incisions, which are about four centimeters
on each side of the chest. The primary cause of pain is
associated with the stainless steel bar we implant,
which pushes the breastbone into a normal position than
it was before the operation. The good news is that we have
the world’s best pediatric pain team here. We have a large number
of practice patients. We have a very specific protocol
of pain medications we utilize. And every patient is
given a pain pump, so that they can give themselves
intravenous pain medication to the amount that
they would like, then we switch them over
to oral pain medications. Pain is really the limiting that
keeps patients in the hospital, typically, for
three to seven days. In terms of how long patients
remain on medications by mouth, this really varies from
patient to patient, but most patients run an additional
one to two weeks of pain medications after the operation. [MUSIC]

8 Replies to “Does Pectus Excavatum Surgery Hurt? | Q&A”

  • Pectus excavatum is making my life hell, but I am very poor and cannot afford surgery. Also, my insurance doesn't cover any surgery outside of my country, and there are almost no experienced surgeons in my country, so I guess I'm just going to die. Pray for me. I don't want to go to hell after I die. I am a sinner.

  • I had surgery to repair Pectus Excavatum. Recovery was intense. I took my scheduled meds. However, the opioid ones were “optional” so I opted to NOT take them. I was very afraid of possibly becoming addicted. In doing research I found that a vast majority of people did in fact easily become addicted after taking these meds. In fact, my own surgeon Dr. J at Mayo wrote in my pre op notes that I was very possibly going to need rehab or counseling to help me get off the opioids. This pushed me more to avoid them. It was difficult but well worth it if I’m keeping my body clean and healthy. Please check out my recovery videos on my page. Thanks. Love to all fellow Pectus people

  • This surgery is ridiculously painful, getting it and removing is ridiculously painful. I had it done 2012 & 2019
    The pain on a scale 1-10 easily without a doubt a 10 if not higher.

  • Got it a exactly a week ago and i'm not too old but it still hurts a ton feels like everything from your rib cage up is bruised badly

  • I’m 13 and I have this, I notice that I run out of breath a lot faster and just recently I’ve been considering surgery. I’ve never had surgery before and the thought of having to clean stitches and stuff freaks me about but I feel like the benefits of the surgery out weight the temporary negatives. I just wanted to share this with someone.

  • Ok so the guy didn’t actually answer the question, but to answer the question, yes, it hurts a lot when u wake up. I scaled it at a 9 out of 10 when I woke up the first time. The pain is like getting braces for your teeth, but instead of moving them in place for a span of 2 years, they would be in place right away. I got the surgery on Halloween of 2019, and was in the hospital for 4 days. I’d say it does suck in the hospital and a couple days out of the hospital. But it’s now been 3 months since the surgery and I can say it was very well worth it. My breathing is insanely better and my chest itself looks unreal. I will get it removed in 3 years, but if you are considering of going through with the surgery, do it! I keep saying I wouldn’t do it again if I had too, but definitely worth it. Plus u get some really cool looking scars and a sweet story to tell your friends. Haha

  • I had it done with two bars in June 2019 and one of my bars moved 90 degrees, so I had a second surgery in July to get that one removed. The pain is awful, probably some of the worst I've ever felt, but I would do it again. I feel like I'm actually living now. For several months after surgery you aren't allowed to twist, pick up anything heavier than 5 pounds, or reach upwards, which was the hardest part of the process for me. If you are considering this, it really is worth it.

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