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Best Antihistamines for Severe Allergies, Itching, Asthma, MCAS. H1 & H2 blockers | Ep.208

Best Antihistamines for Severe Allergies, Itching, Asthma, MCAS. H1 & H2 blockers | Ep.208

Did you know there’s two types of
antihistamines you should be taking? antihistamines aren’t just good for
runny noses or watery eyes if you’re having inflammation allergic reaction to
food to the environment if you’re having asthma attack or skin rashes
antihistamines could help we’re gonna talk about how to use the FAS means
correctly and which ones use weight okay now from the beginning what’s up
everybody welcome to the most amazing autoimmune eczema allergies and asthma
combined channel on the internet my name is Jeffrey Lin I have very severe
allergies and eczema my eczema is probably the top five most extreme on
the planet I’m on a lot of treatments right now so it probably doesn’t look
that way but I’ve had the extremely dry eczema where cracks and bleeds and I
wake up in a pile of my own skin and I’ve also had the wet eczema where the
skin looks like it’s third-degree burn victim and just bleeding and leaking and
there’s pus everywhere there’s no skin left basically it took me seven years
for my skin to grow back same thing with internally my gut
Airways and lungs that’s where the asthma comes from and even my brain so
I’ve had depression and brain fog and brain inflammation a lot of you guys are
finding my channel because of the experimental treatments I do and the
more toxic treatments like immunosuppressants and chemotherapy
yes I’ve used chemotherapy for allergies that’s how extreme it is so going for
chemotherapy and other talks and medications is not the first step you
want to go for you do not want to destroy your body like I literally tried
everything I have no choice but it seems like a lot of people aren’t doing the
basics of what they’re supposed to and that’s why they’re having flare-ups
that’s why they’re breaking out that’s why they’re having runny noses and
that’s where they’re having brain fog today we’re going to start with
antihistamines and the histamines aren’t just good for
everybody knows if you have a severe food allergies if your skin is breaking
out if you’re having stomach cramps it could work if your skin is breaking out
if your Airways closing if you’re having food allergies and his means will help
with that but you gotta use it in the right combination this is what a lot of
people don’t know about there’s actually four kinds of
histamines that are in our bodies that gets triggered when we come in contact
with something we’re allergic to but histamines attached to different parts
for a body and that’s where we get the inflammation and if the information is
on the skin we get rashes and if the histamine is attached is somewhere in
our notes or in our eyes we get that runny nose or the watery eyes and if the
histamines attached somewhere in your digestive system is gonna trigger
inflammation in your gut and that’s where you get diarrhea or acid reflux so
if the four histamines out there there’s actually only medication for two of the
histamines they call it h1 histamines and h2 histamines so you want
antihistamines which block the histamines from coming in contact with
your skin or like I say your nose or your eyes or your intestines so that you
don’t get the flare-up the medications you commonly think of at histamines like
benadryl or zyrtec or Allegra these are h1 histamines h2 histamines are actually
what you see as antacids because the h2s amines are more active in your digestive
system so a very basic way to fly allergies is use a combination of h1 and
a histamine medication and h2 antihistamine medication and I still use
these every day even though I’m on experimental treatments and more toxic
medication because these allow me to use less of those medications if I’m able to
keep my reactions more or less under control for the h1 histamines my
favorite is duratec so that’s the one you should try first
however zyrtec is kind of expensive all the techniques
it works great the generic is called city Rosine and I get this one so this
is cetera zine the generic of zyrtec from Costco and it’s 365 tablets for I
think under 20 bucks which is amazing deal for some people antihistamines do
cause drowsiness zyrtec AKA city Rosine makes you drowsy you can also try
allegra or the generic of that or claritin or the generic of that these
are all very good i would not go with benadryl or a Dirac’s which is what i
grew up using both of these are shown to be related to dementia or older people
supposedly it doesn’t do anything for younger people like us but just to be
safe there are so many better options out there you don’t have to go with
benadryl or a Durex as for the h2 antihistamines pepsin is my favorite and
the pepcid generic is called famotidine this is also the generic I get from
Costco and you get two bottles of this so it’ll be 250 tablets for less than 10
bucks the other ones you see over the counter also good like zantac you can
get the generic of that you just want to see which one’s work best for you so for
the h1 and a hiss means like cetirizine or the h2 antihistamines like famotidine
you just got to try them out and see which one’s the most effective for you
and which one causes the least side effects like drowsiness hopefully you
won’t feel drowsy to either of these buts just some people do so just be
aware of that in make sure you talk to your doctor about how to use these in
combination with each other I know you guys aren’t just here for me
to tell you what medications you won’t understand the whole process right so a
quick rundown of how the allergic reaction works let’s say your body comes
into contact with an allergen like ragweed your body will make something
called an IgE antibody and these IgE antibodies will attach themselves to
something called a mast cell so next time you come in contact with the
allergen the IgE on the mast cells would recognize the allergen the IgE kind of
acts like a detector and the mast cells will release various chemicals and the
histamines you go to various parts body like I said the skin your intestines
your lungs or your nose and eyes and it’ll cause inflammation to defend your
body against these foreign allergens so every step alone that allergic
reaction chain from the ite to the histamines and to even the inflammation
you have medication to deal with each of those and again back to this video the
end of his means block the histamine from coming in in contact with the
certain part of bodies to the skin or the lungs or your intestines or your
nose and eyes and of using antihistamines don’t work think you got
to move a little bit up the chain to the mast cells which produce the
antihistamines and that’s where you hear of diseases like the mast cell
activation system or MCAS interesting the mast cells are unhealthy and it’s
producing too much histamines and so like the chromel in that i use is used
to control the mast cells and make it normal and also like singulair is also
used to help stabilize mast cells and that’s something I’ve also used so
that’s something you can ask your doctor about if the main problem of your
allergic reaction is because of the Ige’s in the beginning of the chain
instead of the mast cells or the histamines then you can try an injection
calls oler medical name Oh Melissa mAb Zoeller
kind of sucks up the IgE so there isn’t that much and so it won’t trigger as big
of a logical reaction unless I geez you have the less
allergic reactions that should be triggered like a normal IgE should be
about 75 if you have allergies it’s probably 200 and everything about and
everything about that gets more and more extreme 2,000 is probably the limit of
what Zoeller can handle and very few people have high G’s above 2,000 I have
an IG reading of 23 to 24,000 yeah so that’s why my reactions are so intense
and so many medications don’t work you just gotta try different kinds and you
can even use multiple H ones and multiple H to just got a consult with
your doctor make sure these medications aren’t interfering with one another but
most of these are over-the-counter so they’re very safe and there’s a couple
that aren’t over-the-counter that you need a prescription for such as doxepin
which something i’ve used before and doxepin it’s also helpful for regulating
your mood and helping with depression all right guys thanks for watching I
hope that was helpful and stay strong out there if you’re having a hard time
today if you’re struggling remember I’m feeling that too and I’m right there
with you if you have any questions or comments leave it below and please
subscribe it really helps my channel a lot and helps me get my message out
there if you all do something good today subscribe and tell your friends to
subscribe thanks guys

