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BPA on Receipts: Getting Under Our Skin

BPA on Receipts: Getting Under Our Skin

the plastics chemical BPA was banned from baby bottles in Canada in 2008 and France in 2010 in all of Europe in 2011 and in the United States in 2012 but in 2015 France forbid the use of BPA in any food or beverage packaging something that US FDA decided was not warranted but what about the 90 plus studies reporting links between BPA levels in people’s urine with a wide array of adverse health outcomes including an apparent significant increase in the likelihood of developing heart disease and diabetes obesity impaired liver immune and kidney function inflammation reproductive effects in women and men and altered thyroid function and developmental deficits in children such as aggressiveness hyperactivity and impaired learning only a very small minority of studies appear to support the federal government’s assertions that there were no effects at low doses so where’s the disconnect government’s determines safety levels by sticking tubes down to the stomach’s of lab animals the BPA is released directly into the stomach where goes to the liver to be detoxified into an inactive form called BPA glue karana so very little active BPA gets into the bloodstream but that’s not what Studies on humans show people have active BPA in their blood and so the FDA response was to reject all such human studies as implausible the problem with a blanket rejection of human data is that there may be sources of BPA exposure that are not modeled by stomach tube exposure in rats after all this isn’t how food enters our bodies actually I mean we chew it we move it around our mouths before it enters the stomach and it turns out BPA can be completely absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the mouth thus bypassing instant liver detoxification the same would be the case for BPA absorbed through the skin so-called thermal paper is 1 to 2 percent bpa by weight that’s like cash register receipts luggage tags bus train lottery tickets taking hold of a receipt can transfer BPA to our fingers especially if they’re wet or greasy but does it then get absorbed into our system through the skin well cashiers were found have more BPA flowing through their bodies but that was just based on a few people same problem with studies showing those eating plant-based diets having lower levels too small of a sample size really to make a conclusion it’s been estimated that even cashiers hand handling receipts all day long may not exceed the tolerable intake however if they’re using something like hand cream that could change many skincare products hand sanitizers lotion soaps and sunscreens contain chemicals that enhance skin penetration so using a hand sanitizer before touching receipt could in theory cause a breakdown of the skin barrier theoretically that is until now we now know that holding receipt and eating food after using hand sanitizer results in high blood levels of active BPA researchers at the University of Missouri conducted a study to mimic aspects of the behavior of people in a fast-food restaurant where they’ve observed people using a hand sanitizer handling receipt and then eating food with their hands they found that when people handle the receipt right after using Purell BPA was transferred to their fingers then fries and then the combination of absorption through the skin and the mouth led to significant levels of active BPA in their blood you can hold a receipt in your hand for 60 seconds and only come away with 3 micrograms in your body whereas if you pre wet your hands with hand sanitizer you get 300 in just a few seconds a hundred times more these findings show that just a few seconds touching a receipt after using something like hand lotion could transfer large amounts of BPA and so this could explain why dozens of human studies show active BPA in people’s systems contrary to the assumptions based on stomach tube studies in rodents when actual evidence contradicts your assumptions you reject the assumptions but what the FDA did was instead reject the evidence [Music] you

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  • What about the effect of using general hand soaps or even washing-up liquid? I work a part-time job where I handle receipts so I'm concerned now!

  • I discovered this startling fact when writing a research paper on BPA effects a couple of years ago. Who got the bright idea to coat receipts in this crap?! Thanks @TravisDean for turning us on to this great, informative channel!

  • Just another example of how animal testing not only fails to contribute to, but actually slows scientific progress.

  • i wonderd why doctor dr greger doesn't smile in his YouTube profile pic, i mean i think its because of all the weird and horrible shit that dr greger has read in the medical literature everyday. i mean there probably some good stuff.

  • Wow! Really frightening. I work in the grocery business and all the cashiers are hand sanitizer addicts, for obvious reasons. But we have no idea how much harm that it really is causing us! Spread the word!

  • So is it possible for someone to get severe health consequences after consuming receipts orally that would require emergency medical attention?

  • I only drink from bottled water or water i collect and they are not free from BPA i hear being slim and exercising can get rid of its toxic effects

  • I've been talking about this for years. Its why I never touch receipt paper. The problem with endocrine disrupting chemicals is regular standards for measuring toxicity don't always apply as even incredibly small doses can disrupt hormonal processes and that effect is often multiplied with chronic exposure. BPA should be completely banned along with thousand of other synthetic chemicals.

  • I can't eat food because it has gmos,I can't drink water because it has flouride,I can't touch receipts now ? WHAT THE FUCKKKK they are trying to kill us.

