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DIY Rice water hair Mask for natural hair growth|Rice water hair treatment

DIY Rice water hair Mask for natural hair growth|Rice water hair treatment

what’s up guys welcome and welcome back
to my channel is Jova are all about hair natural skin care routine and hair care
routine for your natural self today we’re gonna talk about a hair
mask made with rice if you’re interested in how to do this because it’s really
moisturizing really good for your hair and it’s gonna help you with a hair length
tension if you interested just keep on watching the first thing you’re gonna
need is gonna be one banana banana has lot of potassium and you’re gonna need
one tablespoon of more and got powder or two tablespoon of Moringa oil and you’re
gonna need 1 cup of boiled rice and you’re gonna need one tablespoon of
avocado oil or any oil of your choice and one tablespoon of glycerine
glycerine is animated in I recommend using it and a couple drops of rosemary
oil which is optional but what Mary oil it’s really good at stimulating your
blood circulation and you’re gonna add some shea butter 1 cup of shea butter
and you’re gonna add 1/2 tbsp of honey honey is a really good at fixing damaged
hair once your your you got everything you’re just gonna blend everything
together the first time I was doing this I didn’t use a filter but now I’m doing
it and I want to show you how consistent this thing is and I like the consistency
and what I like about DIYs is that you can measure your thing you can know what
your hair needs if it needs moisture if you need to put protein sometimes I had
egg in it if I feel like my hair is is breaking if it’s if it needs a lot of
protein more protein than normal so I add one egg in it
but what I like about DIY is that you can do your thing and you can be sure
that there’s no harsh chemical and then nothing that can cause harm to your hair
after I shampoo and condition my hair I do this deep treatment mask once a week
at least once a week and you can do it twice so with you I store it in the
fridge for a week or two weeks because of the honey
as a preservative it can last you a little bit longer but you have to smell
it still to see if there’s no mold if it smells bad so you don’t use it I love
that deep conditioning treatment I use it mainly when I have a lot of time
because not sure ingredient are always good for your hair and when I have time
I can do my own thing use a white tooth comb to distribute the
product all over your hair and do a little message before you put a shower
cap in it and you can leave it for at least 30 minutes so everything can work
its magic this thing is good for a length retention because the rice is
gonna help it’s gonna promote hair growth and it’s gonna it’s gonna stop
breakage it’s gonna stop your hair from breaking the Moringa is good at promoting Elk
Grove – because of all the omegas omegas he has so I recommend putting it in so after I leave my my deep condition
treatment for like an hour I think that time I did it I do a little last message
to you know because I like this your mask and I I really don’t feel like
taking it off but I have to I just love the treatment because when you do this
once a week at least you’re gonna see major changing in your hair health so
I’ll rinse it out after this and I do my styling I use my styling product like
oils or butter to start my hair so yeah that’s how I do my deep conditioned
treatment my DIY ones one of my favorite deep conditioning treatment any field my
hair feels really good with when I use this thing so try it out when you have a
time there’s some good deep conditions you met out there so if you don’t have
time to do this DIY tea treatment I will leave some of the best that I could use
personally in the description box you can check them out and you don’t have to
again because if you can do a DIY it’s even better but if you don’t have time
and you you really wanna just do this deep treatment because it’s recommended
to use a deep treatment once a week at least you can try these out you can
check them out I am seven-month transitioning and I am amazed by how my
hair is growing and I just started using cheap treatment just last November until
November I wasn’t doing any treatment special treatment to my hair
and once I started deep conditioning incorporate these the rice and other
deep crunchy chip treatment that I love using that our brand product and also
the onion juice and if you wanna check that out it’s on the description box
that’s it for today thank you for stopping by don’t forget to subscribe
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that I post each week of each week of the week is my bad

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