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Diet & Nutrition : Eliminating Bad Breath With Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition : Eliminating Bad Breath With Nutrition

This is Rachael with Nutrolution in Miami
Beach, Florida. In this clip we’re talking about how to eliminate bad breath using nutrition.
Now bad breath is one of these things, and it’s referred to medically as halitosis, and
it actually stems from too much toxins or too much toxicity in the system. So, for example,
one thing that I’ve worked with, well, just I guess going back to the original point here
is that if we can actually remove some of the different toxic foods that we’re consuming,
which by and large are all the sugars, all the processed foods, any chemicals that come
into your diet through something like diet soda or even diet flavors at Starbucks or
coffee itself, all of these things add stress to the liver and then the liver has to work
harder and we get different sorts of toxicity symptoms including odors and bad breath. One
thing that I found out by using a certain form of garlic is that garlic supplements
is that people when they initially start taking garlic they experience much more bad breath
from garlic, yet as they continue to work down the amount of microbes in their system,
microbes produce toxins that the liver then has to clear out. As they start to reduce
the toxic load, their liver is actually able to then be freed up to convert that odorous
compound in garlic into something that doesn’t smell odorous at all, and the garlic flavor
and odor from the breath resolves. So these are just some ways to help with bad breath
and this has been Rachael from Nutrolution in Miami Beach, Florida.

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