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Cutting Caffeine Would Do This To Your Body

10 health benefits of living caffeine
free is there anything better than a cup of coffee in the morning for some the
answer is yes but most people can’t function in the morning without their
cup of joe as a society we kind of have an
addiction to caffeine according to the news site Reuters Americans are drinking
coffee more than ever and that doesn’t even
scrape the surface of the amount of caffeine we’re consuming you might not
be surprised to hear this but there are so many things that contain caffeine eat
this not that says it can be in many unsuspecting foods like coffee flavored
ice cream protein bars candy bars fancy energy boosting water and yes even decaf
coffee we’ve been caffeinated for so long it’s
hard to remember how we felt when we didn’t have the jitters if this sounds
like you then maybe it’s time to wean yourself from the habit don’t worry your
bestie is here with some great benefits to help inspire you to go caffeine free
but first once you’ve had your coffee of course why don’t you click that
subscribe button and the notification bell – we’ve got all sorts of tips to
make your life the best E it can be everything in moderation right well
apparently we lost the memo on that one when it comes to caffeine it’s in so
many of our drinks and food it’s probably time to give your body a break
so if you’re looking to cut down your caffeine intake then keep watching for
all the health benefits you’ll soon experience once you kick the
or if your motto is deaf before decaf and then this one’s for you too
besides saving a bunch of money here’s some great benefits to cutting caffeine
a list of who should avoid that stuff altogether and some substitutions you
can try instead of caffeinated beverages number one anxiety yup you guessed it
caffeine is a stimulant and that means it might be causing some of that extra
anxiety you’ve been feeling lately we normally drink coffee to give us a boost
especially in the morning according to health line you should feel the effects
of caffeine within the first hour after you put it into your body
but those stimulating effects can last for a long time from several hours to
even days that bursts of energy you’re feeling can not only increase feelings
of anxiety but nervousness heart palpitations and even panic attacks if
you’re a big coffee drinker and have no desire of giving it up anytime soon then
the experts say limiting your intake to about three small cups a day to avoid
these negative effects number two you’ll sleep better
who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep there’s lots of stresses in this life to
keep you awake anyway why make it worse with extra caffeine it’s true studies
published in science direct show that ingesting caffeine daily who like your
morning cup of coffee can alter your sleep patterns especially if you put
caffeine into your system within six hours before you go to bed some folks
who already avoid caffeine may find that they have a more undisturbed sleep and
can fall asleep much faster number three your body can run smoother that is when
it comes to taking in those much-needed nutrients for those who have a higher
caffeine intake your body might struggle a little more in absorbing the stuff it
needs it’s not totally caffeine’s fault though it’s mostly the tannins of the
caffeine that are the issue they can block the absorption of calcium iron and
B vitamins of course old age and diet play a role in this too
however cutting back on the jittery stuff will definitely help your body out
number four those pearly whites this is an unfortunate truth for a lot of
delicious things wine tomato sauce soda and yes coffee according to the American
Dental Association really it’s those darn tannins again which can cause the
enamel the outer covering of your teeth to darken and discolor not only that the
acidity in these things can cause the enamel to even wear away if that’s not a
great reason to cut back on the coffee then we don’t know what is number five
balance those hormones this is mostly directed at the ladies because beverages
with caffeine in them like coffee soda and tea can alter your estrogen levels
according to a 2012 study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
this is something you want to avoid because raising estrogen levels can
increase your risk of breast cancer ovarian cancer and endometriosis number
six lowers blood pressure swapping up the soda for something like water can be
really great for your blood pressure ScienceDirect says that caffeine can
actually raise your blood pressure because of its stimulating effects on
your nervous system not only that but if you drink more than five cups of any
beverage that contains caffeine a day you could increase your risk of
cardiovascular disease so with that in mind maybe just swap those bevies for
something with no caffeine number seven it affects your brain remember when we
mentioned that drinks containing caffeine stimulate your body actually
they stimulate your nervous system which is what gives you that burst of energy
but it’s not always a good thing it can affect your mood as well are you
one of those people that can’t function until you’ve had your cup of coffee in
the morning or are you really grumpy before that jolt of caffeine yeah
there’s a reason for that caffeine can actually alter your brain
chemistry in a similar way drugs do drugs like cocaine whoa what well the
experts at ScienceDirect say that caffeine checks a lot of the same boxes
that drug dependence does including withdrawal symptoms and mood swings have
you ever tried to quit coffee it is especially hard to do if you drink
a lot of caffeine in a day but the folks that helpline and say that once you get
past the first week or so about nine days you should start to level out and
feel much better number eight less headaches there are
