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Croup Cough: That’s Not A Dog Barking, That’s Your Kid!

Croup Cough: That’s Not A Dog Barking, That’s Your Kid!

We know that during the winter months the
typical cold is common, but what happens when the typical cold symptoms become more severe? I’m Kylie Badgley and this is a dailyRx
Minute. Croup often begins as the typical cold, however,
if there is persistent inflammation and coughing it can develop into an infection of the upper
airway, which obstructs breathing and causes a bark-like cough. Children younger than 3 years of age are particularly
susceptible because of their small airways. DailyRx sat down with Dr. Goddy Corpuz, a
pediatrician with Baylor Scott and White Health in Cedar Park, TX to get more information
on croup. Sometimes, especially with younger kids, is
that they may actually stop breathing if there’s enough inflammation in the upper airway. For those, it’s usually supportive measures:
the use of a humidifier, making sure that we also suction the nose if they have a lot
of secretions, making sure these kids are calm and not upset because sometimes that
can cause some breathing difficulty. Some kids require oxygen when they have enough
inflammation they’re not able to breath very well, and that will require admission
of the hospital. If your child incessant to a barking/hacking
cough, if they’re grueling excessively and they seem to be gasping for air, they have
bluish discoloration of the lips, if they’re sucking their chest muscle in between their
ribs; time to go see the doctor.

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