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Burping LUNCHABLES actor 321ActingStudios rehearses scripts

Burping LUNCHABLES actor 321ActingStudios rehearses scripts

Female speaker: Hey! Yo! How’s it going? Colby Jensen: Pretty good. Female speaker: Good, good, good. Thanks for
waiting. Colby Jensen: Yeah. It’s- Female speaker: Yeah, yeah. No problem, right? Colby Jensen: No problem. Female speaker: No problem. All right. Tell
us your name, mister mister. Colby Jensen: I’m Colby Jensen, and I’m 14
years old. Female speaker: You’re only 14? Colby Jensen: Yeah. Female speaker: When are you going to be 15? Colby Jensen: I’m going to be 15 in December. Female speaker: Oh you are? Colby Jensen: So yeah, December 16. Female speaker: December 16. Cool. All right.
Tell us about yourself, Colby Jensen Colby Jensen: Well, I love to snowboard and,
just like my brother, I am a boyscout. I’m working on my Eagle, and I sometimes like
to beatbox. Female speaker: You like to beatbox? Colby Jensen: Yeah. Female speaker: Yeah? Can you do a little? Colby Jensen: Yeah.
Female speaker: OK. Colby Jensen: [beatboxes] Female speaker: Good. Thanks for doing that. Colby Jensen: Yeah. Female speaker: OK here we go, sweetheart.
Let’s go ahead and do the commercial? You ready? Colby Jensen: OK. Yeah. Female speaker: OK. I know you are. Three,
two, one, action! Colby Jensen: Nobody should have to do this.
I mean nobody. It’s bad enough that my sister’s boyfriend accidentally demolished my bike
with his classic Camry. And then about an hour later my girlfriend calls me up and says,
“Hi. I think you’re really sweet, but um I mostly just like you as a friend.” And then
if it doesn’t get any worse, my dad leaves me a note saying, “Son, your mother and I
had to go out. Looks like you’ll have to stay and take care of Grandma.” Now the only thing
I have going for me is my Red Baron stuffed crust self rising supreme pizza that’ll be
out of the oven and into my tummy in 2-3 minutes. Yup. Any minute now, I’ll be feeling better.
I guess she broke up with me… but that cheese… that cheese is going to taste so good. Maybe
Grandma will want to play some video games. Ah, smell that garlic? You know, I never really
liked that bike much anyway. Pizza’s done! Female speaker: Nice work! OK. Good work.
Nice work. We like it. We like it, Colby. OK. You have a monologue for us, yes? Colby Jensen: Yes! Female speaker: Here we go! Three, two, one,
action! Colby Jensen: Nervous? Don’t be nervous! What
is there to be nervous about? We’ve been waiting to start high school for like ever! It is
going to be so awesome! Just think of all the mega babes walking through those halls
and into our classes everyday. And we’ll finally have bigger lockers, a decent gym, multiple
floors, just like a mall! Tons of people to meet, parties to get invited to, real football
games, and teachers who don’t hate us yet! I mean new faces everywhere you look. It is
huge! We probably won’t even see each other…the whole…day…long. You’re still going to
eat lunch with me, right?

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