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Bleeding and Death Caused By Generic Plavix – NY Attorney Michael Werner

Bleeding and Death Caused By Generic Plavix – NY Attorney Michael Werner

The FDA has approved a generic version of
Plavix, despite serious side effects. Hi. My name is Michael Werner and I’m an attorney
with Parker Waichman. Today I want to give you some new information regarding Plavix
and its generic forms. As you may know, Plavix is a blood thinner used to prevent against
blood clots. And this is usually prescribed to patients who have had a history of, or
who are at risk of, developing heart disease, heart attacks, or stroke. And until recently,
you could only get Plavix through the brand name manufacturer and often at a considerable
cost. However, on May 17th, 2012, the FDA approved Plavix in its generic forms. However,
these generic forms come with the same severe side effects risk as did Plavix and these
include: cerebral bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding ulcers, and TTP. It’s
very important that the side effects associated with the generic forms be treated just as
severely as those with Plavix. If you’re taking Plavix, its generic forms, or if you
feel you’ve had any of these side effects, here’s what I want you to do. Pick up the
phone and give me a call. I deal with Plavix on a daily basis and I’m happy to help you
personally with your issues. Again, my name is Michael Werner and thanks for watching.

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