  • It is extremely inhumane to place a tube into rats stomach. What kind of creeps do that? And I guess then you have to restrain the poor rat. Lab research is insane and testing on animals should be stopped. We are not rats anyway

  • Great info. Ask the cashier to toss the receipt in the bag and then handle it with caution later when you extract it.

  • I put BPA on my salad. And I hold the receipt from the salad ingredients in my hand as I eat. And then I eat the receipt. Are you saying I'm wrong to do this?

  • I don't know who does the writing for your videos but the final sentences + your voice are always amazing. Also.. BPA sounds terrifying hahaha. I wonder how many other environmental toxins we're exposed to in a similar way as BPA

  • Jayzus, I wheel 55 gal. drums of this stuff around at work.
    The guys in manufacturing get covered with this and many other chems. during the day.

  • If you live in the mid-Atlantic region you might be familiar with the small grocery chain Mom's Organic Market. Their receipts are made of uncoated paper and are compostable (they saw me tossing one in the landfill bin instead of the compost bin and mentioned it). If they can do it, why can't larger retailers? I don't expect Walmart to give a shit, but Whole Foods should take note.

  • It's really gotten to the point where there are payoff's at every level of government as if we were living in a Batman movie in the corrupt city of Gotham. The FDA is not to be trusted. I'm sure investigation would reveal key officials being paid off to allow poisons like BPA to continue to exist in our country. Pathetic.

  • Thank you for that very insightful video, showing again how little we know on how every day items influence our health!

  • the alcohol in the sanitizer dissolve the BPA accelerating it's absorption. spray alcohol on a receipt and observe it turning into a gray paper.

  • So does washing your hands after handling a bpa receipt and before eating aid in removing all the bpa from your hands?

  • Mother Jones did a fantastic exposé on bpa and it's replacements, which are other versions of bpa and essentially do the same thing on the human body. Use glass, silicone, stainless steel, ceramic and other non leaching materials whenever possible

  • Dr.Greger make a video about the harmful chemicals in skin care products, hair care products and styling products have tons of toxic, harmful chemicals in the them that can absorb through your scalp and what's below your scalp, your brain.

  • When we humans try to improve on Nature, this is almost always the results. Nature gave us Graphite, Man gave us Thermal Computer Paper Inks Infused with all kinds of nasty things, including BPA.

  • Best BPA video I've ever seen ever by far and I have seen them all. All BPA questions of mine are finally answered after 10+ years of becoming aware of BPA. I knew Dr G was gonna be the one to do it right!

  • I don't think it is a secret that the FDA is paid off by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, I am sorry to say !

  • After I learned a few days ago that BPA free cans have tested positive for BPA, I decided I'm never eating out of a can again. All signs point to whole foods once again..

  • The problem is, that many firms are promoting there products as BPA free, but what's left out is the fact, that they just replace the BPA with other platicizers, like BPS. For sure it's the best for our health and the environment to avoid plastic. Unfortunately it's not that easy.

  • BPA is a serious problem!! My partner and I are working on a brand new app solution to this problem. Please help us by filling out this anonymous survey so we can get a healthier alternative to paper receipts in stores near you. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PFPJRLQ

  • Do you know how I can tell if certain types of paper has BPA on them? My little girl brought home math homework, that feels awfully similar to receipts and I believe this paper is coated with BPA. It sure wouldn't surprise me if I'm correct?! Placing toxic paper in schools makes perfect sense for their agenda doesn't it?

  • I accidently washed my shirt keeping a thermal paper in the shirt's pocket.The paper is now torn and sticking the shirt.Can you suggest a method to detoxify the shirt?

  • 1:30 Begs the question, who at the US EPA decided to invalidate alternate testing results for active BPA in humans?
    Had they previously worked at a cash register manufacturer, or the receipt paper manufacturer?
    Wonder how one would figure that out.

  • At least part of the alleged rise in gender identity disorder particularly in children could be a result of hormonal chemical contamination. I've not heard of any studies yet, likely because the results could be too controversial for most to deal with but if you've heard of any please forwards the link.
    So in lieu of such a thing, think. Plastics contain and leak estrogen both into the products they contain and into the environment. BPA and BPS in everything from plastic baby products to bottled water many kids drink to now store receipts, is a male gamete-inhibiter. Now add in the huge doses of estrogen found in the birth control pill and strong indications there is such environmental contamination from flushed and discarded pills that it's affecting reproduction in penguins on Antarctica.
    There's a lot there to consider. At least for those who are so dull they have to rely upon "hired thinkers" to tell them what it's OK to think and believe.
    *Heard at a skeptics conference on climate-change: "What if we clean up all the human waste on the planet and find out we did it for nothing???"

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