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Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, & Vaccine Status

Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, & Vaccine Status

thanks for joining us for our second
video in the corona virus if this is the first video you’re seeing on that please
go back to our first video to get the introduction about what exactly is this
coronavirus of 2019 they’re calling it as it turns out it was discovered on the
last day of 2019 December 31st so what are the symptoms and what’s going on
with this virus clinically so there was a great article that was published in
The Lancet just recently about this about 41 patients that came in to the
hospital there and were diagnosed with molecular technique to show that they
actually had the virus for the corona virus in those patients about 41 98
percent of them had fever 76% had coughed and 55 had shortness of breath
what was lacking here was the sneezing runny nose that type of thing that you
would expect to see with a regular virus those are kind of lacking here what did
they find this is a pretty good indication of if you’re sick enough to
go to the hospital this is what you might expect so just so you’re aware 100
percent of these were confirmed with molecular technique of being the 2019
and CoV which is the corona virus so what was the median age median age was
49 so these are not old people 73% of them were men and surprisingly only 32%
had underlying comorbidities now what’s interesting is that 66% of these people
that were hospitalized were exposed to that specific meat market and as I
mentioned there was one family grouping that seemed to have gone to this meat
market that came down with this virus what’s concerning is that it took about
eight days to develop the shortness of breath in those patients who did develop
shortness of breath after the illness so in other words there was an incubation
period of maybe about a week or two and then there was the illness that lasted
for eight days and then there was the shortness of breath
and what did that shortness of breath lead to in a hundred percent of the
cases there were signs of pneumonia on chest CT and 29% of these patients
developed a RDS which is a pretty serious and significant lung disease
leading to the last statistic here was that the mortality was 15% so there’s
about six patients that died as a result of this and one of them was a young man
that had no comorbidities at all and so that’s actually rather concerning so
what about treatments well as it turns out treatment is just supportive which
means if they’re dry you give them fluids which means if they can’t breathe
you put them on a ventilator but there is no medication that is going to speed
up the effect of the virus to get out of your system more quickly so in terms of
actual specific treatment there is no treatment there is no medication but
there is a drug company called Regeneron which is looking into a treatment and
has some promising developments and there is no vaccine however the United
States NIH is saying that they’re actually developing one shortly so what
is actually being done about it well as of this recording there’s about
35 million people in China that are on lockdown and it’s all around this area
called Wuhan so what should you do well I would avoid going to Wuhan at this
point number two if you have travel to Wuhan and you get sick make sure you
call a medical professional immediately and make sure you tell them that you are
sick and that you’re from Wuhan in that area and make sure that you take
appropriate precautionary measures of isolation before you go in listen to
what their advice is in terms of how to present yourself so that you don’t
spread this virus to somebody else this is a developing story and we’ll be
giving updates as they come in but at this point it seems as though the worst
is not over yet and the amount of people that are infected continue to rise to
well over 1300 stay tuned for more thanks for
watching this video

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  • There is a cure for corona virus which I can help you with by explaining in details if only u will try it on a patient who has one u can't say but just try it I promise you it will work

  • Good yo know that I'm in use and nobody's coughed on me yey I still am sick, atleast I know uts either a cough or the flu. I know you people think the fly is worse but I rather take my chances with a disease or sickness that actually has a really good and stable developed vaccine

  • Those 7 persons, who were INFECTED after sharing EATING hot pOT on a SHABU SHABU, ALREADY RECOVERED…. maybe of
    REMDESIVIR, given… & TESTED to these PATIENTS….

  • I've had shortness of breath and lung pain since 6 days ago, I got some shots and the lungs dont hurt but I got scared since I was in Hong kong late November lol (still have shortness of breath 😔)

  • Try this….
    1)Powdered dry ginger
    3)betal leaf
    6)long pepper
    9) ginger
    Boil the water and put these and keep 1hr …then filter this…this is a very powerful and effective natural medicine for all cough and fever..

  • I’m gonna beat the damn cow so hard that his blood will splat out and giving me corona virus 👿👿👿👿👿

  • one of my friends in Nanning has a runny nose and difficulty breathing. She is afraid is she is not infected she will become infected at the hospital

  • It sounds like the closse the between the regular virus, a sickness and diareah bug and a fever like malaria. Maybe try looking a cure to those things, it sounds like this is in the soliva and sweat glands. I hope this helps.

  • after watching this my heart got pain, im so afraid… feeling very bad and nurvus… about me. i feel like……. i dont knw what to say…. why did i see this video 😭😭😭😭

  • I pray and hope a soon recovering for those who are in pain right now that they will get well soon and I hope the medicine developer to find a better solution as soon as possible

  • One brit claims that he cured coronavirus by whiskey. Can such drinks which produce heat in the body shield your body against the virus or destroy it?

  • I find it funny people who are looking after the infected victims in hospitals are in HAZMAT suits gloves, mask, googles and all that we wear is a white or blue paper mask.
    How bout cover the eyes too because of the tear duct in contact of the virus in thr air.
    Just wear Respirator jingle bells

  • I wish i could make a cure for the virus although im not that mature yet to do it bit I believe i could,anyone could well i hope.

