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Chinese soldier flew up and kicked the enemy to vomit blood!Jagged soldier 01

Chinese soldier flew up and kicked the enemy to vomit blood!Jagged soldier 01

Take it to me to have a look Come on, go Turn around, come here you, time to go Guys, you need to be more careful Come on, go Boss Qiao, no need for formalities Well, we both speak each other’s language Well, what’s the goods you took here Well, those are daily necessities and those piece good, old habits Come here, go now You, stop Go now Let him go off Thanks, Chen Well, you go now, go you stop What the hell are you doing here Well, are you the captain, Wang I’m the boss Qiao and I did some business for dealing with those daily necessities and we lived on a shoestring Captain, these are his belongings, and we’ve checked them up, all of them is ok Yep Daily necessities, and we lived on a shoestring Do it again Keep searching, got it That one Captain Didn’t you know that those bandage is contraband Well, so sorry I need to earn a living by living on a shoestring so it’s the spot trading Well, I promise not to do it again Captain Well, you’re really something, boss don’t you know I’m aware of everything you guys will making guns by taking advantage of those steel pipes so whom would you like to send to Well, I got it To those New Fourth Army men Come on, take them away Got it Captain Come on, go now Captain What should we do now, captain Why are you still here, come on , go after them Got it , come on, go after them Move fast After them Come on, find a peaceful place to stay down to go back to report to the head Go now, got it After them Come on After them What happened sir, we can’t afford to let those New Fourth Army men go off Come on, go after them Hurry up Sir you guys need to go to get them surrounded from both sides and I’ll take some people to after them from here Go with me, come on, go after them Go now Get them surrounded Move fast Come on, get out of our way Over there, come on, go after them Move fast Sir Such an asshole Buddy, come in, please Captain, how’s everything going Well, I lost all the goods, and I’ll take the blame because of my carelessness In the past I used to come to that guy, named Chen Ergou, who was on duty when I came to him Well, everything was all right at that moment I can’t imagine that Wang Jinbiao, that goddamn guy occurred No more talks, you’re ok, that’s fine Sir since those fucking men took Chaoyang Town over for our operations that’s utterly been depressed As for this failure those fucking enemies are gonna do a thing on a larger scale for sure so we need to move, leaving here right now Well, I think so We need to leave here now, for some safe concerns Buddy, you need to take all men here to take all valuables away and you need to destroy all files right now we need to leave here as soon as it’s getting dark Got it Zhang, you need to wire to the head office to tell them what’s going on here All right Sir, it was what happened today my conclusion is there’s enemies’ liaison office here, in this Chaoyang Town Asshole those goddamn guys dared to set up their liaison office here, before our eyes It’s terribly bad Got it As for what happened today you made me so ashamed Got it Within three days you guys need to terminate their liaison office, as well as those goddamn guys Roger that sir, it’s on me Well, let’s wait and see Well, Bantian We’re all up to you Got it, and sir, take it easy Salute Captain Wang, here you guys found enemies’ liaison office this time you guys are gonna be rewarded Now I’ll give you another chance for winning the merit you guys need to know where the liaison office is and destroy it Got it, take it easy I promise that I’ll try my best to make it for you and I’ll take charge to destroy enemies’ liaison office and I’ll live up to your expectations Good But, you need to give me more talks on something One of your fellows how could it be possible for him to know those enemies Well, I really have no idea about it and it’s none of my business Chen Ergou, come on, speak, what the hell is going on Sir Sir I really have no idea that those are New Fourth Army men how did you know him Well, I’m not familiar with him the only thing I knew is that he’s a boss who runs his business for dealing with daily necessities because he always goes out for delivering the goods So we got to know each other Come on, tell us what the name of his store and where it is in the town Well, I didn’t know anything about him Captain Wang, here you need to take your people to go now and I took this bunch of troops to you you need to hand that goddamn guy over to me no matter what the cost Roger that Go ahead Go now

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