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Chi & Food: How to eat energetic healing foods – Mingtong Gu

Chi & Food: How to eat energetic healing foods – Mingtong Gu

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  • so lets take GMO`s in food for a second, there is so much talk lately on this matter, do we ignore this, is the power with us if we simply say "GMO`s mean nothing, this food is still an energy source and my body can enjoy it, digest it, feel it`s energy regardless of what modifications it`s starch etc. has undergone" ~ if so, I like this approach, I like the fact we as humans can be untouched by modification in food if we look upon them in a different light….heads up on this anyone?

  • GMO'S have No Energy To Them. That is Why Animals, Given the choice of GMO'S or Organic , Will Not Eat The One That Has NO LIFE FORCE!!!
    Same with Microwave ovens. We Choose To Kill The Food With Them ,When We Us Them!!!! We Have The POWER!!!!! THE CHOICE IS OURS!!!!

  • I love that someone had brought up this point!! I have pondered on it for a while, since I heard the concept from Wayne Dyer of changing the perspective and the thing you are perceiving will change..I personally have tried to experiment in my own life with ice cream;sounds silly I know. I can't tolerate milk product and feel the whole sinus thing very fast if I get any.Well I had taken the time to visualize only the positive energy and thought about how it won't affect me at all;worked 2 tms 🙂

  • Wow Mariana, (re ice cream) that`s an amazing result, I watch my own children as they grow, they eat all the junk in the world, sadly their Mother doesn`t see the bad in any type of food, her impression is "if it was bad for us they wouldn`t sell it" so my children eat what they like but the curious thing is, they look so healthy, hardly any fat on them, not the argument there is what`s going on inside their bodies?? this is up for debate but kids don`t see any food as bad, they approach food

  • with delight thus it could be argued that no food is bad for them if they don`t see it that way, of course we also see too many over weight children, are they approaching food with the same mentality, I`d would suggest they are, it`s just they are simply overindulging, non stop eating of crisps or chocolate etc. not allowing the bodies organs to rest and function properly. The power of thought is an amazing topic for sure, I will continue with it as I approach each chocolate bar lol =)

  • i've heard that matter is a concentrate of energie,
    and so that the iron is very strong.
    To create a peace of iron from nothing, i've been heard that we need as much energie as for the big bang. (for muslims that's why God insist on the iron: coran, sura 57 'the iron' )
    the way to think the body as a factory, where matter can be uncompressed to energie is cool 🙂

  • we eat matter, to transform it into energie
    a living tree transforms natural energie into fruits (matter).
    such harmony just for a person who is vegetal,animal,and mineral in one hand, and soul + spirit in the other hand.
    (the body = 'animal' of course , 'mineral' take a look at your blood, 'vegetal' take a look at the lines on your hands, like leafs)

  • This is so wonderful, truly life expanding! What an incredible gift you can give by sharing this video — I most certainly will.Blessings everyone. Namaste

  • Very clear, realistic exposition on food! My question is: what about food and fastening while one is taking medication yet, in my case benzo. I am HSP and read that the pancreasb of a HSP works differently. It seems that I need to eat more from time to time.
    Any reply?

  • So many thanks: Acknowledging complete Love and Devotion to the goddess element which is is total "ENERGY" (AKA "SPIRIT") the substance of ALL Life as it moves in and out of formation. Much LOVE! 

  • Who are these people? Where do you find them? What transcendent beings. You are certainly one of them to be drawn to them – to connect to them. I am one of them now as well to have found and to have joined this community. Amazing that I just fell into it – into this beautiful company of citizens of our world. Thank you.

  • Do not know how I missed this when it was first released, but love his presentation — practical but ability to go deep, happy and joy, but serious in sense of presentation of compassion, eastern wisdom of chi, but correlates with scientific terms and practical application and exercises. Awesome!

  • I love both of you from bottom of my heart, tanx for making then sharing kind of videos for free and for the those that is really searching and looking for it,. you may don't know what I am saying ,when your in Afghanistan or a country like Afghanistan with the little mony and littlle or no opportunity and very very slow and poor internet connection then you can understand me. It is not easy for an Afghan or millions of other poeple in every corner of the world to get visa to USA, Canada or Europ to attend any workshop or class or etc which is really expensive to get information to help there loved one's with cancer or any other uncurable disease. God bless both of you and every single person who serves for humanity.

