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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment



Morning people and welcome to a Jon
Sheppard fitness it is Thursday and it’s the day where I’m gonna go to the
doctors and find out finally what this problem is with my
throat it’s eased off the last couple of days
don’t know why I haven’t really been whatever you call it I haven’t been I
haven’t been gagging or nothing like that I haven’t been to a gym it’s been
over a week now since I’ve been to a gym and frankly I’m missing it so I’m off
now to work then I’m gonna come pick on my little boy and then I’ve got to go
and see the doctor so I’ll see you a bit later where I won’t pick up my lad so
then I just put my boy to bed and I thought I’d just give you a quick update
on what is wrong with me from the doctor I’ve got this prescription it’s not as
bad as I thought thank God she went through the whole
actual list of do’s and don’ts so I’m gonna be talking to you a little bit
about it because it’s a very very common illness and it can get worse if you
don’t treat it properly right the myths of the acid reflux or as they call it
here it is gastro something something I even to pronounce it yeah I’ve watched
things on YouTube which I don’t suggest you watch stuff for medical reasons on
YouTube because just because they say no doctor then they have lots of views does
it and doesn’t mean they actually are doctors or they could be some weirdo who
pretends to be a doctor and very convincing so what I suggest you do is
you’ve got any problems at all if go to a proper doctor a GP or a hospital and
find out that find out water do not on the internet type in stuff because
they’ll be hundreds of different symptoms and you know saying it’s
nothing wrong with you till you’re well you’ve got two weeks left and less to
live so I’d suggest you go don’t go on the internet it’s just a waste of space
you know if you got to go on the in to go to the NHS or if you’re from America
whatever that one is the proper proper you know the proper people who know what
they want about and right what I’ve got is I have got acid reflux
she checked my stomach for any pains because what can happen it can be a
hernia and I know before about that if I had a pains in my stomach I could have
been having a hernia and what happens is you get acid reflux from a hernia wipers
is new your the the stomach part aware of the the hernia then grows pushes up
your stomach and then I would say the organs will get to where your bowel is
where the stomach parties and pushes all the acid and it’s a sign of a hernia
coming look at me it’s nothing to do with that because she found there was
nothing there shed it would feel at me and there’s nothing there at all I told
her about how to doing bodybuilding on her and she says when you’re eating a
high amount of protein you have to be big more careful if you’re not doing
exercise it’s no you should be eating that much protein obviously you only eat
lots of more protein if you’re doing a sport or a physical activity like
bodybuilding and so I suggest if you’re not do any sort of that if you’re not
doing any sort of bodybuilding or anything like that just to go to your
recommended allowed so she’s only a probably about think it’s 50 to 70 men
and women so depending on what size you are if you’re a bit bigger than
obviously a little bit more but I told her well that she said the protein can
be quite thick so it can lead to it she said that and this is one
thing which I actually agreed with when she said we know when you watch
everybody saying that supplements of you know the supplements for a reason you
can’t get the the protein in or whatever she said to me that protein is it could
be the protein shakes because of its liquid what happens is if you’re having
lots of liquid to make up for your meals and stuff where you can get acid reflux
from that because what happens is your stomach is falling in feeling full of
liquid into the stomach off see and it can’t handle it
all that that liquid and it basically has to come back up and that’s how you
get active reflux it’s best to eat meals if you’re going to try and get your
protein and try and get it through actual meals because it’s after seated
more slow-releasing and it goes down your system and it’s not liquid it’s in
clumps so you can digest and of course the acid reflux can actually come up
then if you if you’ve got it because it’s it’s solid food so it has
to be sick and you acid reflux it’s nothing to do with actually being sick
it’s actually just like good good and what happens is if she told me that when
you have a lot of liquid in your stomach he needs to release and a lot of it’s a
fatty when he comes up to a certain level that’s when you want to gag and
that’s what I’ve been doing so I’ve been having a lot of liquid or gas and gas
and acid and he comes up to a certain part of in my body or my throat and
that’s when I gag so I haven’t had it so bad the last couple of days because I
haven’t out caffeine she said cut out caffeine don’t drink as
much coffee by doing that a protein shake so I’m gonna never have any drinks
anymore ever again because frankly they don’t
really do that much the only reason I’ll have one is if I am really really
exhausted and tired I’d rather have a energy drink than over coffee because
coffee I just don’t like the taste of coffee and then she told me basically
you have got acid reflux and give you these tablets which I’ve gone here I’ve
got a go I’ve got happen for three months so I’ve got a two a day one in
the morning and one at night for two weeks and then I’ve got to take one a
day for the rest of the three months and then see how I am if it does if nothing
happens after it she said that this should actually cure it with you know
the acid reflux and I shouldn’t get the symptoms again while I’m taking these
and then when I’ve finished him see how I go she said try and cook down on two
smaller meals don’t he if you’re gonna eat something like quite stodgy and
thick or liquidy wise don’t down it or eat it all in one go you know split it
up a bit more so you don’t have as much going into your system and so what I’m
gonna do is it what I’m still going to have my protein shakes because I need to
get the protein in yeah um but I’m gonna like I only have one maybe in the
morning and so it’s I get my protein in but say now she also said that cereal
yes now this is gonna shock all of us
