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Colic In Babies | Reasons, Symptoms, and Remedies

Colic In Babies | Reasons, Symptoms, and Remedies

crying is the only way for a newborn to communicate with their parents. New parents have to learn the skill to understand their baby’s needs by recognizing baby cry. There are several reasons why baby cry such as tiredness, hunger diaper change, hot or cold, etc. which I have already explained in one of my videos and I have mentioned a link for the same in the description box below. If your baby is fussy excessively crying for more than 3 hours 3 days a week and more than 3 weeks then that’s the sign of the condition called colic. Well in today’s video I am going to share with you all about baby colic, causes, symptoms, and remedies. So stay tuned. Hi Mums and cute little babies welcome to ICAREBABY. My self is SM. I make videos related to Parenting Pregnancy and Baby Care. If you are new to my channel then definitely click subscribe. Subscription is absolutely free and don’t forget to click on the bell icon so that you will get notified when we upload new videos. Help ICAREBABY to reach out to 50,000 Subscribers. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Are you experiencing a stressful episode of crying day or night at the same time for an extended period? it’s heartbreaking for a new mom to see their babies cry and feel guilty about it. sometimes this continuous crying also, disturb good night sleep of other family members but that’s the time you need to control your emotions whether it is sadness or anger. In such situation handover, your baby to other family members take a break just go for walk have fresh air or listen to good music or watch your favorite show and relax that will help you to calm down and control your emotions and stop feeling guilty about yourself. Everything will be alright over the period of time. Well, colic is not a disease or health problem. it’s just that your baby is crying for an extended period is called colic. Well there can be different reasons behind that It usually starts between 2-3 weeks after the birth and persists until the baby is 3-4 months sometimes in some cases even more than that. Don’t worry it will go on its own. what you can do is help your baby to feel comfortable. There are various reasons for baby colic such as Hunger or weakness, overstimulation, change in mother’s diet when you are breastfeeding your baby change in the formula feeding there are certain ingredients which are bothering your baby, gas when your baby is crying a lot she might swallow more air and which can result in gas or not burping properly after every feed or improper feeding position as a result of which your baby is not able to feed herself properly. sometimes acid reflux can also cause the baby’s discomfort. So your pediatrician can easily recognize baby colic based on these reasons. It’s very normal for babies to cry and get fussy for various reasons but colicky baby cry extensively more than usual so here are some symptoms that you can notice in your baby. Excessive crying meaning she is screeching or crying in high pitch, crying for no reason. crying mostly at the time every day for hours while crying she is turning red she is clenching her legs stiffened arms and legs, bloated tummy etc. It’s stressful for parents to comfort their baby. First of all, you need to figure out whether your baby is having colic or not so notice all possible symptoms of colic. so note down when your baby is crying at what time? for how long? etc. and share that with your pediatrician so they will help you better. so what can you do to make this situation a little bit better well here are some remedies that you should try in order to comfort your baby. try to maintain quite an environment when it is time so that it will not stimulate your baby or you can try white noise which will help her to calm down. When your baby is crying hold your baby in your arm in the upright position, it’s not going to spoil your baby so don’t worry about it. gently massage her abdominal area in a circular motion or you can try the tiger in the tree hold position that means hold your baby in your arm lying on her belly and this will help her to pass gas or relieve any discomfort in her stomach. A breastfeeding mother should keep track of their diet avoid caffeinated drinks or spicy food that can cause discomfort in your baby. In formula-fed babies parents must look for ingredients that that is causing discomfort in your baby. so try switching formula but only after consultation with your health care provider on the same. Always burp your baby after every feed so that she will not have gas. Join the mom’s support group so talk to other moms or parents who are in same shoes that you are right now so that you will not feel alone. Always take a break in between so ask for the help from your family member or from your partner. Try to keep yourself calm and composed so sleep whenever your baby is sleeping so you will be less stressful whenever a horrible episode of colic happens so talk to your baby, sing to her go for walk along with her. so that it will help her to calm down or comfort her or soothe her. since your baby is colicky that does not mean that you did something wrong or you are unhealthy or you are not taking care of your baby properly so remove all negative thoughts from your mind and if it keeps on coming in your mind then it’s best to talk to your family members about it, you can consult your health care provider. Please note that for whatsoever reason do not shake your baby so This is just a phase it will get over over the period of time. you just need to wait for the right time. Apart from this if you notice fever or change in your baby’s behavior then immediately consult your pediatrician because it’s not just the colic something else might be bothering to your baby. I hope that your baby will feel better soon. so don’t forget to give it thumbs up. Share and Subscribe. Subscription is absolutely free. and don’t forget to click on the bell icon so that you will get notified when we upload new videos. till then chav.

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