  • Thank you….I love the thought of taking in energi trough the whole body…..I will start thinking of it from today…Namaste

  • I was eating when I was watching this, and when he said close your eyes and feel the energy I tried it… my mouth started tingling!!

  • Organic, non gmo, colorful, vibrant, alive, fruits, vegetables, herbs & all plant based foods that nature provides for us in abundance, pure clean water, sun & moonlight. Best chi on the planet. Think about what you put into your body/ temple. You are what you eat

  • does anyone have any knowledge or references on how to receive nourishment from extremely negative situations?

    I feel great watching and feeding off energy like this but I also recognize there are people, plants, animals and situations in dire straits in some areas of the world.
    take the people in Syria for example. it feels wrong to me to prioritize ourselves first when by far the majority of us are in better circumstances and can do something to help our fellow humans on our planet.

    does anyone have any insight into how this information can be applied DIRECTLY to a situation and for people such as this? or is there a limitation to how far chi can be harnessed/directed/used?

  • I was a vegetarian for over 10 years and now have low thyroid condition. Now vegetarian diet is not ideal for me. Vegetarian diet is not ideal for everyone. Lots of vegetarians eat grain which is not healthy. Vegetarians need to take a supplement of B12 not gotten from a vegan diet. I eat lots of veggies and some fruit and organic gelatin good for bone and joint health. I am a health nut, I shop at health food stores eat mostly food organic. Greeting from the friendly New Yorker Jane Roth.

  • I didn't get him he did not answer the question properly he just elaborate and elaborate circle circle didn't get him.I guess his totally into the extreme…He didn't say just eat greens no meat or did he?I cannot finish the darn video sorry…his right their at the top of his qi his not a normal person anymore…

  • Over-hyped emotional sales and marketing. True chi and qigong is way more relaxed joy, not this bouncing erratic.. almost "out of control" giggling.
    This is fake marketing hype.

  • Thanking your food will increase its nutritional value. This happens because with sending love to the food the qi flow is increased and therefore it is more useful for you. I based this on my research on the work of masaru emoto

  • Nonsense, someone not eating food for ten years?!? Like the man who convinced his followers that he lived on air until he was caught in a 7/11 stuffing his face with hamburgers and a sprite. This man is talking complete nonsense. Amazing some people fall for this rubbish.

  • Good video, enjoyed the interaction between master Gu and ding bat Blondie! "Too much chi can make people fat", priceless!

  • The source of all food is God we are his creations before we eat we should thank God for our food Our faith what we truly believe can also make things happen God give us wisdom we must pray he can help all things are possible if we have faith in God and believe think positive.

  • Just a thought,some people with mental problems ie people with a form of anorexia could thake something you said as a green light for not eating,,i mention this because of the arrest of the chinese guy who is under trial in Australia,wouldnt want master Mingtong gu to experience this,,ok stopping a childs insulin was pretty damn stupid on the parents part,but,,just a heads up,,thanks again for a great interview,

  • Thanks to both of you MR Mingtong Gu and Lilou Mace for giving me a new way- an optional attitude if you will to look at food.Questions still arise and remain unresolved for me concerning for example GMOs etc. But thanks all the same for opening up my appetite for research into food, attitudes, and energies and also to look up Dr Dyer. God Bless.

  • I feel like at a sesame street convention. It's heat from the body as we use energy collected from foods. If I could give my energy to someone I could heal them. A miracle

  • A better example of energy exchange would be if I walk in and am angry 😤 you can feel that energy even though I don’t say anything for example. I believe strongly about energy and people don’t understand the concept but if I’m angry OR if your parents look at you with love 💗 you feel that energy, touch and words aren’t required

  • Great every thing is energy
    Cheers gong is the ultimate yoga
    Compare with Pathanjali too complicated
    India needs Qigong
    Vladimir Putin feels yoga too complicated and so do I
    India needs qigong

  • I need Qigong for my in all planes of existence
    I see my self in Qigong
    Love you all
    Radha thank you thank you thank you Google thank you God bless you all

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