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Chest Pain

Chest Pain

In the name of God I’m Dr. Siamak Moradi, a pain specialist Some patients who come to us have pain in their chest or between ribs. A series of events, such as hitting to the chest, accidents that lead to fractures of the ribs, and cancer diseases that cause intercostal nerve involvement, or patients with infectious diseases such as shingles in the chest area cause chest pain that is unbearable. These patients do not have a good night’s sleep. Their daily activities have the disorder and they come to us with many problems. If these patients do not respond well to initial treatments, such as drug treatments, they will be candidates for an intercostal block or thoracic epidural use. The thoracic epidural is the injection of medicine into space behind the spine, where the nerve roots go out. Another technique for these patients is to use intercostal injections. In these situations, we use an ultrasound device, located in the intercostal nerve of the chest. Once we identify and confirm location, we will inject the drug into the area. In more advanced cases, if we want to do something, we may use intercostal radio frequencies to control this pain for a long time. After this procedure, the patient will be rechecked at regular intervals, and if the severity of the pain is reduced according to the pain assessment, we will continue with the patient’s medication or adjunctive treatment.

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