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Cross Stitch #13: Great Scott! I Show (and Cough) A Lot! Stitch Update, Haul, Diamond Painting

Cross Stitch #13: Great Scott! I Show (and Cough) A Lot! Stitch Update, Haul, Diamond Painting

Hey guys it’s Kaitlin and welcome back
to my channel! I just finished school about two weeks ago and I’m actually
done for good this time. Yes, I have graduated with my bachelor’s
degree! It took eight really long years but I finally got it done. Going to
school, I could only do it part-time, unfortunately. I don’t know if I’ve
shared this before but my mom passed away when I was 17 and I had to work to
have a house and pay bills and basically to live over school so I have had to
take only you know two classes here two classes there and at 17 that was really
hard. My mom passed away when I was in my senior year of high
school and somehow I made it through high school. I think I had like a 4.3 GPA
or something like that and graduated with honors and I went on shortly thereafter once I turned
18 I bought my own house. No I don’t have a father, and for
a couple months I was deemed an orphan of the state. That’s what I got from the court anyway.
Thankfully I didn’t have to go through that process because the paperwork
process is just so long by the time that they would have officially put me in a
foster home I would have turned 18. Anyway I’m done with school. I’ve been in school since I was 3 really but in college since 18 I’m now 26.
That’s 8 years. 8 long years. It did take me four years to get my associates
and another four years to get my bachelor’s but I’m done! I can’t believe
it I don’t really think it’s sunk in yet. I just got an email the other day
that they’re gonna mail me my degree so I had to go in and make
sure my address was accurate. My commencement ceremony is in
May next year. I don’t know why I my school does a commencement
ceremony once a year and obviously I didn’t finish my classes in May of this
year I just finished a couple weeks ago so I’m scheduled for May to walk across
the stage and that’s really important for me because staying on the same story line my mom didn’t get to see me graduate and
it was always really important for her for me to get my degree. I’m the first
one in my family to get a degree. So it’s it’s a pretty
big deal. Anyway, enough of that. That’s why I haven’t been
with you all, oh, I don’t know, I think since July. I think July was my last update. It was either
August or July. Anyway, I just got back from Vegas. We were there for a long
weekend last weekend maybe it was the weekend before. Everything’s kind of
blurring because I got sick. I live in Maryland on the east coast and I have
this strange, I don’t know, it’s not really a phobia, but kind of like a strange feeling. Like, oh ,you
know, I don’t really want to fly, I prefer driving, kind of thing with airplanes. So
I have like zone out on airplanes. Well this was is my husband’s idea. I
would love to travel but unfortunately the airplane thing it’s kind of like a pain
because I do get motion sickness and I found that out the hard way on an
airplane. So it’s just really uncomfortable for me because I can’t cross-stitch I can’t read. I can’t watch a movie, can’t really talk, I
just have to focus, go into the zone, and try to go to sleep. The the trip to Vegas
was five hours. It’s on the west coast and I live on the east coast so going all that way it was a
little rough but I think this is like my tenth or eleventh plane ride and by now
these last two flights there and back
I actually (knock on wood) didn’t get sick. I
took Dramamine of course but I was fearful that I was going to freak out or
something. I get really bad nausea but it didn’t happen and I was able to look out
the windows for the first time. I saw the sand dunes. . . That’s really cool by the way
if you’ve never flown over the desert. It was really awesome to
see that especially, for us who live on the east coast. We don’t really have any
that over here. Anyway that was awesome. But, I got sick though. With a cold. I’m pretty sure I got a
sinus infection because here it’s super cold it was like 20 degrees when I left
and over there was a nice balmy 70-ish. It was like 72 at the hottest. I think the lowest temperature was
like 68 but that wasn’t bad to me. But you’re there and after four days, you know
it’s really dry out there, and immediately flying back I’m pretty sure
it messed with my sinuses and I got a terrible cold. A week-long cold! I’ve been
sick from last Thursday to this Thursday. We came back last Tuesday and Wednesday I
was perfectly fine and then it hit me like Thursday morning I had to leave work early.
I was just done. I lost my voice over the weekend so if I do sound a little off
today it’s because I am getting over a cold. I went through three boxes of
tissues. It wasn’t pretty. Thankfully my husband hasn’t
gotten sick so I think sinus infections are contagious. But he didn’t get it so hooray for that. Anyway I don’t know how many of you
know this but there is a stitching store in Las Vegas really close to the strip.
It’s like six miles away. iI’s called Stitcher’s Paradise. It is
AWESOME. I do have haul from there to show you. I’m so excited about it because
we have one in Maryland but it’s it’s a little ways away from me. I think it
is like an hour away, and they have really weird hours, and they only seem to be
open when I’m working. They are never open when
I’m not working and that sucks. So I’m really excited I got to
visit that cross stitch store. The owner of the Las Vegas store, I think her name is Gina, she is so nice! If
you’re ever in the area I super recommend you going to visit. It’s gorgeous! I took
so many pictures! I posted them on Instagram. If you do have an Instagram my
handle is Kaitlin.white.15 I have an
Instagram. I do post and I’m more active on there than YouTube. I’m so sorry I am
trying, I’m trying so hard, to make more videos. I am not in school anymore so maybe I can be
like a regular flosstuber who everybody knows and looks forward to
their videos. Maybe. Maybe I can be one of those, right? I’ll try guys, I really
will. I have this thing where I just get so nervous when I start a video I have
to keep restarting and restarting and restarting because I don’t know what I’m
saying. Probably because it takes so long for me to do these videos, like months
in between them. That’s terrible because I I do love YouTube. I think it’s
awesome. I love being a Flosstuber. I do like doing these videos, mainly for the
likes and the comments. Call me cliche, call me whatever. I’m not a
fame whore but I guess I’m a praise hog? Whatever. Your comments are so nice usually,
and I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten any bad comments. You all have been just so nice and encouraging. Oh, my diamond
painting fans who have joined my diamond painting Heaven and Earth Designs Facebook page,
thank you so much! You guys why I keep coming back eventually to do
these videos because I do appreciate your comments I do like being a part of
this community and I do like showing off what I’m working on and learning from
you guys as well. So now that my long-winded intro is out of the way,
let’s move on to these wips. I know you’ve seen this guy over here. It’s not
really a surprise. Yes, it’s hocus pocus. Yes I am a very monogamous
stitcher and sometimes it irritates me, but I try to start other things and I
just go back to this one. And of course I tend to like super big projects guys, what can I
say? hocus-pocus is not off the frame but I
will take it off the frame so you can see all of it. But first, this thing is freaking awesome. I happened across this lap stand by pure
accident. I think I was on the Facebook group cross-stitch stands and frames and
I saw that Michelle from heaven and earth designs uses this stand.
It’s called the JAT stand – Just a Thought –
lap stand. Judy Odell sells it. She has her own Facebook group too.
But, she has her own website, and this was $195, that’s include shipping, and it’s worth
every single penny I paid for it. I love this thing so much because I had stop
stitching on my hocus-pocus for a while because I had to move my q-snaps. I had
to remove my q-snaps from my piece – oh yeah this is new – I guess I haven’t
shown this in my videos. This is my quantum frame. Anyway, I was worried about crushing the stitches, if
that’s a thing (I think it’s a thing), I’m not really sure. I still call myself a
newb because I don’t even have ten projects under my belt yet because I go
for these big guys that takes years to do. I don’t know why. I guess I like everything
big. Anyway, this quantum frame I ordered because I heard nothing but good
things about the Omanik Factor.y I think Orietta did several videos on
these frames and she went to the factory and posted videos in the factory regarding the frames. That really convinced me to
buy these. Unfortunately, I think that I got a bad frame
because this side in particular is always loose
or more loose than this this side for whatever reason. The fabric at the top,
