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Coughing Offensive – CS:GO

Coughing Offensive – CS:GO

*no commend* Have you, have you seen, have you seen the Grinch I JUST SEE THE FUCKING GUY JUMP OFF *patato mic* They’re just killing themselves They’re just fucking killing themselves *I ALMOST DIED MUST WATCH 2020* One Two Three SHUT THE FUCK UP Pyro : ello blazers No FKRZ here Guys, Guys, Guys Wanna have a… Guys look at me right now Look at me STOP FUCKIN COUGHING *laughing* You piece of shit Stop Coughing Look at this, Unfunny Meme *Cringe Laughter* ‘Mark’s hysterical’ Don’t team kill him we haven’t even started the game *yes they have* NO, PYROCYNICAL No, Pyrocynical Stop making Half Life 3 jokes Pyro: You literally made a Half Life 3 joke
NFKRZ: Guys can you stop NFKRZ: fucking coughing this is gonna be… * : Guys can you shut the fuck up I *incomprehensible* Can you stop fucking coughing, this is gonna be called Counterstrike.. Counterstrike.. *earrape* Counterstrike Coughing Offensive What the fuck is.. *incomprehensible something about an airfield* The new sounds are so shit What the fuck Yeah it’s like It’s like, guys CSGO is a very popular game, let’s not fix every fucking, like, mistake, let’s let’s, let’s not make let’s not fix fucking cheating and let’s just make new sounds NFKRZ: that nobody asked for
Someone: Let’s make funny sprays Please hang yourself, just uhm.. leave the game leave the game Batmanboi, you name is Batmanboi, get life Get, GET LIFE BRO get life, get life bro OH! OH! okay Oh no Pyro: Oh my god What just happened Oh my god… There’s a problem with this video because I don’t know if my Bandicam is broken or not, so this whole recording may just have Bandicam.com watermark on top of it Unregistered HyperCam 2 Saddest KwebbelKop video, *incomprehensible* Did you see that
Oh my god…
Shut up OOH BABY A TRIPLE Please provide commentary, on our game and STOP FUCKING COUGHING I’m gonna cough more This is Blazers: Scrubs Edition, poor you Bamanboi, get actual cancer please This is comedy in 2016 You know, It’s actually worse like 2014 was “my nama Jeff” and now we’re at “your mom gay” your mama suck dick Your mom suck my ass bro My nama Gay What’s a worse word than dick or willy Oh! Oh! Can someone explain to me how does Jameskii has 43 kills 43 *mocks NFKRZ* In real life I might be loser, but in a game world you’re the loser I challenge you to a rap battle Okay Uh, Dolan Dark let’s have a rap battle, okay “Look at this guy his name is Dolan Dark” “He is so gay, he looks like a fucking cock” “I fucked his wife and I fucked his mama” Now shut the fuck up and go to suck dick from Barack Obama
* :To Bahamas Suck dick from Obama There you go “Pyrocynical, your raps are clinical” “My raps are sick and your raps are a miracle” that makes no fucking sense Dolan Dark, you looks, like, my dad’s cock! Okay guys who wants the bomb Who wants the bomb * : Give to me x3 Who wants the bomb, jump, jump, jump for me, jump for me *: I want the bomb x2
* : I want it x5 *Crippling Depression* Oh my god I Keep Getting *cut off* He was doing it for the, doing it for the..
NFKRZ: What the, WHAT Did you f- Did you fall through the ground I fell through a gap It’s been 3 rounds They’re voting to surrender How did he not die This is not x2 This is basically like a… it’s like a shooting We’re like killing them, they’re like helpless This is like Columbine, they show no fucking resistance, whatsoever He’s got the “beast mode”, as his profile picture.. he must be beast Beast, Beast mode, just jump off *oh my god you almost killed him And look he’s gonna back out and fall through the gap Surely
He dumb bro? Damn I told you The fucking retard The fucking retard Pardon? Oh my god he
C’mon Jay, noscope, noscope bruh Noscope That’s not a noscope Jay
Noscope I got the noscope~ Ohh you got the noscope bruh They’re voting to surrender again Roman! AWP x7 Where?
Here You failed…, you failed Jay. The failed funny moment That was a failed funny moment Jay, you’re such a loser Imma be laying that pipe That was so depressing x2 I’M NFKRZ I’M THE BEST MY GIRLFRIEND IS MY SISTER, I LOVE INCEST Alright let’s do roleplay, okay? Okay Bamanboi, say you’re gay and we’re in Russia You know what, you know what, I’m just gonna… IMMA GO, IMMA GET THE NOSCOPE OF THE CENTURY MY NiGGA Holy shit there’s two of them *incomprehensible* That was insane Go get em Why is green *Incomprehensible* What is happening *Laughing* Wait, guys I have to reload *More laughing* You kill my friend *Incomprehensible* *Even more laughing* I just see the guy fucking jump off *Ridiculous amount of laughter* They’re just killing themselves They’re just killing themselves They’re just fucking killing themselves This is just so fucking bad Two people from the other team just fucking kill themselves *Laughing* That guy left aswell *:Yeah Yeah Yeah NFKRZ: WTF Can you guys stop getting fucking timeouts This is such a This match is a fucking trainwreck The other team is voting to surrender once again *Alien Space Noise* GG GG Yeah Martin are you a virgin? Yeah OK *Laughing* You never *incomprehensible* *Laughing* He just commited suicide We are just, We are just playing with the most suicidal people Like, last round two people killed themselves This one aswell Die,die in hell NFKRZ has just reached the point where he laughs at people standing still One man comedy show you’re just laughing at a man standing still A man waiting at a bus stop so he can see his family again and you’re just laughing at him standing across the road Just horrible person Silver 3 has spoken guys the word of silver 3 Silver 3 but im not a virgin like you The higher your csgo rank the bigger chance you are a virgin thats a good point *Batmanboi Here* What? I was imitating bamanboi Oh ok 🙁 This is roman *Aliens mating call* here’s pyrocynical: “Uh, small loan of a million dollars AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” pyro you virgin lets be honest we’re all friends here m8 you virgin bro lets be honset you virgin bro you virgin bro jump down jump down jump down and say some fuckin gay shit Pyro: ok roman I said it first stfu Pyro, Pyro I see a Marina Joyce video allow me to copy that Whoa pyro you made a video *something burger related* allow me to copy that Allow me to elaborate your… your mics gone real quiet what, what Nial just said has never been said by anyone in the world Because nobody actually, nobody actually respects pyrocynicals opinion So, um But pyrocynical dosen’t bwdiawudwda Oh UGHHHHH OHHHH *smonk wade kids* *Bullying pyrocynical* *Please kill me now* Just over 10 mins long lol END ME

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