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Candida Case Study 7: Val With Chronic Asthma

Candida Case Study 7: Val With Chronic Asthma

Thank you for checking out my video today.
It’s going to be another case history. This case is going to be regarding a woman who’s
now is her 70s and her name is Val. So I’m going to read a little bit from my book, Candida
Crusher, and then I’m going to explain a bit about this case.
Val came to my room complaining of severe fatigue, burning and itchy ears, eyes burning
and watery, and an irritable burning throat and many digestive problems. On top of her
chronic and depilating fatigue, Val had childhood asthma and was placed on steroid drugs for
just over 60 years and remained on them for almost 50 years. She’d spent countless hours
over the years in various hospitals and she also had two epileptic fits. Finally, after
consulting with more than 30 doctors, she decided she was going to have no more steroids
after almost 50 years of continuous drug use. Ventolin or salbutamol was taken for 25 years
and other drugs like antibiotics were routinely prescribed on and off. Over the past 30 years,
her sinus, nose, eyes and ears were getting worse by the day, but still the doctors persisted
with the steroid drug recommendations. It is early days for Val, but things are already
starting to look gray. I first recommended that all drugs be neatly
flushed down the lavatory from this point forward and that we started Val on an adrenal
fatigue treatment program. The results have been incredible, and it just goes to show
that no matter how old the patient is, how debilitated they are or how screwed up they’ve
become due to over chronic prescribing of drugs, the body keeps on maintaining the ability
to restore its vital function. After six months of adrenal treatment, we have a staggering
40 percent improvement. But as I suspect, Val will need adrenal support for up to two
to three years or even more to get a full recovery.
If you look at this case carefully, I commended Val quite clearly. She’s a remarkable lady,
a very nice person, and I saw her on numerous occasions. This poor woman had very bad thrush
of the throat, but also she had vaginal thrush. She had digestive thrush. She had itchy skin.
She was a wreck. She was a train wreck this woman. Completely screwed up on drugs.
You may be on medication for many years yourself, particularly steroid medications. Steroid
medications are designed to suppress the immune function, whether you’re using topical on
the skin, hydrocortisone for conditions like dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis. Whether
it’s an inhaled steroid, those puffers for asthma. Whether it’s an ingested steroid like
prednisone for an auto immune disease like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis or any one of
the hundred other diseases you might have that are auto immune related. These drugs
are crap! They’re absolute crap because they wreck your body. If you keep on them long
enough, they’re going to completely screw your system up. In the short term, they may
be of benefit, but long term they’re going to destroy your body. It’s just not worth
going there. What happens when you suppress the immune
system long enough is you’re a sitting duck for all kinds of infections. In Val, when
she came to see me, she was literally rotating five or six antibiotics all the time in a
rotating fashion. As her body would resist one, she’d switch to another one. I mean that’s
just crazy. That’s like going from a Master Card to a Visa Card, all these damn cards,
until you’ve maxed everything out and then you overmax things. Poor patients. I feel
so sorry for so many people out there that are victims of these stupid drug crazed medical
treatment regimes that they fall under. Long term, it’s almost like Russian roulette to
me. You’re going to die. It’s only a matter of how many bullets have you got in the chamber.
In Val’s case, my first aim was to try to boost her immune system up as much as I could,
and I found that treating the adrenal glands was a very smart move. And in the early days,
I didn’t really understand the connection between the adrenal gland and Candida, but
now I do. In fact, a lot of my patients with chronic resistant, intractable Candida have
severe adrenal fatigue. It’s not until we change their lifestyle, boost their adrenal
function up, and power their immune system that we can actually fight this chronic infection.
All the diets aren’t going to work if your immune system is in poor condition. Just remember
that. All the diets are useless. You have to get your immune system powered up. It’s
a very important point I want you to get from Val’s case history.
The respiratory physician at the hospital was absolutely blown away when he looked at
Val’s peak flow volumes, how that improved four or five fold literally within six months
of adrenal treatment. He was staggered. And when I asked him if he thought this was a
valid therapy, he said, “Oh, absolutely.” And then when I asked him if this would be
possible in the hospital, he said, “It’s impossible. We can only use drugs in the hospital. We
can’t use any natural treatments.” How crazy is that?
I hope you’ve learned from this case history if you’re taking steroids.
Thanks for tuning in.

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