  • am i the only one that watched this because i’ve been showing the symptoms of the corona virus for TWO weeks and still went to school
    Now i feel bad because i got my whole family sick and half of my classmates😢

  • 1:04 am rn head feels very cold and i have shortness of breath haha..my body is heating up.. I dont know what to do now ahahahaha…

  • nice there is no treatment and for 2 monthsit speeded all over the world , avoiding any immune system with 90% to be infected yes there are people that are cured but eventually they can get sick again because the immune system cant make anti cells against that virus which is very strange …. lets summ everything we have 90% infection rate (you cant avoid it eventually you will get sick of it ) 3% death rate (for now ) , no doctor will take you seriously until its too late because its just a FEVER …

  • I just got over the worst respiratory infection I have ever had. It hit me twice back to back…about a week apart secondary to a compromised immune system. It is common knowledge that over exercising and not getting the proper amount of rest is critical. I live in Las Vegas where people from all over the world come to visit or pass through the airport. Prior, I lived in Hawaii and NEVER got sick, but this kicked my ass. Wheezing was very common and LOUD signaling that the alveoli were being obstructed by fluids. I could not sleep. Thankfully, I had enough food in the house and was in good shape at 64 years old whereas many in my age bracket came close to death while on ventilation…these cases were outside the state of Nevada. It was undoubtedly corona in nature as this virus has been around for a long time and comes in various forms. Same treatment as any other cold/flu and hospital ER if respiration begins to shut down. It is NASTY. I now use Mucinex to clear the leftover debris out of the lungs so I can function again. It comes on suddenly and you will be down for about 4 days to a week and then 2 months of coughing up mucous. It helped to be a physical therapist in this situation. You MUST get up and move to clear the fluids and not just lay in bed sleeping. Sit up and move body parts to instill oxygen flow. Walk around the house and drink a ton of water. Some OTC meds help for sleep.

  • How do they have no treatment when they are the ones who have made this virus in a lab outside of wuhan around the 1980s. Makes no sense! I think they are waiting for more people to die before they reveal the treatment that they already have! Also, when they man made this virus it was called wuhan-400. And it could not survive in any animals, only humans. They were working on this a long time to perfect the strength!

  • I’m a little scared I don’t know if I have this my head hurts, my eyes are somewhat red I had my nose run earlier but now it’s not can some tell me what’s going on

  • THE QUESTION IS…. Why do not Neuraminidase inhibitors (NAIs) that block the neuraminidase enzyme by preventing its reproduction by budding from the host cell or inhibitors of polymerase acidic endonuclease an enzyme essential for viral replication help? Does coronavirus bud or replicate via a different means?

  • British colonialist dont know their time is over so they made a virus near lab in London landed in Wuhan because its in the middle of all bigger cities in China and in the middle of their new year celebration.

  • A Montreal based research center directed by Dr Michel Chretien is testing as we speak a remedy made from a plant based molecule, on the people in China. Of course nobody is talking about that because it's not an american discovery.

  • I work at the Post, everyday we get boxes from china full of people shipments. Why are the trading routes still not closed?!!!

  • The way it looks to me is this sounds as though this virus my have been leaked either by the Chinese or the Russians. The Chinese have nothing to lose because they have several billion people, so they don't care, what the hell do they care if they lose 7-9 million people. They don't care about their people anyway.

  • What if you have all of these symptoms but you have never been to Wuhan and didn’t come in contact with had been there and your symptoms are getting better after about a week

  • Mom said as long as I wash my hands regularly and take showers, I should be ok. She was a paramedic in the 90's, so she would know. In the meantime, we have at least a year before that vaccine comes out. People are saying it would take 12-18 months.

  • Ummm after watching thos vid I think I have symptom of coronavirus.
    I am coughing,sneezing etc please help meeeeeeeee😔😔😔

  • I just watched another video by the world diseas medical organization, the date is off , it was sooner than you say, it wasn’t a meat market, it was a seafood market there was some animal there though.. They think it could have come from Pingalins , ant eater looking animal. They are welding peoples doors shut in China.

  • Why is everyone here scared its just likd a normal flu its only dangerous for people with healt problems and old people

  • Thank you for this info. Can you update these stats for its spread to the US, given some people are spreading it after recovery, and some aren’t even showing symptoms.

  • Sooo idk if it’s fear but I got a really sore throat a couple weeks ago that developed into cold symptoms (stuffy nose, nasal drip,sinus pressure, coughing up phlegm, shivering, and fevers) when I thought that was it and I’d eventually get better..I suddenly started having trouble breathing. I could barely talk without coughing up a lung. My chest/lungs hurt. I coughed so much that I hurt my throat and lost my voice. Had to take my inhaler daily because I felt like I was gasping for air. It’s been almost a week and I still have shortness of breath. I did go to the doctors and they only tested me for strep and the flu which I was cleared from…nasal spray he prescribed cleared up my sinuses….but my breathing….still not good. And I’m in the U.S. I have not traveled recently. I have no contact with anyone in Wuhan nor do I know/have Chinese acquaintances…other than just being exposed to the public. And to be honest I am worried because there is community spread. I don’t have a piece of mind. What if I’m okay..what if I’m not? What if I’m ok but I go out and contract this virus ON TOP OF already having trouble breathing…my lungs are already compromised. I’m 25 years old….my only hope is that the U.S. gets test kits out ASAP before it’s spread all over the U.S. and think about it….if China can go on lockdown so QUICK….the U.S. can too..it’s smaller.. we are not invincible. There are no borders when it comes to a virus spread. Let’s be realistic, no?

  • Avoid hospitals if possible… Its a group of diseases meeting….. Stay in cold forested highlands areas…… To avoid all this……

  • I don’t get why there are so many thumbs-down to these good videos on the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • People with respiratory concerns better stock up on their needs.
    If drug stores need too close,Hospitals not going too give anyone anything.

  • I have fever and cough :/

    I have 1 friend from china he want to china in december 2019 and went to Singapore in January and 2020 :/

  • Dogs have been dealing with canine corona virus for decades. My dog gets a booster every couple of years.

  • my dads a farmer and he has to give his Pigs a Coronavirus shot to prevent them from getting it. why dont we have it too>??

  • The number is up to 10 as of 3/3/2020. One passed away in California, Placer County, Kaiser Hospital today. RIP.

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