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Benefits of Rosemary for Brain Function

Benefits of Rosemary for Brain Function

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  • I get such a big smile when I listen the 'until now' it's crazy. I've been now conditioned like Pavlov's dog. Damn it's good to hear it, especially when it precedes some good news.

  • please tell me what brand and where to find. cyanocobolin b12, I can not find any and the few I have all have bad sedatives to it like dextrose , magnesium iterate etc…….

  • Anyone know any foods that are good for the brain and studying in school? Everything online says to eat obvious things like berries, but also damaging foods like eggs and fish with no studies to back them up.

  • Thank you, more research on nootropic agents and general diet oriented around optimizing brain function would be much appreciated.

  • I used to harvest the flowers of rosemary and use it as a spice, I always wondered if that was the same or better than using the leaves

  • Herb begins with 'h' . By failing to enunciate it, Uncle Greger sounds like he's putting on a bad french accent.

  • I've enjoyed all your videos, speeches and your latest book. much appreciated! FYI, videos you promised on the topic of Intermittent Fasting are of much greater interest to several members than additional ones about topics that you already covered in several nutritionfacts.org videos, e.g herbs and teas. When will you post those IF videos? Thank you again for your great work!

  • Chew the branches before swallowing, dude…heheh. I love the taste and smell of rosemary. I have a giant Rosemary plant outside the back door. Easy to grow!

  • I always used rosemary & lavender essential oils before tests while in massage school. 🙂 Lavender to lower my stress & anxiety with rosemary to help me think clearly. 💗

  • Make a video about the vitamin a (retinol vs beta carotene) always eat that vegans deficienct in vitamin a and d because of bad conversion of beta carotene. Weston price says early man ate much more vitamin a etc

  • Dr. Michael Greger, my father in law has multiple small heart attacks almost daily. He has gone blind because his blood pressure has gone through the roof and when he went to the hospital, and the doctor tried to lower his BP, the vessels in his eyes bursted.

    We live in Texas so meat is everything and we think that a small side of green beans or broccoli is "eating our veggies". Obviously, we don't get enough nutrition since Corpus Christi is one of the fattesr cities on record.

    Recently, my father in law came across the "Keeto" diet. Basically you eat large amounts of fats and meats and avoid what is important to your body: carbohydrates.

    I tried to tell him that this new fad diet will put more stress on his heart but he seems to think that because he's losing weight that this diet is okay for him. Can you address this diet in a video of yours? I have a feeling this is just like the Atkins diet but with a different name. I do not want others to fall prey to this fad diet.


  • Very nice research. ~ Rosemary is quite simple to grow, attractive and requires little water once established. A very useful herb indeed!

  • Everything we eat has health benefits (bar the obvious processed junk), that's the joy of a varied diet.  I don't understand these studies analysing the benefits of specific food stuffs, anything by itself is not going to be enough. Surely?

  • Here is a reciepe

  • Hello dr. Greger I would like to translate this video into Romanian for you for free. I just need access to it. Please let me know if you are interested. Have a good day.

  • PLEASE include metric measurements it's science after all. That guy who swallowed the twig, how the fuck do you manage to swallow a ~5cm twig?!

  • Omg, when I am on a hard run, I always go by a Rosemary tree and crash my hand against it to smell Rosemary for some seconds. Lol.

  • I eat about a tea spoon of rosemary in my food, almost every day. It's good for in vinaigrette dressing, pasta sauce with tomato and basil and in soups. I also like to vaporize it in the room as aromatherapy. Hope I'm not overdoing it though lol.

  • nature provides smells that DO effect the brain n physiology I think nature is saying Trust ME but mans intellect gets in the Way

  • It contains thujone though, which is an alleged psychoactive and potentially neurotoxic substance. Be it mildly neurotoxic even, according to the FDA anyway. When used as a tea (herbal infusion) no more than two cups (1 teaspoon per 2dl of water) is suggested daily regardless

  • Can we get a report on the combination of : parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme ☺
    Also, my friend gets completely lightheaded and a bit stoned whenever I use a nice dose of fragrant rosemary. We've joked about it for years. So you've proven the anecdotal evidence!

  • When I was a student I get Anxiety if I didn't study well or neglected a chapter because I was high… I can shower with Rosemary juice but still have Anxiety.

  • Thanks, Dr. Greger! After hearing about the removal of 2 cups of pus from the liver of that guy who ate a rosemary twig, I no longer need to have lunch!

  • While studying for finals, which I was not confident I would pass, I applied rosemary eo to a tissue and smelled it while I was studying material I was sketchy on. I also brought a similarly scented tissue with me into the testing room and smelled it when I hit those questions that completely flummoxed me. I ended up doing far more well than I thought I would. Whether it was due to chemical interactions in the brain, or the scent nudged my memory of my study sessions doesn't really matter to me. Even if it's just the placebo effect, what works, works.

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