after I’m stitching for a while, I’ll notice that it’s really
slouchy. There’s a lot of slack here and I have to continue to tighten it.
Recently since I moved over to another page, it’s farther away from the edge, and it
hasn’t been so bad but again I did just tighten it probably like a week ago so I
don’t know. I’ll try to show you guys. I don’t like it, it shouldn’t be
that loose. This side has more stiffness? I don’t know what to call it.
It doesn’t have as much give as this one. This one feels really loose this
one is tight so I don’t I don’t know I asked I posted in the cross stitch frames and stands
group and people were saying I need more fabric so I added. Guys, it doesn’t matter. I mean it’s better, it’s
definitely better, than another project that I did start. It’s
better than that one. I did have to add fabric to it and that one’s better now
but it was better than that one when I first put this one on the frame but I
don’t I don’t know I don’t know but I did order more of these side bars and a
couple of top one so I can make different sizes and maybe you know start
more projects I say that now but my past doesn’t really I don’t really have a
great track record do I anyway let me enroll this piece for you all
these bars out so they don’t follow them all my stuff yep thanks so here it is
focus focus I think I’ve come quite a ways since she saw this piece last last
time I believe I was still working on Sarah’s head or her hand I’m not really
sure but all of the ladies all the Sanderson sisters faces are finished
I’ve moved one to the third row they’re six rows total so I’m almost 50%
complete it’s only taking a year and a half I don’t know how long we’ve been
stitching on this thing but again that’s not that’s not full-time I’ve taken
months and months probably closer to a year off from all from stitching this I
haven’t stitched as much as I have not over the last year and a half that makes
sense but I can usually get about I can usually get a page finish on this and
about 15 days but that’s only if I don’t work on the weekends at the vet and I
have like 8 to 10-hour solid hours I already Sunday money to stitch but I
think I think it’s looking pretty good and you might notice a new little
addition down here Joely at nifty needle she is working
with a clay artist and she posted this clay needle under rendition of the
Sanderson sisters when her Facebook page her Facebook group and I knew I had to
have it obviously so she sent that to me but it’s coming along I really I want to
get another page and a half done by the end of this year I’m gonna really try
guys I got I got tomorrow off I got this
weekend off so you can you can kind of see where Wendy’s robe is coming in you
can definitely see her hand and basically all of Mary’s her dress her
her garment is almost completely done I think I got a couple more stitches in
the bottom and put in but the rest of that area I think is shadowing for
Winnie’s robe top whatever you want to college so I’m really pleased with that
and like I said I did pull out some pills to start I’m going to put this to
the side so I don’t mess it up I did pull out something else I showed in my
last video I started where is it I started this is called abundance and this is a
Russian kit I believe the title or the brand of chart is novo slobotnik and
it’s called abundance and it’s a purely beaded chart so there’s I just I’ve only
done this one corner right here this hummingbird this hummingbird is almost
completely beaded I’ve almost finished that corner and it’s really fine
it’s it’s a great thing to do the color code on the side that’s just it shows
you all the beat colors you need and the kit came with everything pre-labeled so
it’s really easy to follow along I even ordered a special little container for
all of my beads because I do love beaded projects you might be you might think
this that’s um what’s the word I’m looking for I’m
guessing here you might think that’s something considering that I like to do
the diamond painting and that has those really small resin tiles but I have this
container and everything is just there um these little these little bins and I
have the colors label at the top these are the ones I have pulled out that I’m
working on right now they all I’m so far away from the camera but I don’t feel
like inching closer to move it so hopefully you can see what I’m showing
you and I’m not making a puzzle video right now I got my tacky bob this thing
is great I love it my friend gave me this because it’s my it’s my one friend
Harley her mom she crossed stitches and they’re they’re so sweet I love
are they thump so much this is the container and I think they had it spaced
out whatever they’re all gonna fall I’m gonna have to be
realize it but I know you all seen those container before my plan is to put my
Mill Hill bees in and into effect a more permanent labels to those containers at
some point but I don’t really want to do that until I finish this project I don’t
know how long it’s gonna take that limit little hummingbird I think I don’t know
I probably put in like in your like five hours or something and that seems that
just sounds bad right yeah we have like I don’t know maybe 50 beads done but
beating does take a while especially when we’re watching TV and you got so
much others you’re focused and you doesn’t have your full attention but I
did start that that’s pretty crazy for me but it’s so pretty
I couldn’t resist plus beads and I have a third start it’s kind of really
embarrassing everyone shouldn’t even show it but it’s a little Mill Hill kit
and what happened was I what I brought this to work with me at my second job at
the vet and during down time I was stitching on it and comes to find out I
stitch for three hours with the wrong color a rain of that color and I was
pretty positive Mill Hill kits include enough floss for you for these kits and
to even do like a whole nother of the same chart so I knew something was wrong
I went home I compared all the floss to the floss and my DMC drawers and they
did they included a wrong color so I this is what I have left and all of that
is the frogged yeah I have to rip all that out so which is really sad but this
is the guy I’m working on again that one friend my my cross stitch friend Harley
she doesn’t cross stitch her mom does but she got me that for
last year and I really wanted a cross-stitch ornament or my tree this
year and I think my husband and I are going to put up the tree either tomorrow
or this weekend so it’s a bummer I got angry with it some time out right now
and so it gets its stuff together you can’t you can’t be like that around me
you need to get your life in order and then we can talk excuse me and so it’s in timeout until I
can get itself together and I will continue to rip out the floss I should
not be there next time I work next weekend so I’m probably just gonna take
it again and hopefully I can get a little bit farther with the right color
at this time of course I stitched with the wrong color included whatever um I
did make a list because I like to pretend I know where I’m going in these
videos but I end up Brandon lang and not going in the order that I wanted to go
in excuse me oh well I need a drink anyway I think my tea is cooling off so
I can show you this spirit Halloween this year they they released a hocus
pocus line and I bought a ton of stuff for Halloween I love Halloween so much
this cup says one of my favorite lines in the movie oh look another glorious
morning makes me sick and it’s so true because I’m not a morning person at all
I am drinking white chocolate peppermint tea from Teavana it is my most favorite
tea it is so good it’s so minty with just a hint of chocolate it’s my most
favorite tea and this is what I love to drink in the winter but it’s good when
it’s hot out too because this tea I love tea and this flavor is just so great anyway I got that cup and I got several
of their other cups I got all of they had a shot glass line I got the whole
shot glass line my friend got my actual cross stitched friend the only one I
have she got me a little graduation present
and it’s a little mug I’m not sure if it’s from spirits line or not but it
says I’m the for Sanderson’s sister so I have that one that’s my work mug and I
have another one I kind of like a wine glass stemless wine glasses Binks is my
boo and then I have another big coffee mug it says hocus-pocus I need coffee to
focus true and then I think I have another stemless wine glass that says
something you know another hocus pocus II saying I
got I got the black flame candle which is awesome it looks like one of those
Roman candles that you see a lion Catholic churches with the I don’t know
what they are the disciples I guess biblical figures on them but it has
Binks on there and then it has the line from the movie
when All Hallows Eve version will light the black flame candle the curse when he
makes before the killer or you know they end her life for a little bit they don’t technically kill her she
comes back but um I guess right that’s how that works I don’t really know but I