because it’s all gonna make us miserable and depressed cereal is one of the main
factors of acid reflux because obviously you have a milk and you have in quite
fine sort of you know it’s not very big the food is it’s quite thin and he goes
mushy when into your system it can cause acid reflux because obviously it’s game
washed down with the milk quite easy so she said that is one of the worst
things to have when you’ve got acid reflux do not have cereal which you know
frankly I’m going because I do like my cereal but she all asked me what I do
eat and I said why she said you diet seems fine if I was gonna eat something
in the morning I have eggs and now that’s a lot better for you than having
cereal it’s better for you it’s you know it’s good you know it’s protein as well
and I would suggest to have that over than that she said don’t we got nothing
to worry about just take the tablets I would suggest to
have a meal if when you’re going training have a meal two hours before
don’t 1 hour when you hear people saying 1 hour hmm no because you’re you’re gonna be
antagonizing the stomach because she says when you’re leaving it for such a
short time even an hour what else you’ve got had something really really light
but a lot of people do have polish before they go training you know and you
crunching you’re you’re you’re holding your breath and
all this pressure is going onto your stomach and that will cause problems
with your stomach and can cause stuff like acid reflux because the food is not
digested she says give it two hours maximum in before you go training in any
sort you know so now I’m gonna do that I’m not going to eat something when I
finish work and then go training I’m at the moment I’m only doing four hour
shifts and it’s like I don’t know why the people at the work the manager or
now he’s just he’s just it’s got a vendetta against me for some reason I
don’t know why he’s basically offering everybody else overtime
well the people who do the same job as me and they’re doing 30 hours
and even so and this week I’ve been doing 40 hours and I’m on 20 hours I’m
not bothered about what my life it might this this is the whole point I’m
truthful and I know how people struggle and this is why I’m doing what I’m doing
bodybuilding I’m going to go to the show because I’m going to be showing you how
to get by I know I’ve got I live with my mom and dad you know they do help me out
you know with serve foods but obviously I pay them rent anyway so you know that
contributes to their their food but I earned after this tomorrow I get paid
and I’ve got less than seven hundred quid well mom’s work you know and
frankly that’s not good enough that’s not that’s not enough that’s not enough
to survive you know especially when you got a son you got pay me I gotta pay
maintenance to the ex you know I got a loan I’ve got a phone bill I’m and now I
all I have another bill to pay for and that’s the thing I’ve been wanting to I
wanted to set save you buy a card now I am from tomorrow from from tomorrow
which will be Friday I am starting a new PT course through the training group or
the training team or something like that it’s online it’s legit it’s not one of
them no cheap courses where it cost like 30 quid and you you know you get a PT
licence and it’s a liar and I saw it because my gym at the moment I’ve now
just gone with them and so I looked up on them and they basically are signed up
by everything single gym that you could think of their sign to put pure gyms a
sign up for the gym group which I’m with their fitness first I think the W gyms
JD don’t JD geum’s no fields I think as well you know – all the big big proper
gyms where lots of people and what they do is they recruit you
they train you in your online do everything online
they showed any demonstrations of what you need to learn so it’s not just all
paperwork they’ll show videos demonstrations how it works and
everything and that is absolutely what I wanted and that’s how PT course you
should be they shouldn’t just be paperwork and you just have to read
because not everybody is visually capable of reading I’ve never been a
reader I’m not a big reader I’m more if I watch something on TV I will remember
it like I’m like history I will be find something about history on TV like the
kings and all a lot more interesting watching it then reading it because if
you haven’t got that and that sort of brain where it takes stopping when you
read you’re not going to really pay any interest in it where I’m a film person I
love my TV well like watching stuff where I’ve never been a person who likes
to sit down and read in a book I’ve never ever found it interesting so yeah
and then I can pay monthly instalments which is gonna be about 73 quid and um
yeah and the good thing about this is when I passed the course which it all
depends on me in because it’s in my own time and timeline I can
they said the quickest you probably could do it in three months
so in three months time I could be saying goodbye to where I’m working now
and getting a job in a gym which I really what I do
not necessarily we’re kin at you but I want after getting experience ball and
because I want to be an online coach more than anything but then I can
actually do what I want to do and actually earn a wage on something I
actually enjoy because frankly one learning now I’m gonna be earning that
doing any sort of PT work easily even if I just work at gym you know
so I’ve under get free membership if whatever gym I’ll join you know so I got
that I got plus points in everything and all today he’s been quite a good all
overall quite good today you know yesterday I found out about the PT
course I’m putting in the deposit tomorrow and I got paid and obviously
hopefully the tablets were gonna saw me out and then next week because I don’t
work I don’t train weekends because of Amazon now and hopefully from next week
I can actually start getting this body into body building shape so I can go to
these shows and be them because that’s what I want to do and this is what I’m
gonna be talking about him my little questionnaire I know Craig wants to know
what is but great eat after this way because it’s an interesting one it’s not
like I’m gonna be tagging people in it but I’m also gonna be it’s a
questionnaire where it’d be nice to hear what your points of view on it because
it’s a very it’s a it’s not criticizing people who do bodybuilding well it’s
something about competing in bodybuilding and actually what you see
