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Do Proton Pump Inhibitor Drugs Cause Candida?

Do Proton Pump Inhibitor Drugs Cause Candida?

Greetings, it’s Eric Bakker Naturopath. Thank you for looking at the Candida Crusher
Channel. I have a question here from a male subscriber
from America who is asking me, “Can you tell me if proton pump inhibitors cause candida? I’ve been on them for six years for acid reflux.” Proton pump inhibitors are types of medications
that, in effect, block the production of stomach acid for prolong periods of time. Think about them. These drugs are actually taken to reduce the
amount of acid your stomach’s producing. How dumb is that? Stupid. What a dumb idea. Why would you want to block the production
of stomach acid? Stomach acid, in fact, helps to break the
food down. All right? It’s the first stage, or one of the first
stages of digestion. It happens in the stomach. It’s very important. So, what we’re doing is now is we’re reducing
your body’s ability to make stuff that it needs to break our food down, and probably
digest and absorb this food. So what’s that going to lead to? It’s going to lead to fatigue. It’s going to lead to tiredness. It’s going to lead to a whole lot of different
health problems over a period of time. So, can candida be caused by this? I wouldn’t say directly caused by it, but
indirectly, certainly, it can be linked. Because when you block the stomach’s ability
to produce sufficient acid, it alters the pH, the acid/alkaline level further down the
gut, gets very much affected by these drugs. The pancreas gets affected. So its production and output of enzymes is
not quite as good as it should be. This leads to bloating, it leads to gas, it
leads to constipation, it leads to diarrhea. All these kinds of problems can happen because
of this drug. But also remember when the pH shifts, it also
makes it a more favorable environment for candida to live in and also bacteria like
klebsiella. Okay? Klebsiella loves this kind of environment. So people on these proton pump inhibitors
are more prone to SIBO, they’re more prone to candida, they’re more prone to parasites. They’re more prone to a whole lot of stuff. Why would you even take this junk for? For six years? Mr, you need to get sorted why you’ve got
this gut problem. Now, there’s a big chance you’ve got helicobacter
pylori, my friend. Most people who take these drugs to block
acid production have got a bacterial problem in their gut and it’s very easy for the doctor
to put you on this junk. Why don’t you do a breath test. You know, as in breath, breath test. It’s called the C-14 or the Carbon Urea Breath
Test. So go to your doctor and ask either for a
stool test for helicobacter pylori, or H, as in H-P, Hewlett Packard, helicobacter pylori,
H-P. That’s the bacteria I’m talking about. Since the ’80s it’s been commonly known that
over 90% of stomach ulceration, or heartburn, comes from bacteria. Now maybe your doctor is either hard of hearing,
or deaf or something like that, or can’t read, I’m not sure. Maybe your doctor needs a bit of enlightening
to test you for helicobacter pylori. Now, here’s the kicker. Many people who come back negative on the
test for helicobacter pylori, who I’ve worked with, respond beautifully to natural H. pylori
treatment. Now you tell me that one. Why would somebody who comes back as a negative
respond positive to treatment that was designed for what they were tested for? Because the tests are crap. A lot of these tests are crap. They don’t even … They don’t function properly,
in my opinion. Not everybody who comes back with a negative
test has got a negative result. What if I was a false negative test. That poor person will need to take drugs for
all the rest of their life because of some stuff-up. Think about it. If you’ve got heartburn, it needs investigating. There’s a problem. If your tap’s leaking, okay, what do you do? You get the plumber around, then he fixes
the tap. But if the tap keeps on leaking after the
plumber’s been, do you pay the bill or what? What do you do? You get my point? Your tap’s leaking and no one’s doing anything
about it. It’s a sad, sad fact but so many people have
got heartburn and helicobacter pylori. It’s almost depressing for me to see this. I see this on an almost daily basis. So, bottom line is, get checked out for this
bacteria and don’t keep taking drugs like this because you’ll end up very, very sick
long term by staying on a proton pump inhibitor. The profits for these drugs is billions of
dollars per year. But the amount of misery it causes for people
would be, in my opinion, in the trillions. So think about it. If you’re watching this now and you’re on
a proton pump inhibitor, find out why you’re taking this junk for, because you may be able
to get off it. Thanks for tuning in.

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  • Hi ,I watch all your videos as I like how you get directly to the point ,I've been on Omeprazole for a similar 6 years ,they make my life a misery but every time I try to get off them the reflux comes back very aggressively,what's the best way of coming off these p p I drugs ?I definitely have gut issues but scared of the effects of coming off the Omeprazole,thanks for listening

  • If I have a ulcer and put on protein pump should I take it for two or three weeks to fix the ulcer! They r checking for h pylori! Sorry for my spelling!

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