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Coronavirus vs. Flu: Identifying the Symptoms

Coronavirus vs. Flu: Identifying the Symptoms

(gentle upbeat music) – Coronavirus has gotten a lot of international attention recently because this is a brand new virus that we haven’t seen before. It’s closely related to SARS and to MERS. It can cause mild illness,
like the common cold. Almost all patients had fever. About 3/4 of patients have cough. About half of patients
have shortness of breath, and about half of patients
have body ache and fatigue. If you’re a patient who
has fever plus cough and you’ve recently been to China, then you should call the
Denver Health nurse line, and they’d be able to help determine whether you need to be
seen in the Urgent Care or the Emergency Room. People who have the coronavirus are actually spreading it. That’s why it’s important
for you to get diagnosed, so that we can get those people isolated so that they’re not transmitting the virus to other people as well. (gentle upbeat music)

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