love that movie so I should know I got the candle then I got a couple
decorative pieces they’re like little canvas paintings what I have in my
kitchen is as first I think it’s like a list of things the Sanderson sisters do
what at the end it says brew potion to be young enough forever and there’s a
couple other campuses I have I have the blanket they came out with the blanket
and I also have the coaster I think that it sounds like a lot but oh
I have the pillows so they made these awesome pillows and they’re just
silhouettes of the sisters hair so there’s one perp there’s purple marries
purple hair and purple on a pillow it’s all glittery when he’s hair in red
Sarah’s hair and yellow and then I got a Binks pillow so it has Binks on there
and I think it says twisted thumbs and Ben in the back so that’s really cool
and that’s still out right now if we haven’t decorated for Christmas yet and
I really love it I don’t want to put it away I’m so sorry I probably shouldn’t
of films but I really I was in the filming mood just so happens and I’m
getting over this cold and I’ve lost my voice
I did lose my voice I think it’s coming back maybe I’ll hear myself I hate
listening to myself I’m sure a lot of people hate listening to themselves but
I hate listening to myself and I bet you it’s even worse like when I’m sick isn’t
I think that’s normal for people but anyway my voice to me is so annoying
thank God my husband thinks it’s cute I don’t know I don’t would you marry
somebody if you thought they had an annoying voice probably not anyway where
am I going with this my WIPs I showed you them I’m gonna have
such a huge mess to clean up I actually have three now guys three whole webs and
if I can finish that one bill help we’re gonna do by the end of this year I’ll be
pleased I’ll be super pumped if I couldn’t finish another page on hocus
pocus I want to do more my beat kit but like I said I really rather work on
hocus pocus at the moment and last time I saw you guys I think it was July
must been August either into July or August but right after I filmed I ended
up going to odo Khan and I don’t know how many of you are familiar with that
but in my previous videos I have let one that I am a huge nerd and I loved things
all things geek all things craft all things video games comics Pokemon that’s
me I’m your girl and Otakon I end up treating my friend
well should we both bought tickets but it was my friend’s birthday when we went
the my friend that got me the cross dish kids her mom she crossed stitches Harley
I’m just gonna say hardly my friend the friend I’m talking about her name is
Harley it was her birthday and we went on her birthday so I ended up treating
her to a shopping spree at Otakon this convention and what it is it’s an anime
manga Japanese Japan whatever it’s that kind of convention so
they had a ton of anime they had crunchyroll boost they had a lot of in
May screenings so they’re playing a lot of anime and they had a bunch of manga
for sale but what I found I think most interesting was Artist Alley and for
those of you who have not been to conventions Artist Alley is basically an
in-person Etsy so all of you know Etsy unsure you can you only buy handmade
things on Etsy so Artist Alley is everything there is handmade and sellers
come a lot of Etsy sellers were there they come and sell their wares in person
at the convention it’s really awesome there’s a ton of
things there’s posters prints there was a lot of pins
I love pins you guys should know that for my wall of fun and there was you
know madness and keychains what have you so we ended up spending most of our
money over there but there is also the dealer’s floor and that’s where the
bigger name-brand company or store that’s where they were
so there was a lot of statues over there there was the the manga and the books
and there was a couple like up-and-coming comic book artists
it wasn’t manga it was kind of books so they had some topic artists over there
selling their comic books and it was it was a really fun time they had a lot of
Japanese food but we ended up eating Jamaican I think they had a Jamaican
eatery in their little area there a little food food court so we had I think
curry chicken we had a great time it was in DC otacon’s in DC this year so we
went to DC we took the metro and immediately after I went I told my
friend Harley I wanted to share this my hole with you guys and I just I I’ve
been having this backpack full of Otakon Hall and my craft room until I could
share with you guys and no this isn’t cross-stitch but some of you you know I
think youyou could appreciate this and if not you can fast forward or you can
week but I do have more sketchy stuff to talk about but this caught my attention
right now so I’m gonna show you off I love blind boxes and this is a Pokemon
climate box it’s called I think the brand is rement
remit there’s a ton of these in Japan and what it is they’re like the very
small scale figures and usually each blind box series has a theme so this one
I saw it’s it’s Pikachu in various forms with ketchup with various ketchups so
the little Pikachu I cut I think it sure was on the ketchup bottle it is so cute
he’s winking Pikachu is on the label and I love Pokemon I hope you guys can see
this I’m so far away like I said but he’s really cute and there’s a bunch on
here there’s Pikachu and looks like there’s pasta sauce on the side that
he’s he’s over a bowl a hamburger with ketchup
ketchup on pop pasta I guess I guess well tomatoes ketchup yeah that’s the
same thing you make pasta sauce how much meat is put and you may catch about
tomatoes so that’s one I got a ton more I opened them all but I didn’t take
these really really little ones that other packages so this theme it’s
another Pokemon one and this one is the it’s a cafe so it comes with a bunch of
different there’s like pancakes there’s burgers there’s waffles there’s
eggs and sushi and tea and it’s really funny because each of these boxes comes
with a little Chiclets gum and I think that’s so cute because we don’t have
anything in America that really comes with anyway I got the pancakes
Pikachu pancakes it’s so cute and everything is like pokemon theme so this
I think is lemonade and you just you’re supposed to put all this together and
then here’s a straw with a little ice cube these utensils they have pokeballs
at the end and this I believe is syrup and the topper is a little Pikachu head
and these are so cute I found them on eBay obviously cheaper than at Otakon
but this is the first time I’ve ever seen in my life
the time so I had to buy them I had impulse buys and I didn’t wait ever be
smart and check online to see if I can get them for cheaper but you know
sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do this one is the Pikachu room so
everything is Pikachu themed and there’s um it’s more like a like a rest room
kind of area so not like a bathroom but kind of like a relaxing kind there’s
like TV there’s chairs there’s tea there’s a master ball headphones
slippers it’s more like a room I guess um there is some food in here I guess
you would have food in your room right see I’ve seen my craft room anyway I got
feel its whole a headphone set and I think this is supposed to be like one of
those beanbag chairs so Pikachu is a beanbag chair
you have the Walkman here that’s a Pikachu theme here’s some Pikachu
anything’s our waffles then you have the master ball and the water bottle and the
water bottle has squirtle on it I’m so in love with these I wants to build they
actually sell these in Japan I wanted to go to Japan so bad this year I thought
we were going to um maybe next year and I really really really wanted to go to
Tokyo and I actually ended up getting a personal shopper I found one Instagram
to buy me a bunch of stuff it’s another story I might talk about it but they
actually sell little miniature houses and people set up they’ll get the whole
set and they’ll set up the little house and it’s so cute I’m I’m in the
miniatures I’m like small things I don’t know is that why I like cross-stitching
where I like diamond painting but I’m really into miniatures so I got that
blind box I think that might be that oh maybe not oh okay
so I don’t know how many you know what tokidoki is but I also really tokidoki
and at Otakon they were selling i love blind boxes
– if you haven’t caught on to that but I oughta con they were selling these
cactus kitties and I’ve been collecting them of course once you get so many
blind box as you kind of get set up once you receive so many doubles and then you
just kind of start looking for individuals well Oh two on one table had
a ton of blind boxes and they had it labeled on the top if you can see that
number and they labeled white each which each blind box contained so I got a
couple one of my other friends she was collecting these kitties too and she was
missing one so I got us a couple of ideas for sure you’re missing I’m not I
don’t remember which this one is anymore so I’m just now opening this one I don’t