few things more annoying than a headache especially when you’re trying to get
some work done staring at a computer screen it doesn’t
help much either so if you have the chance to reduce the frequency of your
headaches why not give it a go we know now that caffeine withdrawal is a real
thing and unfortunately headaches go along with it it seems like it’s just
easier to keep drinking caffeine we know but trust us you’ll feel better when you
cut down Plus a 2004 study done by neurology org found that consuming
caffeine daily can be a massive contributor to chronic headaches we’re
getting a headache just thinking about it
number nine a happier tummy pop quiz did you know caffeine has a laxative effect
that stimulates the bowels who are we kidding if you drink more than one cup
of coffee a day you already know this there was a study done by the US
National Library of Medicine that shows this is true but again if you’re a big
consumer of caffeine you probably already knew that besides making you
head to the toilet caffeine drinks could also lead to problems with your
digestive system and cause you to have heartburn on a regular basis number 10
aging getting older is something we all have to face and hey it’s not all bad
growing old as a privilege but we all want to age as gracefully as possible
unfortunately that probably involves cutting back on the dreaded caffeine the
main thing people usually want to avoid is wrinkles especially on your face
wrinkles are natural but according to Mayo Clinic as a person ages their skin
loses flexibility and collagen collagen is the main structural protein found in
skin you guessed it caffeine interferes with
college information so avoiding that extra cup of coffee could help you avoid
more wrinkles as you age so who should avoid caffeine this is a biggie because
caffeine is so prevalent in our society it seems like it’s harmless right that’s
not entirely true there are some folks who should just avoid caffeinated drinks
altogether here’s a quick rundown of who should be avoiding caffeine women who
are pregnant or trying to get pregnant there’s few things more exciting than
getting ready to start a family you want to increase your chances of conception
as much as possible and if you’re already pregnant you want to take all
the precautions necessary to keep you and the baby healthy
caffeine is probably something you should avoid whenever possible
according to the British pharmacological society caffeine has been linked to an
increase in miscarriage and a decrease in fertility people struggling with
anxiety does your anxiety get the better of you sometimes do you battle with
depression if the answer was yes to either or both of those things then you
should probably steer clear of caffeinated beverages a study done by
Cambridge University shows that caffeine can actually make those previous
conditions we mentioned worse and on top of that add in increased anxiety
irritability and anger issues folks with digestive conditions like acid reflux
gout or diabetes helpline says that if you are dealing
with any of those conditions caffeine can really make them worse so better to
opt out if you take prescription medication
always always always read and follow the label when it comes to any type of
medication you never know what could cause adverse effects it could be
something as little as a cup of coffee Healthline says you should avoid
caffeine if you’re taking antibacterial medication antidepressants or any asthma
drugs now all that being said coffee does have some benefits so we’re not
saying you have to go cold turkey on your morning ritual however if you start
cutting down your caffeine intake in general you should start to experience
some of these health benefits if you’re thinking now what am I going to drink if
I can’t have caffeine hang tight we’ve got some great substitutions for you
instead of coffee try chicory coffee this one is probably
one of the most popular it tastes just like coffee only without all the
caffeine it’s also super easy to make you simply brew it just like regular
coffee in a coffee maker or French press chicory root like coffee can be roasted
ground and brewed only it has a bunch of benefits it is a rich source of inulin
which can help in digestion and promote a healthy gut however if you’re pregnant
you should avoid this one just like coffee instead of black tea try golden
milk golden milk is a rich warm beverage that is completely caffeine free it’s
packed full of flavor too containing ginger cinnamon tumeric and black pepper
other common spices and golden milk include cardamom the
and honey it’s the tumeric that gives this beverage its golden color and also
give it anti-inflammatory properties according to help line instead of
flavored caffeinated water try lemon water yup caffeinated water is a thing
and you’d be surprised how much it pops up if you want some water with a little
bit of zing and no caffeine try something simple like adding lemon it’s
zero calorie and caffeine free plus you’ll be adding some vitamin C to your
diet you can add lemon to your water by slicing and putting the lemon directly
into your cup or just use about 1 tbsp of pre squeezed lemon juice you can also
enjoy this beverage hot or cold instead of soda try kombucha kombucha is
becoming more and more popular not only as a replacement for soda but an
alternative to carbonated alcoholic drinks like beer kombucha is black tea
that has been fermented with bacteria yeast sugar and whatever else you want
to use to flavor it like fruit or different types of tea after
fermentation the end result is a bubbly flavorful drink that’s not only
delicious but contains probiotics acid and antioxidants and that’s it what did
you think of our list are you a big coffee drinker who’s going
to try and cut down are there any drinks you absolutely cannot live without do
you already live caffeine free and have some tips for your fellow besties
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