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Do the Dozen: Take the Daily Dozen Challenge!

Do the Dozen: Take the Daily Dozen Challenge!

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  • Happy New Year! We're excited to launch the 2019 #dailydozenchallenge. Watch the video to see who Dr. Greger is personally challenging this year, and then check out all of the details at www.NutritionFacts.org/daily-dozen-challenge.  -NF Team

  • I'll be taking the daily dozen challenge next week and posting YouTube videos for each day! 💕 Super excited!!

  • Hi Doc, what do you think about this paper https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(18)31812-9/fulltext?fbclid=IwAR0mG8zBekQDniFa8Ic86I33B24TFDSS1NTsnUTT0Ro3ltHpCMtHegjzfOI

  • Oh doc, your daily dozen is so easy to meet every day. In fact, I'm pretty sure I check them all off at least three times a day. Just kidding. Mostly.

  • I don't know why but I have no sound on this video. No one else seems to be having that issue though. Other videos have sound…Hopefully I figure it out soon.

  • DD was part of my new year's resolution since a couple of months ago. How did you know? P.S. thelentilbar on Instagram, and I swear you stole my recipes for your cookbook! 😆 happy New Year +

  • I already made this my own challenge for 2019 without realizing it was an actual challenge!! Got my daily dozen in yesterday. Only have 5 more servings to go and it's just past lunch time!

  • Happy New Year ! I just ate a sweet potato — boiled, not baked. I usually get 8 out of 12, but promise to do better.

  • DR. Greger, excuse me, I didn't ask for your permission. I worked on parts of your book and I'm preparing for my oral defense. Maybe next week… And I hope not to die from How Not To Die!

    Thanks Doctor
    Looking forward to speakin' to you!

  • Hi Doc
    Been using your app for a month or two. Difficult to tick all the boxes every day.
    Also need some optional boxes and maybe a starch box or two (rice,potatoes etc??)

  • His eyes are not the best looking. I have the same shit but not enough research as to the cause other than so called insomnia.

  • My new years resolution is to eat a mostly whole plant based diet. I WILL have a burger every now and then and you can't stop me!

  • Oh honey…. I love you Dr.Greger but we really need to work on your lighting & camera angles, with those and the empty background you look like you are having someone put the cocoabutter on their skin or they will get the kale again.
    You need some gay people in your life

  • Doctor Gregor,
    How many years have you been doing this now???
    You should have learned by now how to set up your
    Come on mate! Your lighting today totally sucks, giving the
    TROLLS the opportunity to say that you look unwell,
    Lighting is pretty basic, but essential to get it right!

    By the way: Keep up the good work. you are a Crusader!!! 🇬🇪

  • Hi there. I have discovered your channel recently and really like it. The main reason is that everything you say is backed up on some evidence unlike most of the "healthy diet" channels who claim foods healthy just because they like the taste or someone told so.

     Anyhow, keep up the good work you are doing. I have a question for you though. I have MD degree and many years of athletic experience. I have experimented with many diet options and know a few things myself. A major challenge I am having in this area is UPSET BOWEL WITH MANY HEALTHY FOODS. Eating beans and many green veggies have catastrophic consequences. I tried kale once, couldnt leave house for 2 days. Do you have any solutions? I love beans a can eat them all day every day but even putting 1 table spoon of it into my burrito messes me up for the entire day.

    Hope you notice this comment and respond to it directly or even better with another video to help other people with the same problem. Thanks!!!

  • https://youtu.be/PJnPZgLHHWQ they look very healthy 😂😂😂 Jo old he is 50? Bald, eyes, etc pure example of unhealthy diet.

  • Ive done the Daily Dozen every day without fail for about 6 months now, Its awesome – takes about 25 seconds, its super fun – and really helps me stay on track with nutrition without obsessing over ANYTHING. I only have the issue of generally being unable to fit in that third whole grain, lol. But when I do manage it, I just LOVE to see the whole screen blow up to congratulate me haha!!!
    All that said – I would really love to see some kind of update, or 2.0 thing happen, somehow, without changing the basics. I have an idea or two, but it still is pretty damn perfect the way it is and it truly is a gift of love to the plantbased, whole food vegan community

  • Happy New Year from Australia Dr. Greger. Thankyou to you and your colleagues for all you do. Just finished lunch. Home grown beetroot dip & tomatoes on 5 grain sourdough with sprouted broccoli and tahini. Finished off with some fresh cherries. And a green tea. Will have a frozen banana & blueberry smoothie with homemade almond milk a bit later as it is very warm here today. Oh this vegan lifestyle is Bliss.

  • Dr. Greger, thank your for your amazing work. Can you please do a video on the herb Ashwagandha? I’ve had really good results with it. Thank you.