know no he doesn’t this is the the lucky cat you know you see those cats at the
paw and they usually have his clean so this one he has a dollar sign on his
head and a point a point in his paw and I have several of these but I kept
getting devils so I stopped collecting him and of course one of the most
popular ones that I wanted I think that was the hardest to find that one sold
that one they didn’t have any more but I got this one I think it was like three
dollars or some things they already opened him and usually I think I saw
that we were getting a retail for like eight dollars so it was this was
definitely a good deal because I knew what I was getting and I think I have
four or five non doubles and I think there’s like ten or so in this series so
I really I love these guys that’s awesome I think the thing is lucky
actually but I’m not sure moving on from the blind boxes gosh oh okay I think
this is if you guys know kimchi kawaii she is an Etsy seller but she also I
think she’s also an Etsy but she started by Kickstarter so it was like a
crowdfunded can Payne to make plushies and pins and this
one is parisa puffy he is a little coffee danish and he’s supposed to lay
on his back like that he has little icing stripes on the side a glittery
tummy and he is just so happy she makes that I think she mass-produces them now
but she came up with the design she has so many cute cat plushies and pins I
Solomon I hadn’t gonna plushie so I had to get him he was so human little and so
soft parisa puffy this little Danish she has
a bunch of oh my gosh I can’t remember there’s like steamed bun so steamed
dumplings in that bamboo container but the the dumplings were little rabbits
because they’re steamed buns so everything she does is like a punt bunny
she has gosh I wish I could memorize she just made a new one it’s a cat I think
it’s like caffeinated kitten or something but it’s a coffee cup and it’s
a white cat with a spur like all staticky and crazy like caffeinated rav4
you know what she does a lot of really cool things she had a thing it’s meow
mint cappuccino or cat cappuccino cat cappuccino and she does pens like I said
so I did get some more pens there in here oh my god this was the running joke
Otacon and I saw it and I had to have it because Pikachu pokémon
I need a wristlet but when I saw this oh my god I died laughing look at him uh-oh
– cotton and probably for a month or more after we were just
oh how angry is it on the back because I don’t know maybe I’m laughing and nobody
else who’s watching this gets it but Pikachu and the anime he always gets
really super you know little tack or when he’s talking he’s
happy it’s not like Pikachu you know I’m cute and happy but this
he’s angry and he’s like a dirt so he’s like Pikachu and I don’t know
why but this was so funny it’s still hilarious
you guys probably think I’m crazy but I had to get that and it’s leather that
was an artist Ally she made it and they had to buy so cute this shirt is awesome
and I completely forgot I had it I went around Halloween it’s just a shirt I’m
sorry I keep coughing guys but I saw this and I thought it was awesome I had
to have it so I got it that’s what you do when you have to have something um
what else do it oh my god I got so much stuff in here this this videos gonna be
so long I’m so sorry so I don’t know if I said this before but I love Totoro and
I show my scrapbook in previous videos but I love stickers too just in general
so we got some toner with stickers and they’re puffy these are all like the
puppy soft stickers and then oh my god Corky Corky stickers these are all puffy
I think this is sumo gurashi if I butchered that name I’m so sorry but I
love these these are like what these guys are or they’re like what you would
find under the couch or under you know the cabinets they’re like dust bunnies
but they’re their characters and there’s they’re so cute I don’t know why that
it’s like the concept is weird but it works cuz I need it so cute and these
are I forget what this character’s name is but I just ordered some stuff of him
it’s a panda and I loved him because he looks dirty too there’s a theme with me
I really like derpy like Pokemon and derpy stuff and the dirtier the better
maybe I’m like derpy that’s why I really enjoy so much I’m sorry I know it
bothers some of you guys when people drink their coffee sometimes it bothers
me if there’s like loud gulp so I’m trying not to but you
can hear my throat with that I’m sick guys it’s this I don’t know what that is
oh so then you know I’m doing my diamond painting and right now like currently
I’ve done it I have what’s that tape called the like
the pale tape whenever I was taped because I’m diamond paintings for those
of you who haven’t done it sometimes the sticky canvas area where
you’re supposed to put the Diamonds it overlaps onto the area that’s not
gridded and dust and stuff and dirties will collect on there when you’re
working your painting and I don’t like that I don’t like to see it I don’t like
my arm sticking on it so I covered it with masking tape that’s what is called
masking tape well they were selling a ton of washi tape at Otakon so I got a
ton not tiny like 5 rolls but I’m not gonna like I’ll kind of show you but
you’re not going to be able to see these designs this one is a cat and it’s
drinking Slurpees then this one is again cat cafe so there’s cat waffles and I
think what is that like a cat bread I don’t know but here’s to I’ll try to
move the camera closer next time this is a fail oh I’m not playing breath of the
wild still died yes yes so much yes I just got off playing that for a while I
got the new DLC finally I downloaded it so this is some link Lincoln action he
has his horse yeah there’s some chickens and he’s freaking out a little bit so I
got a roll of link um I think there’s more rolls in here but it’s like it’s a
lot guys then I got stamps because I love stationery and these are dirty
hamsters so derpy hamster set of stamps I got oh my god this mochi if you guys
so much e is a food they’re also like little toys and mochi
is like really soft we eat mochi ice cream me and my friend at work and it’s
just like a really soft it’s made of rice but the add flavoring to it it’s
almost like a cow’s tail if you guys have ever had the caramel cow tails it’s
like that consistency but these little mochi animals they had them I got one
for me and her and they’re just so squishy so I’ve got us both puppies
because the other ones were kind of dirty and I didn’t know they weren’t
really cute that much so I got bunnies well here’s my pins I was talking about
so everything for cats obviously we don’t know that by now I’m sorry but I
do and I have a thing for like cat bubbles or animal bubbles I just stick
not in person but gross but like animated I just think it’s so cute
I don’t know I love am i weird I’m probably weird but I think anybody who
watches these videos and relates to me is weird
classified weird but that’s okay this one these are super super tiny pins and
it’s a cat and a donut it’s the front and back of the cat in like a series or
like I don’t know maybe in a black hole but the top is actually the cat’s face
and the bottom is the cat’s butt and it has a little X first but and I just
couldn’t resist because I love little like I know I’m like full and but those
are gross but I like when they’re like little X’s or a streak marks I’m gonna
probably say really weird but I don’t know I just think it’s so cute like a
corgi but who can resist a quirky but um on the theme of my comics
I love Catwoman in boys av Harlequins okay but I prefer I think
my favorite is either cat women are poison Isaac IV a artist and artists
alley created this pin cat woman she had all three I think I only picked up to
like a terrible person but this is Calvin and she’s holding a diamond and
it says that girl on the diamond that’s gonna go on my wall of fun this I don’t
know what’s in here I think this is just the guy from Otakon but nobody really
cares about that so I’m not gonna show it oh my god so this is a mochi cat –
but mochi is like it’s soft and squishy rate so this is me and my friend we call
them flute because they’re just they’re so soft and fluffy it’s a flute
soft fluffy blue it’s part of a word it works and I know there’s a bunch of
different varieties of these but I got myself a brown one and I picked up her
it was blue with snowflakes and she already has one the lucky cat when it
looks like the lucky cat she already had one of those oh my gosh this looks kind
of cool it’s see-through and those 2017 on it oh my gosh I’m just
losing my voice here as I continue to talk another pin this is a cat as a
soft-serve ice cream I like bought all the pins guys no joke
kimchi Kauai again like I was saying she had a lot of puns and a lot of pins
here’s one of her pins it’s of this Kitty pin and biscotti
so it’s cats shaped like the Scottie this kitty let’s see what else do I have
I keep saying oh I hate that what’s in here
oh I know what these are Emily went left all this stuff in here so now I’m gonna
have to find my room boy so this is a little wobbly lucky cat his bottom is
