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Costochondritis, Rib pain, chest pain HELPED by Dr Suh Gonstead Chiropractic

Costochondritis, Rib pain, chest pain HELPED by Dr Suh Gonstead Chiropractic

how you doing guys so we got a patient
over here he’s been experiencing was a past nine years low back pain and
neck pain right but what’s more recently in July you start to experience a lot of
front chest pain over here especially right at the xyphoid process remember
the tip of this breastbone over here you went to the ER they did a full CT scan
also known as a cat scan and they found those the Dinos has caused a compromise
right so that means it’s a condition of the cartilages from the ribs that’s
between the ribs and the breastbone these cartilages are inflamed right so
since it keeps you up at night I have a hard time breathing and all that fun
stuff okay let’s go ahead let’s kind of about to see what’s going on we start
off with nice imitation refine or reading right at that level here’s an
abnormal temperature looks fine I know at this level charity is chronic right there okay so since he’s skinny right the
demos very it’s more challenging to locate it’s more difficult to find but
we can still see it right here they’re still pulling it does reading over here
so let’s go ahead this test instructors okay
pelvis is moving fine that’s pelvis also will be fun let’s go let us everything
else how’s that right there okay okay see this is not moving to a wall over
here it’s like a brick wall for that’s also stuck fuck it’s time to loosen up
here yeah house number two well yeah this thing really stuck not too bad so
even though there’s a reading here okay this looks like this more compensation
because this is someone to fix it up and that truly the spine comes difficut and
right there how’s that follow right here hey see this one here doesn’t have more tool
that’s stuck to us yes is so much struck and fixed in on
the right side but it’s not too bad so we’ve got the fit cervical over here
it’s also somewhat fixated but we’ve got the more key readings this is fit lumbar
over here and looks like the sixth floor so over here so I found earth to
restructure problems but there’s one major one that started a whole domino
effect that’s what this fifth lumbar bone is very bottom one
I tested your pelvic pelvic foundation that’s stable and level that’s not where
the problem is but the very first structure right above it as you see a
one tire spine it’s curving this way and another time
right I see it it started from here so this is a
probably you’ve been feeling for past nine years or so now because it was not
properly addressed you see how there’s two crows over here right smack in the
middle of it is that sixth person I start in the middle your shoulder blades
over here and it goes right over here mm-hmm so that’s why you’re feeling a
lot of pain attention right along here because there is the only end actually
over here mm-hmm the breast bones over here there are
cartilages and that connect from the rib to the breastbone itself so however
because of the significance alignments you have here where as being twisted
rotated that’s what’s causing the ribs to start you squeezed in words
in essence what happen is because this sides being pushed this way decide be
pushed that way okay in essence it’s pinching the cartilage so that’s what
you feeling over here but it’s not too bad but like for college I’m sorry to
buy the xiphoid process a little bit different too close you have more ribs
on the bottom that’s merging it towards one connecting spot over here right
right so put all that pressure while now I’m
not saying all the cartilages are directly connected to the cycle process
so it’s not it’s just right above it however because all that tension
all that forces being raised right there that surprise why that’s that for
process region right over here I feel all my attention again being irritated
that’s what’s keeping up at night so the real solution is yeah we have to address
this first mm-hmm after this is correct it is going to start unwinding all the
twisting uninspired there’s even a pressure over here we’re going to be
tested most likely this needs to be corrected as well right and then when we
go straight up towards again we have another curvature right over here that’s
not what’s that neck pain you’ve been feeling that bitch cervical over here I
think I show you something like this yes no no right now today we don’t find any
issue at issue meeting over here so it looks like your body kind of adapted to
this and got used to it after we correct these two I would not be surprised you
may feel more this irritation we may need to fix this in a future visit but
right now today these two are partners were okay whoa whoa Manit what’s better you know
when a bed like this I’ll feel that the pain yeah back it all back good don’t
feel much good how’s the chest I feel better too but they long studio I said
about the look what how’s everything else I was breathing breathing been good
yeah what about the pressure you feel on the chest I’ll be at least a key
he’s mean unless they’re not by how much was he kept the same 60% better yeah
good all right well to okay six dorsal we put a despite in
neutral position dry shoulders please last six doors so pls – Wow Wow
what’s the difference what’s your about it now so you mentioned it was 60%
improvement right so what is it now getting much better
they 75 so any five so there is about 25% left
yeah about 25% good ladies you know pretty good that’s good luck yeah pretty
good I’m satisfied with this so far before this I can’t even you know if I
move it I hunt like this I feel pain okay now feel more freely it’s good more
free yeah excellent well we’re all set you oh you’re very
welcome thank you thank you how’s it going
okay so far my lower back okay it’s almost pain-free okay they chest I feel
like a much much much better okay compared to the you know the first I was
here like you know almost 90% boy okay briefing problem almost back to normal
now almost back to normal so I don’t have
anything that you know burning sensation on my chest dose is gone okay so far I
feel good

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