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BREAKING: Bad Breath Cure Discovered on YouTube

BREAKING: Bad Breath Cure Discovered on YouTube

Good evening, and welcome to the Orabrush News Network. The only news network, dedicated to curing the world’s bad breath, one made up story at a time. Tonight in the news, some areas of the southern united states are
facing an ice storm the likes of which have not been seen in years some
residents would even housebound for a period of several hours… There is SO much snow coming out of the sky, that I do not know what to do…. And Lauren was like “You better get down my hill” Because she basically lives on a mountain I don’t know if its really a mountain ora really big hill. We thought we were gonna freeze to death, but we didn’t. after her near-death experience blair
juicieStar107 had only one thing she wanted to share with the world. The Orabrush. But then I was sent this product which is called the Orabrush. If you feel it, they are really, really soft. If you wanna go ahead and get your hands on it, there is a website that you can order from. After Blair’s heartfelt plea on youtube, an overwhelming outpouring of Orabrush reviews swept across the web. I am gonna do a review on the Orabrush. “I tried the Orabrush.” “Orabrush” “Orabrush” “Orabrush!” (A young girl talking in german, then says) “Orabrush” Global reports of bad breath have been dropping dramatically. We’ve invited an expert on the program to discuss the phenomenon. Dr. Expert, are the reports true? “Totally.” Facinating! Next in the news, there are pockets of resistance to the new found cure. Dissidents have been using dish soap, body fragrance, pens, some people have even been resorting to using their finger nails instead of using an Orabrush. But be careful the insurgents say, or your tongue might begin to bleed. Seriously…. One man recommends using a frozen spoon instead of an Orabrush, but authorities have reason to believe that the man
is holding hostages. And now a word from out sponsor.
“You guys should really get an Orabrush.” Back to the news! Hygiene pundits are purposing not only a cure for bad breath, but also the ailing economy, and also the Middle East. Now, we all know about the Orabrush getting people to sing and to dance And even to get people to spontaneously kissing. But the most persistent claim is that Orabrush use can permanently end loneliness. “I have since that time gotten with 17 women.” That’s all for tonight. Next time on OBNN, we’ll look at the claims that Orabrush can preserve your marriage. What the orabrush is is a tongue cleaner. It has a tongue scrapper at the end, and these soft bristles to clean your tongue and get all that gunk that stuck in there. I just ordered an Orabrush online. And I am so excited to get it and I just cant wait. You stick your tongue out And you rub this back and forth You try and go back as far as you can. and scrape all of this gunk out. The first time you use this, you’re going to want to pass at how disgusting it is. I am just telling you right now, when I used this, It was disgusting, the stuff that was on my tongue, like it was just disgusting. So I pulled that off, gross, gross, yes, But all of the sudden my breath was as clean as a (whistle noise) a whistle! So I went to Orabrush.com and I ordered it, and it was here in like 3 days. It was SO fast! But this helps so much more than a toothbrush would, this is designed for your tongue. This works amazing, It gets all that nasty stuff off your tongue. Your tongue feels SO clean. So fresh! It’s just a really really great product. Above that, when I use it, it just give you that dentist clean feel in your mouth. Like a lot more than just brushing your teeth. I just wanted to say that I highly recommend it And it feels great on your tongue So I already opened this one, and I already used it. and it’s really good! I love it! They are super soft. I was actually surprised, because in the video, they say these bristles are very soft. I actually thought they would be harder than this but they are really soft. And I was like, Ew.. That’s disgusting. There was so much ick on it. And I used it again, and there was less, and its been getting less since I started using it. The first day that I used it, it got off a bunch of disgusting gunk off my tongue. Ok so I just got done using this Orabrush, and I just have to say that its amazing! So I really recommend getting this product, It is like the Holy Grail for your mouth. Everybody has their Holy Grail eyeshadow, their face wash This is my holy grail for my mouth.
I would definitely definitely recommend this. There is not another product out there right now, that can do what this does.

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