you know what you see when you look at them not say anything else but you have
to just wait and so I might actually do that video before someday or my due on
Sunday I know some people when they see the vlog in and see how the vlogging
works but sometimes I’ve just got too much to do you know especially when
you’ve got a four-year-old just never gives you any chance you know obviously
I live with mom dad so I can’t describe a video in your crew love them leave
them with my son because it’s not fair he’s my responsibility
but the PT course will be underway from tomorrow
so that’s all good oh and with their course it’s when you’ve passed it
because they’re there with them pour them over Jim places you choose what
gyms are around you which you’re dying to work for and what they do is they get
an interview for you to work at them gyms and because obviously the gyms are
employing them for pts because they can trust then that group
that I’ve joined up to that the people they’ve trained are good enough to be in
their company so it’s like a crew of Koopman agency as well so it’s great I
don’t have to worry because that’s a lot of people do these PT courses and they
think oh yeah I’ll do a PT and then I can go in and join a gym it’s not that
easy because especially if you’re young and you’ve got no experience all you’ve
never be really trained and you’re learning all from scratch
going from from basically learning not not knowing nothing ending passing
afterthought free months and going to train somebody you’re not gonna really
want to betrayed by somebody’s I’ve been going on a course three months has never
had no years of experience in training anyway so are they so I’ve got like at
least ten years of experience in training yes I don’t know everything I
don’t know all the technical words and you know when you see all the coaches
and but their coaches they they they’re the next level for them a PT they know a
lot more you know about how the body works how what’s the best thing you know
you know you got people who are experts in the steroids bodybuilding are people
who are really good in nutrition here are people but they still mess up and
you see it in the actual shows they mess up on their clients you know and they
look too flat or they they look like they’re bloating and it’s all no one’s
perfect it’s hard because obviously every is different you can’t just
coach one person the same as another one because everybody’s did was everybody’s
did buddy works different food reacts with different people in different ways
and you that’s what you need to learn and I’m gonna be more I wanna be more of
a training coach where basically you eat healthy this is the training training
workout you know follow this plan eat healthy you know here’s some food ideas
you know if you want to bulk I’m going to tell you how much you need to eat if
you need to if you want to go on a coin diet this is how much you’re going to
eat and follow this training pan right I’m not going to be dog competitions
because I’m not an expert in that honey it’s not really my passion even though
I’m going to be competitive but I just want to get people Weaver bigger mostly
or loose and weight you know and make them look good and then if they want to
compete you know and I can pat them on to somebody who I know or respect so
that is it for this video thank you for everybody who’s actually commented and
not just on this on Instagram if you’re not on my Instagram follow me John John
Shepard well John underscore Shepard and thank you for to all of you and
hopefully now I see the end of me basically gagging like some brie tart
and and I can actually start getting some heavy weights because I haven’t got
I’ve only got a few months left and so I start cooking I’m thinking I’m gonna be
doing a 20-week cut for the shows and I still haven’t got coach because I just
frankly I can’t afford one at the moment I mean I’m struggling to do pay for what
I’m gonna be doing with the PT course and I’m not being selfish and not having
my son not have treats and toys in there you know so if I have to do the
competition by myself I’ll have to do it alone is it a good
idea maybe not he’s here but but there’s so much information out nowadays you
know there’s so many people who basically put on YouTube and show how
they do it each week when they’ve gone in a show all you have to do is
basically copy similar to them and adjust it to your body yeah and you know
if he doesn’t work by myself if I really do want a comfortable if he doesn’t live
by myself I I could say well obviously because I bloody didn’t get a coach and
then maybe I’ll get maybe I have to go next year and get a coach or something I
don’t know well it’s we’ve got a few more months until I really want to go
Claire coach I know people say you get a coach well while you’re walking you know
because they’re getting you almost all yes you can but I don’t really think you
need a coach when you’re bulking up right if you’re all all I see whenever
bulking is they’re lifting heavy weights they’re doing sets what I do and there’s
nothing else they can really tell me what I’m not doing as is now you know so
it’s just more the cutting phase I mean I’ve done a couple forehand you know I I
did it quite well and I was only like a six week or and he I knew what I was
doing but it’s just Emily little bits you know how to how to look dry you know
went on show day and that which I won’t know what to do but we’ll have to find
out you know and never know by by next year at starting it next year I could be
a personal trainer so I’m going to have have more money so we’ll all after just
wait and find out what I just want to say thank you to everybody who’s asked
how you are and all that LA if I do appreciate you know people go on about
how I do in YouTube because the stupid no one watches you well you’ve got like
hundred views in a well you know what the people who do watch and the people
do comment it’s like more than just people obviously I’ve met a few of you
as well it’s more like friends you know like and they can’t say anything because
most of the people who do tell them ago you add god knows how many people on
their facebook some instagrams do they act do they know any of them no did they
talk to them yeah so what’s the difference at least we’re talking to
each other because we got the same passion anyway I’m gonna go now
and I’m gonna relax and I will see you next time
thanks again goodbye

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