round so if you said him with a flat surface he teeters back and forth and
he’s made of glass and there’s this one he’s super super little better not lose
him so one vendor had a ton of these guys
they’re super super tiny cat charms and this one is supposed to be four I think
this is a good healthy relationship so I got this little cat charm and that one
is like my favorite cause it’s so dirty I got this stationary set pupcakes and
this is just some snow paper and a little candy that looks like a candy on
the side that’s actually a ten I could resist that you it was so cute oh my
gosh guys okay here’s another blind box what did I get in this one what is this
rotor Dex I think this is the rotor ducks these ones this was a different
pokemons blind box that we don’t have in the US and I got I think that’s like
that’s the Pokedex maybe but it’s rounded X so you can get him and you
could get a couple he’s like kind of soft but like a hard plastic and it came
with them so weird but it’s like nice Japan really wants people to have fresh
breath breath breath I’m so sorry guys I don’t know if I can edit out all this
coughing I’m saying that now and watch me not be able to that’s really bad
I got pins cuz who can have too many pins no one you think you can have too
many pins you’re wrong I got a Totoro pin he’s so cute and then this pin I got
one for me and my friend I got the green version they gave her a white version
but it’s a little cat and you have to press this tail down for the pin to come
oh oh yeah are they all almost done oh my god so close okay okay so here’s that
seat I didn’t get Harley I did get poison ivy that pin again ivy and she’s
holding the leaf and it says that girl I think Harvey she was hardly cleaned my
friend Harley Harley was popping a bubble and on the bubble it set that
girl and I should have gotten it but you know whatever
okay so these are the rest of my pens I got this like everything I got like
caffeine whatever a problem so this is a meow Kitaj pen it’s a Macintosh computer
but have a cat on it with cat ears so it’s in the Alcantar then Kim Chi qui
again we got new currents like mushrooms but nuke rooms
you got the Danish Paul Street so this is the plush I got but in PIN form and
we have peppermint mocha and it’s a peppermint mocha mocha coffee whatever
but with a cat and then these I really I couldn’t resist because like I said I
love dirt right so I have aside amis catfish these are pins and
then I have a calico cat fish and they’re both so derpy and then of course
I have the dirt version of Lu Jia because I believe bhujiya is probably my
favorite legendary Pokemon just in case y’all didn’t know that and wanted to
know that I’m so like Mona well a lot of cloth supers right there sharing other
things besides their stitching so why not you’re gonna know me more right and
I couldn’t I like I like seeing other people’s home just random stuff so I
don’t wanna see you know what you guys think I guess I don’t know based off the
I’m sorry what am I gonna do it was got a lot of
thumbs down but I think that’s because I said a bad word
it didn’t mean – sometimes I just smell I’ve tried to keep it PG son this is
another one of those cactus cakes so I forget what Simon Says oh this one
comes with the little extra like I said I got the key but extra so this I think
is princess and this is a gold cactus kitty with a crown and she comes with a
teeny tiny diamond and the diamond has a face on it I don’t know how well you
guys can see that but that’s princess and then last but not least from my
Otakon hall then we can get into other fun stuff right that everybody’s
interested in um what is this no okay so last but not least one of the vendors
were selling Totoro lucky stones and I wanted them so bad they’re so cute they
have the tiniest little dust Totoro on the tag as a leaf and the wrapping paper
is all Totoro but these are supposed to be lucky Jim’s and I think the guy was
selling it fruits have an outrageous amount I think these were like $10
apiece and to me that was that was just too much to me to spend on something
this little but there was only two left and my friend even though it’s her
birthday she ended up buying these for me and they were supposed to be my
Christmas present but I kept like she was I was walking around this stand or
whatever and you know I had walked I guess the transaction took a while cuz I
was walking around and then I was done walking so I came back over to her and
she was trying to be like sneaky about it but unfortunately I saw the guy give
her her bees so she just turned around and hand them to me and she was like
happy early Christmas I felt so bad because I wasn’t supposed to see and I
can’t believe she spent twenty dollars I guess I mean but I think I really hope
they’re gonna be cute I really do this is safe and some work to get into I’m
like goodness let’s see what we got in here oh that’s
cute it’s like it’s just a little box it’s wrapped really well Japan does
that’s right Oh oh my god this is so worth it okay yes this is worth it you
guys it is worth it oh my gosh okay so I can’t read what any of this says but
it’s the little white Totoro except um he has a very light strawberry pink hue
and I’m assuming each one means a different thing because we have pure
white strawberry we have like a gold a brown a very light blue a light green a
gray and a red oh my god that’s so cute okay no I know I’m probably gonna like
search for the rest of these they got one more oh my gosh I didn’t even want
to destroy the wrapping paper I think I ended up doing that oh my god I’m gonna
have to I’m sorry I’m really gonna I’m apologizing now because I’m gonna try to
end it off my coughing but if I can’t I’m so sorry guys it’s so annoying I’ll
understand if I lose subscribers oh I’m so sorry I’m just trying to make you
happy and share my hobbies and like this this rice is wrapped so Wow where are my
scissors it’s like twine like legit and it’s
wrapped in a really good night they must have like some special knot skills oh my
god I thought I was getting over my coal but the more I’m talking I feel like the
worst my voice is sounding now you’re I’m gonna be sick over Thanksgiving
boohoo poor me I was sick I had I was sick I was really sick for like three
days and then I kind of like alright fuck up don’t earn your money hey let’s
see what this one is something different I don’t want to duplicate let’s see it
yeah oh okay where’d I get I think I got he has to be he has to be the blue one
because he has like a blue kind of where’s my other one
okay these are so cute and totally worth it I’m so wrong okay
look at them he’s more see-through and whatever guy is more white hopefully you
can see that oh my god I’m gonna try to lean closer look how cute I can’t those
are so too my favorite they’re going up immediately save this wrapping paper oh
my god and like each one is wrapped differently so this one has a big Totoro
but they’ve Totoro in it and this one doesn’t have a big Totoro I only got
some little one oh my god that was amazing I don’t know
why I waited to open that with you but now you saw very genuine reaction hey
that’s my own card of all I guys have everywhere oh my god I’m gonna have such
okay so hey that being said where am I in this I’m trying like I try and it
just doesn’t happen um oh my god okay so I got so much stuff behind me I really
hope you’re in for a long video because I’m just gonna keep talking to get it
all in like I really I’m just gonna keep going um see ya
like I told you I got a personal shopper from Japan
yeah there’s only some of the stuff she got me I got a ton more but I didn’t
feel like taking it all down so this is the Halloween Pikachu for this year’s
Halloween and Pikachu is a ghost he has a little bucket of candy and I just
couldn’t resist him he was so darn cute and I think this is so well made his
shorts a little pumpkin shorts and this is probably my favorite plush I’ve ever
gotten and then because I do go to a lot of cons I like to think I like go to a
lot of cons and Parks I got this Pikachu Ghost packs so pass holder so the back
of him he holds your pass and you can probably hold money and stuff in there
too but I got lanyard so he goes on your lanyard and you can wear him oh it’s so
cute so I got my ghost Pikachu pass holder and then I don’t know how many of
you are familiar with gaba charm i think that’s how you say yeah got a charm
got a charm I’m probably butchering that too but it’s basically those little like
50 cent toy dispensaries that we have randomly but in Japan the toys that they
put in there share a lot better and cost a little bit more so they do a bunch of
Pokemon gap achons and I saw this coming out and I had to have him I got there
was I think five in this series I ordered five I only got one duplicate oh
my god like and there’s – Pikachu’s so I got one Pikachu but there’s another
Pikachu so I got the B where you got Pikachu mean EQ and my favorite the one
another one of the skank our gang guards my most favorite