18 Replies to “Best Antihistamines for Severe Allergies, Itching, Asthma, MCAS. H1 & H2 blockers | Ep.208”

  • Hey Jeffery, what's your experience with moisturizers for people that suffer from eczema and atopic skin? Have you already posted a video on this topic? Cheers

  • My wet ezcema on my face has been continuously and progressively inflamed for almost year and I still don't know why… Its frustrating, especially when you feel you've tried everything and spoke to all the different types of doctors and they don't know what to do any more. Ugh anyways subconsciously, I've been using this treatment, as needed, but now I'm going to try this daily and see how it goes. Your videos have been extremely informative, helpful, and comforting. I hope we all get healed soon.

  • Thank You for your help. My son 20y /o has allergies many food and seasonal and asthma IBS Leaky Gut Eczema as a child too I use antihistamines and pepcid for him I am an Nurse as well
    I dont know if you heard of this but I am going to share my site People use this water to help with internal prob and skin prob helps my son with gut issues Helps him sleep better and me too I am sharing http://ladydelisa.kangendemo.com
    Info news letter Your story genuinely moved me to action I would never just put this here like this You are a very special person I feel your heart and voice My daughter is sick with allergies and I wanted the best meds for her nondrowsy she is 19 y I found you NOT am accident
    Peace Hope u take a look and keep open mind Stay well Peace

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with your health. I would love to know how you manage your allergies away from home, out in public or even while working etc. I’m currently studying and not working so for bad days I just take the day off to recover. But next year I have work placement away from home and then ill be working, but I’m worried since when I have bad reactions I literally just sneeze constantly I can’t do very much because of it and taking days off is not an option for placement. I will be in rural areas, so very hot days but cold nights which also sets off my immune system. I’ll be in hospitals and clinics so I don’t know whether that will be beneficial or worse.

  • Great video. I’ve been on atarax for years, I had no idea about the link to dementia. I will be looking that up to present to my doc when I ask to switch. Thank you so much. 💕🦓

  • Jeff I feel for you , I was in a real mess once, my entire body covered in excema, fluid sloshing around under the skin. Unbearable itching, piles of skin everywhere,
    It all slowly disappeared when i moved house and location, and my diet changed along with the move. Have you seen a nutritonist? Do you live in geographic river valley?
    Lots of love man, I know this misery you are suffering.

  • I have Lyme disease could I possibly have mast cell? I’m going to take Zyrtec my skin doesn’t lump up but it’s very thin and gets indents real easily

  • hey i have a cat and my eczema and asthma is really bad sometimes and i just wanted to know whats the best antihistamine to use for asthma and eczema

  • Thanks for the advice! I ran into this video right after I got some Allegra and pepcid ac and its good to know you recommend this combination.

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