  • As a plant based cooker and food preppier at home and for my loved ones, I can’t help but get the daily dozen and more.

  • Happy New Year, Dr! I just love Jenné! She is so sparkly! And her recipes are wonderful too! Are you familiar with Jill McKeever? she is great fun! They both do instant pot recipes, but Jill is no oil.
    You’re my favorite doctor, and I’m trying to learn how to do your daily dozen all the time.

  • Thanks to much for this nomination!! Tomorrow I will be uploading mi response to this challenge!
    Good year!! 🙂

  • Dr. Greger, you’re NOT a picture of health AT ALL!! Vegan diet does not provide all of the amino acids found in animal based foods. Does not provide DHA and other proteins not found in plant. Unbelievable that you are in your 40’s NOT VERY OLD AT ALL and you look 70ish. You also have dark circles under you eyes. I don’t know WHY YOU HAVE TO KEEP PROMTING THIS CRAP THAT IS DETRIMENTAL TO EVERYONES HEALTH. The foods that you are pushing are inflammatory. Inflammation is the reason for arteries to get clogged NOT FAT AND CHOLESTEROL!! Go get a panel of blood work done you will find your tryglicerides have sky rocketed and low HDL. Recipe for diabetes and heart disease. We are not meant to live on a high carb diet that has the pancreas geared on high constantly to make anyone insulin resistant. I SERIOUSLY doubt that your grandmother lives as long as she did on a vegan diet. You ought to be ashamed that you are ignorant of these facts.

  • I have been on the daily dozen for 3 months, I lost 20 LBs, BP = 100/65 cholesterol 147, no more constipation, fatty liver disease, allergies, asthma, itchy skin, insomnia, GURD, acid re-flux, arthritis and a half a dozen other ailments, ALL GONE!
    I also eliminated GMO foods, corn and wheat, oils and all processed foods.
    Thanks Dr Michael Greger and also my personal physician who pointed me to you. Peace

  • Hi, I am a new subscriber, I am very excited to learn more about nutrition and I am pretty sure I will learn a lot from you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  • Dr Gregor. I was vegan for a year, and stopped because my hair started falling out and turning gray. It also became very thin. Also, I got many cavities. Is there research on these particular subjects?

  • I’m IN and just received your How Not to Die book! This app is already changing my life. I needed the help on getting my vegan big butt in shape again 😂✌🏽💜

  • Is the weak, pale and unhealthy look part of your act? You looks like the definition of sarcopenia. What does Dr. Shawn Baker look so much healthier?

  • As a whole foods vegan, I admire Doctor Greger and his channel quite a lot. I follow his advice closely enough. But for someone who is so obsessed with diet, arguably to the point of orthorexia, he doesn't even look passably healthy. It's very alarming, and no, I am not trolling. I am very concerned for this good man.

  • Adorable. Knowledgeable. Generous. Grateful for your resources- which are helping me to transform my life to a healthy, ethical, and compassionate one.

  • @NutritionFacts.org I use the app daily but most of my clients who want to use the app (I'm a Health Coach) only speak Spanish. I know the print out is available, but will there be an app in Spanish available any time in the future?

  • Mr. Greger do you ever look at your pictures from not so long ago? It looks like you've aged a lot in only just a few years. Here's a video of you from 7 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpwcs-45tNM Why is this loss of vibrance so common with vegans? I really want to know.

  • Just want to say, I love that your challengees are incredibly diverse because more people will get your message and get healthy!

  • you look and sound very sick buddy, even the excitement in your voice sounds forced and like you're about to fall asleep from it

  • Dr Gregor looking good for 67. Glad to see the plant based diet keeping you looking so young and vibrant for your age.

  • With all respect I could not stay vegan. I sooo wanted to tho. IMO it causes premature aging and paleness. I saw that your birthday is 1972? I am 10 yrs older than you. From your early pics you seem to have aged quite a bit. Am I not seeing something here?

  • I would like to see opinions/research on whether powdered greens are a decent alternative to no greens at all. I presume fresh greens are better-but do powders give you the nutrition? Would a powdered green “count” for the daily dozen?

  • There are people in the comments glorifying tanning in the comments because Dr. Greger is pale. A tan is a injury to the skin that can cause cancer. It is not a sign of health. I am here to tell everyone to WEAR SUNSCREEN. Skin cancer is the most common cancer people get. Please educate yourselves. It doesn't matter what race you are. Wear sunscreen!

  • Holy fuck if this is what you look like after a long time of veganism sign me the fuck up for not being a vegan.

  • You look and behave like dr Mcdougall, who is in severe dementia. I think you should recommend him to walk a treadmill like you to hide his miserable mental and physical state during interviews.

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