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Can Nexium Cause Candida?

Can Nexium Cause Candida?

Greetings. Naturopath Eric Bakker from New
Zealand. Author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements.
Here’s a question I got asked recently from a gentlemen in America. “Can Nexium cause
yeast infections?” These drugs, there are different types of
pharmaceutical medications that are designed by pharmaceutical companies to reduce stomach
acidity, proton pump inhibitors and H2 antagonists. Different types. I’m not quite sure if Nexium
is the H2 antagonist. I think it is a H2 antagonist or it could also be a proton pump inhibitor.
There are many different kinds of drugs in both of these classes. You’ve got Prevacid,
Tagamet, Zantac, Gaviscon, Nexium, so these are funny names we give to drugs that are
designed to block acidity in the stomach by different kinds of mechanisms.
Research in the States recently found that 71 percent of people who take these drugs,
in fact, have a yeast infection. In 2010, warnings were starting to be placed on some
of these products showing that osteoporosis is actually linked with a lot of these medications
because it blocks the uptake of calcium. In 2012, the FDA required manufacturers to list
that magnesium deficiency is a reality as well. In 2013, the American Medical Association
started to say that B12 deficiencies could occur with these kinds of drugs. But what
they’re not telling you also is that you’ve got a higher risk of cancer and you’ve got
a higher risk of deficiencies of folate, iodine, zinc, and many other minerals and trace elements
that can lead to very, very poor health. Dr. Jonathan Wright, I think he’s still practicing
today. Quite a well-known doctor from Seattle. Quite a remarkable guy. I heard Dr. Wright
in Seattle in 2003. I went to his four-day nutritional conference. It was remarkable
along with Dr. Allen Gaby. Dr. Wright has long been a proponent of recommending people
to do what we call a Heidelberg test. It’s a capsule you can swallow that determines
your level of acidity in the stomach. Many people who have heartburn or reflux, in fact,
have under acidity rather than over acidity. And if you have got an under acidity, you’re
more prone to getting a helicobacter pylori infection or a yeast infection. You’re also
more prone to getting SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. You’re certainly more
prone to a lot of different nutritional deficiencies. The stomach’s aim is to help break food down
to a liquid called chyme and to increase the efficiency and digestion of this mixture,
extract the nutrients out of it once it gets into the duodenum. You also need a good low
pH of the stomach to convert the enzymes that the pancreas produces to their active form.
The pancreas produces pro enzymes. They can’t be active when they’re made or they’d digest
the pancreas, so having a low pH stomach and a good acidity level will ensure a good production
of active pancreatic enzymes. Many people I see experience pancreatic problems. They’ll
have some pain here around the sternum and feeling full after meals or a lump in the
stomach. That can often be a pancreatic problem. The question was “Can Nexium cause a yeast
infection?” Well, it’s certainly linked with a yeast infection and you’ve got a much higher
probability of getting a serious yeast infection when you stay on this track and of poor health
in general. Nexium is a $6.4 billion industry last year alone in the States. It’s big money.
If you’re taking Nexium, you may want to be careful with this drug long term because it
could well be linked with yeast infection. Don’t forget to do my online quiz at yeastinfection.org
if you’re taking any kind of pharmaceutical drug. Because it would be good for you to
know whether you’ve got mild, moderate, or severe Candida. You can also read my book,
Candida Crusher at CandidaCrusher.com. And you can also check out my product range at
Canxida.com, which may help you out there as well. Thanks for tuning in.

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  • I don't know if you have heard of the book Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type? In it the author speaks about the four different blood types in the world: A, B, AB, and O, and then also have the positive and negative of each blood type. In his book he mentions that blood type A naturally has a low stomach acid and for that reason they are supposed to be vegetarians because they can't digest meat well, whereas type O supposedly has a much strong stomach acid and can eat anything they want. Do you think there is any truth to this? I am A+ and am wondering if that is why I have a problem, because I have been eating meat in the past but maybe wasn't supposed to if I "supposedly" have a low stomach acid inherently? I don't know, I am just curious that is all. Thank you, and thank you for your videos. They are a big help. Christine

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