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Cough Remedies & Topical Cough Medicine | Vicks VapoRub

Cough Remedies & Topical Cough Medicine | Vicks VapoRub

[MUSIC PLAYING] There’s nothing worse than a bad cough. [COUGHING] Here are some tips on
how to feel better. Try drinking a noncaffeinated
liquid, like herbal tea with honey, to soothe your throat and
break up mucus in your airways. You can also try Vicks VapoRub. It’s a topical medicine that
starts working instantly to relieve coughing as well as minor
aches in your muscles and joints. [COUGHING] [COUGHING] Breathe in the cooling Vicks
vapors to help soothe your cough. [COUGHING] Rub a thick layer of Vicks
VapoRub rub on your chest, neck, or back, and let the vapors
reach your nose and mouth. This will provide you
clinically proven cough relief to help you get a good night’s rest. Check out our other helpful videos. Subscribe to our channel to
find out when we add new ones. And share your tips on how you
ease your cough in the comments. [SNORING]

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