Pokemon he is on the end here so I got those and I love them and then we’ll the
last purchases I’ll show you from Japan are these guys because they’re dirt
Pokemon and you know how I like the dirts so I got Pikachu because Pikachu I
think peach it was like it every single thing they make I got D diem and I got
rally and I rally is my favorite starter from the new generation because he is
just so cute so they’re all like derpy with turkey faces and that is much Pam
Hall I need a tissue no oh my god I can’t believe I’m making this video
hopefully you know you all watch it cuz I feel like making it but I feel like I
sounds really bad anyway excuse me thank you
at least you’re like watch me from the screen and you’re not human purchase
person mate um so this year I decided that I’m gonna make my friends and
families and co-workers little ornaments so I bought this little ornament set I
bought enough so I got several of these kits and what I’m gonna do these are be
dancing or sequins and I think pin sequence them ten kids and I’m gonna
make one belt everyone is going to get one little village house so my plan is
to open this up and do this this weekend and of course I got myself a full set
and does that make me agree um cuz they’re so cute I wanted a full set for
my tree too so the sequence that I’ve never ever ever done these before my my
grandmother and my mom used to do these all the time like my grandmother’s tree
was nothing but these little sequins Boardman’s and all the guys it’s
ornaments these pins in the back you just stick them in you put the pin
through sequence and you stick it I’m sure
there’s like a chart or something to follow
and the only thing else I see in here is like some gold braided ribbon and pipe
scener so pipe cleaner it looks like it’s for
this more little house here candy canes on the side and that’s pretty simple to
do I think I hope they give you adopt it looks like so in case you mess up oh my
god Wow I’m I’m lucky that I’m still alive I
feel like I have the plague all right definitely gonna have to play my hair is
like they just took a shower this is like the perfect storm I haven’t done as
much talking all day all week probably me and I’m paying for it alright I’m
almost done I promise I think I am I want to show you my diamond painting too
so but I have to get up and take you to his table for that um so I got so much
stuff over here you know no you know cinchy box right so this year I got the
first this was my first Halloween countdown did she box with my second
stitch she box ever but my first advent calendar one and it
was really awesome I got like its hunna little beads I’m
not gonna show you this – you just thought I’d toss it out there I think
it’s worth it um I think it was like $70 and for all stuff you get the charts in
my opinion they’re not they’re not my thing and they’re not worth it rather
them not include the charts at all but everything else I like and I think I
could use there’s like a lot of threads and beads and ribbons and there are some
charms like this really cute pumpkin charm here that’s really cute and tiny
um I don’t know no I’m getting like I’m feeling bad now
now I’m like sick bad but like bad that you all have to listen to me bad
what else I want one Stoney Creek they were doing a pattern with a month
for Halloween it was a Halloween month and I got all of these freebie charts
and then I got all the charms and the glosses so here the charts and it’s
gonna look like do I have it okay on the back here it’s gonna it’s a bell pool so
it’s gonna look like that I am stitching it all as one piece I got the fabric
toward the same fabric as I stitch it on and they got the clinic the beads and
the specialty is like it’s DMC but it’s like a special DMC is all of the beads
are on here somewhere I’m trying to keep them together but I know like I’m
probably losing them and then I got the cool ghost hanger to top it off with so
that I do like I have everything I need for this one I do want to start this one
too but it is one linen I haven’t fished on Linden before I haven’t fished two
over one but I feel like why not right that’s a challenge so why not try it I
don’t know what’s in here oh my friend she went to Bethany Beach for her
parents own a vacation home up there and it happens to be right next to a city
shop so like once this is the second house she’s got me something’s in there
but she brought me back a little Mill hook it how cute No so she thought of me
and she got it because I’m stitching so much focus is that so cute all right
what else do I have that’s so much oh my god okay so this
I’m sure all of you know by now played by Kim she’s an ST decided she designs
clay like needle binders and and I bought she did a tiki series like
at the end of summer so I got a tiki ten and a tiki needle minder and I love them
because they’re so unique and she always does like themes like holiday things who
she does fourth of July and Halloween and of course every time she puts them
up because she’s guiding so popular now when I first found her I don’t think
probably anybody know about her and then I talked about her on my youtube channel
I’m just kidding um she she’s not so many more followers and her stuff never
stays in stock anymore so she hasn’t Instagram out too and sometimes she
posts when she’s having sales and that’s just a new house that’s how I got this
but that was insane everything I wanted almost like immediate I was trying to
add stuff to my car I had to buy these two in two separate orders because
things not selling out it was crazy all right well yeah I’m gonna save some
of this stuff for next time because I’m like done talking really I feel I guess
down really bad and I feel like I need to go overdose
um but before I go citrus paradise the famous perfect purple bags this is
from Las Vegas so my husband let me get two full patterns kitted up I was left
pick any two that I wanted and well not a two that I wanted you know a
reasonable price but I ended up picking I believe those call the three Gables by
the cricket collection and it’s a little haunted house and um oh my god this
store is so awesome she had a whole room just for fabrics and threads and it was
like crazy so she taught me this piece of fabric and it’s like it looks like a
hand eiephant it’s called vintage country mocha on 14
County des so I got my fabric to go with it
and it calls for some DMC but it also calls for a lot of specialty flosses so
I got some weak skyworks this is brick I got the button pack oh
my god this button pack is so cute there’s a ghost bat shudders as a
pumpkin witch’s hat that button pack is so cute and then I got a bunch of this
color charcoal charcoal and bark it looks like and then Adobe so there’s
some more of the specialty bosses and what else is in here I think more
specialty flosses that’s more bark it looks like yeah more bark and then we
got a like a purple kind of purply green this isn’t called basil I think that’s
it but then um like I really want I want in Vegas this scissors and they didn’t
have like a neat Las Vegas iron scissors but I found she showed me this pair and
it’s a cat and it’s really cute can I see the cat’s face because the tape
measures in there in the way but there you can see the cat top the scissors
hopefully you can see it from this far away and I bought those because now I
can say those are my Vegas is theirs even though they don’t look like they’re
from Vegas I know I got them from Vegas and that’s all that matters and then my
second pattern that I got sit up this one is a new one for me
because if someone counted canvas so this is Christmas panel by Laura J
Corinne designs and it’s a sampler Christmas sampler all of the lovely
threads and critic are in the back here think there’s metallic shimmer blend
ribbon so there’s ribbon beads there’s DMC
pearl cotton and a bunch of critic and then it’s going to be done on the sage
green canvas and I was told you cannot crush it so to keep it rolling so my
question is can I stitch can I put this on my quantum frame like is that okay um
because you know the quantum frame they have that divot in it and it’s roared
and it is like it’s stiff I don’t know I just don’t want to hurt it I feel like
every every stitcher probably has this worried right okay I swear I’ll show you
this one thing I got a mill whole kit there too and I got this one because
it’s one of their newest ones the sleigh collection and it has a little tone of
dog and my dog ginger my very first dog looked like a little dog in this leg all
right so I think where’s my paper I don’t know I’m trying guys I’m trying to
stay organized on topic um okay so I wanted to talk about a bunch more stuff
but I’m just feeling like I gotta go I’m so sorry um pen pal I asked for a pen
pal in my last video I failed so hard I’m so sorry guys I really thought that
was gonna have time to do a pen pal I talked about it I talked to some of you
about it but I’m sorry I just really didn’t follow up I
so busy with school and we went to Vegas and I got sick know it’s Thanksgiving
it’s about to be Christmas I’m so sorry um I still have all your names I still
