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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

Comfort Guide – Try MedCline for 100-nights!

Comfort Guide – Try MedCline for 100-nights!

Clinical studies show that when it comes to treating nighttime acid reflux or GERD no other product is more effective than MedCline. That being said, it is fairly common that MedCline can take some getting used to. In this video, We will discuss some of the common comfort issues experienced by customers and show you how you can make some minor positioning adjustments to maximize your comfort while protecting yourself from that awful acid reflux. Keep in mind that’s not always necessary to sleep in MedCline all night long. Clinical studies show that the vast majority of reflux occurs during the first half of the night which is why we recommend using MedCline for at least the first three to four hours of the night. After that, you may find that you can set it aside and return to your normal sleep routine for the rest of the night as opposed to using it all night long. Discomfort in your shoulder or the inside of your upper arm can sometimes occur if you do not have your downside arm straight down inside the arm pocket of the wedge. Even if you started the night with your arm properly positioned in the slot some people find that they slide down a bit during the night which can cause some discomfort. If you do find yourself sliding down during the night, you may want to experiment with the placement of your downside arm. There are two ways you can position your downside arm while using MedCline. You can extend it through the bottom arm hole Or you can bend your arm so that your elbow rests on the bed surface and your lower arm is pointed upward. Having your downside arm come back up out of the arm pocket like this, provides a much better anchor to prevent you from sliding down during the night. If you have any serious pre-existing neck or back or shoulder problems We recommend that you consult with your doctor before using MedCline. Sleeping with your legs straight on MedCline can sometimes cause pressure on your lower back if you are If you are experiencing lower back discomfort when using MedCline, make sure that your knees are bent similar to the fetal position. We recommend that you start sleeping in each night on MedCline on your left side since this is the best position for reducing reflux. After that, feel free to switch between your left and right sides as you would naturally do throughout the night. Also, keep in mind that you may only need to use MedCline for the first half of the night or so After which, you can move MedCline off your bed and return to your normal sleep routine as you choose If you are like me you have probably been sleeping with the same pillow or type of pillow for several years. Getting used to any new pillow or sleep position including MedCline can certainly take some time. If you are using just the MedCline wedge with your own pillow on top and experiencing a sore neck try using pillows of different heights to get your head and neck in a more neutral position. If you are using the MedCline body pillow make sure that the inner curvature of the body pillow is snug against your neck and shoulder Additionally, the MedCline body pillow is filled with a blend of shredded polyurethane and memory foams which can be adjusted by shifting the stuffing around with your hand to change the height of the portion of the pillow that goes under your head to achieve neutral neck alignment. If your arm is falling asleep at night. Try to change your down side arm position There are two ways you can position your down side arm on MedCline. You can extend it through the bottom arm hole or You can bend your arm that so that your elbow rests on the bed surface and you have your upper arm come out the top of the arm pocket. It may be that one position causes your arm to fall asleep and the other doesn’t. Being too low on the wedge can also cause pressure on the inside of your upper arm which can restrict blood flow. In this case, make sure that your down side arm is positioned straight down to the arm pocket, which should relieve this. Also, keep in mind that your body naturally wants to flip throughout the night. Though, we do recommend that you start each night on your left side because this is the best position for reflux, feel free to change from right to left as you would normally while sleeping flat. If you continue to have any troubles during this period please do not hesitate to call us directly. We are here to help and sincerely want to make sure that, in addition to protecting yourself from harmful acid reflux at night, that you are comfortable too. Thank you for watching.

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