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Cardiovascular Examination – OSCE Guide

Cardiovascular Examination – OSCE Guide

Hi there my name’s Or students could I just check your name and date of birth Please sure it’s James Alexander 33 December 1989 nice to meet you James and today I’ve been asked to examine your heart. This will involve looking from the end of the bed Feeling a pulse in your neck and your wrist and also listening to the heart as well would that be okay, that’s fine Have you only pain anywhere before we begin? Have you any questions? Okay, James. We can start the exam now, and I’m just going to start by having a look from the end of the bed James I’d like to start by looking you could just bring them up in France if you please Over Fingernails together like this for me And again if you could just bring your arms out in front of you, I’m just going to assess the temperature of your arms You And I like to feel the pulse in your wrist And now we’re going to fill the posting of the wrists at the same time Gems are now going to assess for something called a collapsing pulse so in this I’m just going to have my hand on your wrist and raise your right arm rather briskly You have any pain in your right shoulder at all before I begin no idea, okay? That’s fine you can relax, I’m now going to feel a pulse at the front of the elbow Okay gems are now going to listen and I feel a pulse in the neck when I’m listening if you could hold your breath for me I breathe normally. I’m not gonna feel the pulse Could you just turn your head to the left for me James you have any pain in your tummy at all no I I’m just gonna press down on your tummy You And bring your head back genital now get up look at your face nice. Okay, if you could just look straight ahead for me I’m now going to pull down on your lower eyelid If you could just open your mouth for me And lift your tongue to the roof of the mouth That’s great I’d now like to more closely inspect the chest You could just lift your right arm up for me And your left arm I’m now going to feel for a pulse on the chest You Gems are now gonna listen to your chest, and I’ll be feeling the pulse on your neck at the same time, okay You I’ll sit forward for me deep breath in and out hold it there And breathe normally And roll onto your left hand side for me Deep breath in and out I’ll hold it there and breathe normally James I’m now gonna listen to the back of your chest if you could just sit forward for me I’m just gonna fill at the bottom of your back I’m now gonna press on your ankles James that completes the examination, thank you very much, you can now get dressed In summary I performed a cardiovascular exam on James a 27 year old male On inspection he had no peripheral stigmata of cardiovascular disease His pulse was regular on palpation He had an undisplaced apex, and he had no heaves or thrills on auscultation He had normal first and second heart sounds with no added sounds. This was a normal cardiovascular exam to complete I’d like to do a full peripheral vascular exam Look at an ECG and measure James’s blood pressure You

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