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Becca! She just burped and blew it in his face. That’s gross. How do you do my friends? How do you do? It’s a beautiful day at the Beach House. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff going on today. Hey James you open up this package with me? We got a Hasbro package in the mail at our PO box while we were gone in California. And we haven’t had a chance to open it up yet. So we’re gonna open up right now. Do you want to do the honors? Yeah okay. What is it? Glasses Put them on. Cool dude. It fits me. Yeah What’s this? That looks like a belly bag. You put it around your stomach and you put stuff inside of it. I used to have one of those when I was your age actually, what is that? I don’t know. Let’s look at it. Hasbro gaming it says. Interesting. Fanbrush Is that slime or something or is that just glitter? Maybe slime. It looks like it’s glitter. Interesting, what’s this? I think that is looks like a band you can put on your hand. You want to open it up and put one on? Come here We got some cool stuff in the mail. You want to see it? Look look at those glasses. Did you get sprayed with water? James is right here, I mean Charlie just splashed water in my eyes with a spoon. Are you gonna be okay? Do you want a hug? Charlie, don’t slash your brother. Can I have this? Yes you can. We haven’t quite figured out what those are yet. But yeah, open up that one. Ellie can have one of those bracelets. James do you want the belly bag or the glasses? Why can’t I have both? Because Corbin gets one. Give one to Corbin. I wanna have this one. And this. You want the water bottle instead? Yeah and this. Okay, I don’t know what this is yet, so I don’t want to give it to you until I figure it out. I want a bracelet, you want a bracelet? Okay, I want these. Where’s the slime? Oh, it’s right here at least I think it’s slime. I still need to open it, but I don’t know yet what it is. You know what that is. It’s like Weird that is like sticky it’s like glue. It’s like not slime like the slime that Rebecca makes. This slime actually sticks to you. We’re going to keep it in here for now. I don’t want to get glitter everywhere. Show the watermelon heart. Ryan cut them into the shape of hearts yeah Look and you can see even my watermelon heart on the way over there. I love that thing that’s so sweet. That was made by a fan. A really nice lady. That’s sweet. I was mad coz Michael stole my watermelon heart. Isn’t that a great watermelon heart? Okay, first time endeavoring out in the public space. I love my lips today. You know what I don’t even care if they look crazy. They were made with love. They were made with love and I think it’s adorable. Today is the day. It’s moving day for my parents. And we are getting a giant uhaul and just moving them completely. And by the way if you don’t understand why I’m wearing my lipstick this way, it’s because my daughter Elizabeth my sweet sweet daughter put it on for me, and I mean does it look beautiful? There’s somebody sitting right next to me in the car next to me and they haven’t looked at me yet But I’m pretty sure whether you they’re going to scream bloody murder. Let’s go look at the moving truck. See that big truck right there. That’s one we’re renting. Watch this. Hey Jennifer, Ellie did my makeup. She’s an artist. Oh my gosh Did she put your eyebrows too much? Oh yeah but it’s from toy story. I have something in my eye. All right Jessica, you have to sing the song even if you don’t know it. Ready set It’s a lot of pressure. Holy cow Look at that, what is that? A stingray? Wow They still have some loading to do it look like. Wow that’s so crazy. It’s gigantic. I have to do this just because how fun is this. Oh my goodness it’s getting empty. wow That’s so weird. Hey guys Hey mom Shinoahe look. Ellie did my makeup. She’s an artist. Did she really? She’s an artist. She did do my lipstick. Hey Ryan… Ellie did my makeup. She’s an artist. Jared did you see my lips? Where’s dad? I need to show him. Did she really do it? Yes, she really did. It looks she did. It’s so funny. No… I think you must have had a bad hair day, but it started with your lips. Guess what Ellie did my makeup. I believe it. It’s so funny. I love it. I love it. Well, how’s it going? So far pretty good. Is that lipsense? Yes, so it’s stuck. So everybody keeps telling me that they can’t take me seriously for some reason and Jessica said while we were driving here that somebody looked over and was at the same level just like parked waiting to go. And he was laughing hysterically at my face. There was some random person in parked or driving next to us that was you know laughing hysterically at me. Yeah He kept over and going like this. What are you doing? Just smiling back? I wasn’t even looking at him. Jessica said he was looking at me and laughing, but I didn’t even see him. You have cobwebs on your chin. That’s because I’m getting older. You are so butt old. All right, well we’re loading the rest of it. This is the last. He got the guns and the knives and the scary stuffs. Alright I think we’re ready to go. We have been loading all day, and it is late. It’s like past 10:30 at night. And we’re still not even quite finished loading this whole thing. We’re actually heading over to a storage unit try to see if we can get more. And then we’re going to head back for tonight. I think we’re going to call it done. I don’t even think we’re going to unload it tonight because we’re all exhausted. I think we’re just going to get it enough to be able to hold everything in place. And then go put level in the back of our truck and yes, I think you’re right. I’m gonna be sleeping good tonight. That is for sure. Becca! I might pee my pants for laughing so much. There’s somebody downstairs. You can’t scream like that. Don’t do that, that’s bad. It’s only funny cuz my breath smells like flower. Becca my voice is We had a really fun time ine the car. But we was like screaming at the top of our lungs the whole time. We sang Jingle Bells we’ve sang Winter Wonderland. We sand duck tails. And the theme song for Arthur and Magic school bus even though we didn’t really know that one. We did that anyways. She just burped and blew it in his face. That’s gross. You make me have an accident Ryan. I taught them better. Mom Ryan told me to burp right into your face. And that means he’s bad. They are mad at me by being loud. Don’t do that. Belching contest right now, ready set… They’re tired drunk. Becca you fixed your lipstick. All I did was go like this rub rub rub rub rub because at the end of the day it flakes off. Well, we got the moving truck here to my parents new house. Corbin fell asleep in a moving truck. Time to go Corbin, let’s go home.

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