have all your emails and I’m gonna try and try so hard to eventually get back
to you I’m so sorry because I do I still do what a sick friend I still want
somebody to talk to about all my cross-stitch what they’re doing what
they’re doing in their part of the world what they’re up to what their traditions
are you know like every one Christmas that would be really cool and I’m just
I’m so sorry I know I hope I didn’t disappoint any of you guys um I just it
I lost track of it I was trying to make a time-lapse video of my diamond
painting and I recorded over 80 hours I had started to record it on the second
row when I got to the second row and I almost finished the second row and
unfortunately the files because I had to take them you know in increments it
wasn’t a full 80 hours but the video editing software I have it kept crashing
and I couldn’t edit it all together and YouTube doesn’t like anything over an
hour and it was just I couldn’t speed fast enough on YouTube so I’m so sorry
like I have it I have the footage but I think I’m just gonna have to scrap it
and that really sucks unless you want a little some great video editing software
because I don’t know I’m using your free one right now I don’t know if I should
invest in the paid one I don’t know like I don’t I just want something that I can
piece together 80 hours of footage and fast-forward it all and then take the
music or the sound that’s in it out and put like a music track over it that’s
all I want to do and then I can share that with you hopefully I’m like I don’t
know I feel really upset about it because I was 80 hours and I was working
on it time but what up recently gosh I feel I
feel it I’m so sorry recently I’ve been playing my video game breath of the wide
old that Zelda and I just like I said in the beginning though this video I just
got the DLC so I downloaded that and I was playing it we got off early so it’s
playing that for about two hours and it is so fun but I get so distracted in
open worlds like you’re supposed to you’re supposed to be on the mission
rate you get all these side missions when it’s an open world and it’s huge so
big you just get distracted by oh what’s this over here oh look at that enemy
camp over there let me go knock these guys out so I can take their arrows and
see if they have a chest or some you know rock formations around that I can
get some rubies or sapphires out of and if you don’t know what I’m talking about
you’re really missing out then I got it for the Wii U and I begged my husband to
get me a switch and he just didn’t want to because when they released breath in
the wild that’s as I think they released it and think with the switch and it was
so new that he is just like no you know all the other the most recent Nintendo
platforms have been kind of thrashing it’s true unfortunately they’re not as
superior as these make them like the n64 and the Gamecube those are my favorite
some people hate looking cute but those are some really good that was some
really good time I had on that but I just saw Mario Odyssey in oh my gosh
I’ve been watching playthrough videos on YouTube and it looks so fine but it’s
only for the switch so we have I don’t know if you’re familiar with David
Buster’s but it’s like an adult arcade and that’s what we like to do sometimes
for dates we’ll just go up to Dave & Buster’s and little just play games and
games and we’ll rack up all these tickets and when we leave we won’t we
won’t use our tickets or anything but except for like a piece of candy like a
nerd rope or something we might get a couple of nerd ropes and then we just
keep we’ve been saving these plates since we’ve been together and even
before he’s been dating that’s over 11 years excuse me
and last time we were there we discovered we had enough to actually get
a system so in the rewards like the turn in area for your prizes they have ps4
and xboxone in there in those games ps4 and Xbox one video games that you can
redeem with the points that you get tickets you get so last time you were
there we figured out that we had enough to get one of the systems we could have
gotten the ps4 he has an Xbox one and I was thinking about getting a ps4 because
I like ps4 games better than Xbox games so I told him for Christmas he doesn’t
even have to buy the switch right he can just go to David Buster’s and turn him
on his points for a switch and then just like get me Mario Odyssey right I think
that’s pretty smart but he’s like I’m not using her points on that oh oh I
don’t know fingers crossed I really wanted I am I get like I I do gain I
don’t gain as much as him I cross stitch more but I am a gamer I do play World of
Warcraft if you all want to know what server would let me know my character’s
name is jinx no it’s not that’s my username my character name what’s my
character’s name I don’t know what her name is
it’s been a little bit it’s been like a couple weeks and I was something really
cool I got compliments on it so besides that I picked up pokemons
of course ultramoon I played about Ram brother-in-law and I have had a Pokemon
party this past weekend from the keynote and it played a couple hours but I’m
pretty disappointed in it because the whole beginning everything that I played
so far that seems like the exact same of what I play didn’t moon and I thought it
was supposed to be like a remake like you’re getting a different storyline no
it’s the exact same bummer I don’t recommend from this point cuz it was so
boring just going through the whole thing again
I thought I was getting a new game with new content by the beginning it’s what
I’ve seen so far I wouldn’t recommend it it’s wasted 40 bucks in my opinion
because it feels like the exact same game and it’s really unfortunate um
besides that let me I guess Oh animal Crossing’s oh my god so they
just released Animal Crossing the camping version free on your phone and
oh my god I am looking for friends it is so addictive I think I put in like six
hours yesterday and then I claimed a bunch today a minute level 8 or no no
Matt level 9 already so if you play I’m gonna post my friend code in the
comments below please send me a friend request I will accept you and I will
know where it’s from hopefully alright guys here it is my diamond painting but
it take this guy off the stand so I could show it to you better this is diamond painting my dragon can
my heaven interrupt assigned rat diamond painting so last time I believe I only
had the top row in and you can see I almost have a full second row and you
can see the dragon’s wing and her hair I believe I finished all of her hair I’m
working on one of the last pages down here so you can see my diamonds are out
but yeah you got some progress there pretty pretty pretty and if I turn on my
little light you can see how the sparkle right now if I turn on my light that’s a
lot of extra Sparkle it’s very sparkly if you are interested in learning more
you’re please feel free to join my group on Facebook it is called it’s called
hade haed diamond painting and that’s on Facebook I’ll also link the group below
as well so this is what I’m working on I’m one row to believe in one like page
11 or something and there’s 60 61 pages so this is my setup I got these spinning
towers and that’s by wallpaper over there that’s supposed to go on this wall
eventually hopefully it’s like really cool funky retro purple rings anyway
that’s all I have for you guys now this video was about an hour and a half
hopefully you enjoyed it on and I wasn’t rambling too much and you liked what I
talked about and I’m planning to make another video hopefully very soon and if
you guys know of any video software editing tools please let me know or any
video editing software and I’ll try to edit or piece together my 80 hours of
footage that I have of working on her hair and I believe I was also working on
the dragon’s wing but I could have just started working on her hair so this is
what the finished finished product will look like so you can see I’m just like
right here so I’m hoping and I wanted to do a time-lapse video of her face and
the dragon’s face I thought that would be cool but that’s what I’m that’s what
I’m working on and if I can get this home lapse video together hopefully I
can do a timeless video her face and I’m thinking about doing another diamond
painting tools in review video part 2 because I
got a lot more tools they’re over there and they’re over there
and they’re over here to show and I would thought that since my first video
was so real received I would do a second one to show you even more tools that are
out there and hopefully that one will be well-received as well but that’s all I
got for you now guys I hope you like hope you liked what I had to talk about
and I hope to see you again soon feel free to follow me on Instagram I
post pictures pretty often I like to think and that’s Katelyn dot white 15 I
have linked on my youtube as well as on my main page if you want to check me out
and leave a comment or pop on my head I’m painting page and I hope to see you
all soon thanks for watching bye

