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Digestive Health

Digestive Health

Hello this is Dr. Daniel Farkas and I
want to talk to you today about the truth about digestion and your ability
to be healthy. You know in a world full of temporary patches for health problems
we must understand the true cause of disease. You know only about 3% of
diseases are actually genetic the other 97% or so are epigenetic. Epigenetic
diseases and conditions are caused by exposure to toxins and/or deficiencies.
The good news is that despite your family history of genetic diseases you
can still reduce the chances of developing almost every disease or
unwanted health condition that exists. How do you do this? It’s a simple concept!
#1 avoid the absorption of toxins into your body that can
epigenetically facilitate disease. #2 Supplement the basic vitamins and
minerals you need with very few simple plant-based products. Now how to avoid
the absorption of toxins opting for reduced chemical and/or chemical free
food and beauty products is easier than ever, but science and industry still
always find a way to toxify you for example when health minded folks dine out,
they often opt for a salad. Unfortunately vegetables are virtually always covered
in pesticides or toxins. On a healthy piece of fish it’s likely farm-raised
and full of medications designed to keep fish alive in inhospitable environments.
The list of examples goes on. So how do you defend your body from absorbing
toxins the answer is to increase and maximize the defensive system that is
already in place that protects you from toxins. This system resides in the wall
of a small intestine where the absorption actually takes place. Now very
few health professionals take a true interest in the evaluation and
maximization of the small intestine. Why? Because there’s more profit in treating
disease processes than in curing them. The great news is that more health care
providers are seeing the light and taking an interest and what I
functional health simply put functional health is concerned only with
discovering the cause of health conditions how do they do this?
You guessed it, they typically begin with a systematic evaluation of the
health and function of the small intestine once a proper laboratory
evaluation has been performed then the functional health provider can customize
a restoration plan in order to stabilize reduce or eliminate the absorption of
toxins that can cause epigenetic diseases, also the functional health
provider can easily recommend what simple plant based supplements a healthy
human actually requires. Want to avoid disease? Want to relief from a present
condition such as digestive problems, allergies, insomnia, depression,
inflammation, chronic pain, fatigue, hormone problems or any other
undesirable health problems? Start at the start. Start looking where problems
originate, start looking at your own functional health. If you have concerns
about what to do contact us now! (248) 979-7340

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