28 Replies to “Cross Stitch #13: Great Scott! I Show (and Cough) A Lot! Stitch Update, Haul, Diamond Painting”

  • CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING!!! I have not stitched much this month I have been obsessed with Fortnite Battle Royale and Assassin's Creed Origins. I did not touch my diamond paintings this month. Looking forward to the tools update video, think I see some new tweezers on your table?!?! I use Movie Maker and it can still be downloaded from CNet website.

  • Your beloved mother would have been so very proud of you, Kaitlin. What a credit to her you have turned out to be. Congratulations from me will be added I am sure to many others coming your way. I wish you and your husband all the very best for the future. My husband and I have been married now for over 40 years, and the best advice I can give you as a wife is to respect your husband's common sense on money matters. It can be frustrating at times to bow to a male perspective on finance, but if I had been given my way on this subject, we would be broke!!! Lol xx Have a great Christmas and very happy New Year to follow xxxxx:):):)

  • Congratulations on graduating that is a great accomplishment!!! I'm sure your mom is looking down on you and is very proud of you. I love the hocus pocus.

  • I think it is really interesting you went to Otakon. My husband and I and one of his friends went to the very first two Otakon conventions held in State College, PA back in 1994 and 1995. LOL. We are in Columbus, Ohio, so the drive to State College, PA wasn't very long. We loved it back then, before it moved to Baltimore. It was much smaller when we went. My husband and I still like anime conventions, but have really only been going to ones local to us. We have one every year in January called OhayoCon.

    Looking forward to getting my first diamond painting kits soon…hopefully before Christmas.

  • Wow lots of great stuff! Your stitching is beautiful and your diamond painting is too. I didn't realize how giant it was!! I'm not super into anime but I watched sailor moon. I love hocus pocus too I got the socks from spirit Halloween. Loved breath of the wild but I still need to get the dlc. Don't feel bad my hubby wouldn't let me get the switch either. Im looking forward to the new kingdom hearts though!

  • First of all- big congratulations on your graduation!!! what an accomplishment! Your mother would be sooo proud! Heck, I'm proud of you:) Honestly, I don't know how you're managing to do any stitching or DP with all other things you're doing (including work). I love Hocus Pocus- it's amazing classic movie and it was fun to have it on for this Halloween. I don't blame you for loving BAPs but they do take a lot of time. I finally started my Dragon Kin but I'm stitching it (on small count). I don't remember if you've mentioned on FB DP page but where are you planning to put your finished one? And how to keep it from collecting dust once it's hung… Anyway, get better and until later! Jurgita

  • Congratulations. I'm so proud of your accomplishments and I love you! <3 Thank you for taking me to Otakon πŸ˜€ You know we're making Otakon a yearly thing, fyi.

  • I send you an AC request. You will see me with the same name as I have here. I love the sisters. I also love the diamond painting. I hope you get your video game.

  • Kaitlin! Congratulations on finishing school! I have never met you, but again I want to give you a big giant hug! I'm so proud of you for working so hard and succeeding! Thanks for sharing about your con and all the great stuff you found. It must have been very fun to look at everything. Also get better soon. I think I am getting over a sinus infection too. Sucky beyond belief! If that last project is on needlepoint canvas, you need to tack it to stretcher bars.

  • Congratulations on getting your Bachelor's. I like the storage cabinet behind you. Would love to hear more about that.

  • Hey girl!
    First, congratulations on graduating!!! It’s such an awesome feeling! I just graduated in May and it was probably the best day of my life so far! πŸ˜€

    Great progress on Hocus Pocus!! I love it!

    Now talking about Mill Hill kits, the first one that I did was a mess. I reversed to colors somehow and didn’t realize it until I was completely done with the first color. I ended up just leaving it because nobody has time for frogging!!! Haha!

    I also use that bead box!!! The little bins are so awesome! I actually just got a second box because I’ve almost filled one. By far the best bead storage I’ve found.

  • wow i think you really love Hocus Pocus. lol nice to hear from you again and congratulations on gradation. definitly love the diamond painting. it makes me want to try but. i don't have the room for it. just another thing for my wish list.

  • I'm working on the Villains stitchery right now. Is it possible to give a demonstration on doing the beaded embroidery? I have a kit from Ukraine, but the instructions don't really make it clear how to do it (to me anyway)… Thanks.

  • Would you might know who would sell military symbols in the diamond bead embroidery if you do please let me know

  • Hi Kaitlin! Thank you and I admire how you manage to get your degrees. I know its late just chanced onto your channel but well done! As for the frame, I was wondering about the screw down being lose and there you are.. That is why I went to buy the Millenium as its hand made and all in wood! Well investment purchase and I have a few already and still growing! Thank you for coming back and lovely to see you …

  • I’m glad you put that cross stitch in time out, it deserved it. The least it could have done was spoke up and said β€œHey, you might want to double check and make sure my coloring is right?”, but Nooooo, went right along probably waiting to see your reaction when you realized what happened…. It should be grateful if it gets completed!

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