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Benefits of Ginger for Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease

Benefits of Ginger for Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease

68 Replies to “Benefits of Ginger for Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease”

  • Buy fresh ginger root (preferably organic due to where it is grown), wash but don’t peel. Rough chop. Grind in high speed blender. Freeze in teaspoon or tablespoon sized pats. Voila – no more wasted ginger. Can be used in drinks, teas, sauces, and marinades. Ginger is a miracle.

  • Thank you for this timely report on the benefits of ginger , my kids where just complaining about why I put ginger in my lentils soup lol now I just share this video 🙂 I love ginger in my most of my food.

  • I recommend posting this video a second time but just rename it so you can see which one has a better viral effect. I'm guessing you're going to get a better effect I'm calling it " Don't drink varnish, and here's why" and get more people to subscribe to your channel once they see one awesome video like this one

  • All this video did was reaffirm the fact that gingerols and other active constituents are powerful anti-inflammatories that alleviate numerous inflammed pathways in the body, one being the liver.

  • I use lots (if I had to guess like 30 grams or more? ) of fresh ginger root in my daily smoothies….what's too much ginger to consume?

    Don't drink varnish….good advice! 🙂

  • I work in a restaurant supply / grocery store. the store I'm at has the busiest produce of most of our stores. Because we're so close to Microsoft headquarters we have a lot of out of country workers many of them are Indian, we have so many Indian restaurants in our area many are vegetarian.

    The point I'm getting at is I see what the people who are not overweight purchase, that seem to be healthy.

    Ginger, garlic, various green vegetables, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and mustard seed, lots of basmati rice, etc.

    Recently, my girlfriend had a urge to have some Taco Bell and I saw one Indian familiy going down the poor food choice path. They were not overweight and hopefully they only go there once in a blue moon.

    My girlfriend has Crohn's disease and she had 6inches of her bowels removed 2 years ago, and sometimes nothing tastes good and she needs to have some bad stuff.

  • Yeah, don't drink varnish… and don't ingest any powder from the industry, you can't imagine how many contaminants are in it !

  • Yes Traditional Chinese medicine do use ginger together with many other different herbs. But in more recent times, a Chinese physician incorporated ginger as the main medicine in his therapy. He has develop such a simplistic effective therapy system that free therapy centers appear all over Asia started by people who watch and learn the methods online.

    One of the student even brought the therapy to Africa and there are now dozens of centers there.

    Google "Yuan Shi Dian"

  • I have lived in India and have good experience with Siddha medicine. My Dr. used to always say don't believe hearsay that fresh amla is better than dried, or fresh ginger is better than dried powder. Each one has its own effect. Even sugar taken in different sizes has different effect on the body according to him. Anyways, I never took it seriously and always used to think a fresh version of the product is better than dried. Today I saw in this video how dried ginger called Sukku in Siddha has some compounds that fresh ginger misses! And it was a revelation for me! Sukku is specifically used to treat obesity and diseases of the blood vessels in Siddha, not fresh Ginger – which is used more for digestive and muscle-skeleton diseases.

  • I take a teaspoon everyday for several month and I see some great results in my running abilities, my muscles recoveer faster and so on, BUT, I haven't realized a weightdrop, but I do not mind…

  • Off topic question. Some years ago, I heard a claim that certain foods should be eaten together, at the same meal, to maximize nutrition/weight loss benefits, as they are not as powerful when they are eaten at separate meals. I scoffed at such a claim which is why I didn't note the source or food combo. I'm just wondering … Is there any merit in such a claim, or was I right to be sceptical?

  • Dr. Greger, your speaking voice is reaching cartoonish levels. You're in danger of becoming the HCbailly of nutrition.

  • Doctor Greger what do you think about this research on low HDL and cognitive impairment? Would be very helpful if you could make a video on this subject. I have HDL at 31mg/dl and my doctor told me I need to raise it for Dementia prevention. My total Cholesterol is 97md/dl and my LDL is 46 mg/dl. I saw this research and I am a little worried now. I hope you will find the time to have a look at it and reply. Thank you.

  • What do you make of this? I think they are cherry picking the data but any opinions? Maybe a video to clarify this: https://youtu.be/isIw2AN_-XU

  • I start my mornings with a mug of warm water and lemon juice. So I decided to add one teaspoon of ginger powder. Serve with a spoon to keep the ginger powder from settling. I'm halfway through my cup and I don't know if I can go on. This is unpleasant. I like ginger but this is really strong. Has anyone else tried it?

  • Don’t drink varnish was always the logical conclusion to the question of whether ginger will help with fatty liver. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t see that coming.

  • I ate about 1/3 tbsp of it yesterday. 😷 My bf is sick and the recipe called for 1 tbsp. It was so great until I was about half done with my bowl where it got real gross real quick.

  • Such generous wonderful information, as always! Am wondering is a good quality ginger essential oil may behave similarly?

  • Хорошее видео -заходи ко мне и смотри мое и на дружбу-давай поддержим друг друга каналами

  • I enjoy ginger and cinnamon,and have heard about their health benefits. I have also heard how they, specifically cinnamon, can act as an antimicrobial substance….. So my question is what does ginger or cinnamon and their antimicrobial properties do to the necessary gut bacteria?

  • I chop my ginger root, and freeze in small portions and take whenever I eat any significant protein. I'm a meat eater, but I love your presentation style; humorous, informative and fun.

  • The ginger information in this video is important, but I find the tone and presentation of the narrator to be obnoxious and degrades the essence of the message.

  • They're 2 type of fibers are Ginger (the big head one), and fingerroot (the long slim one) that I eat. They both are amazing. If you're the beginner, you can begin from the fingerroot. Less hot but have benefits, too. They both are good for Mather's breasts, and warm body, decreased fat and sugar levels. I make ginger drink buy boil 400 g. chopped ginger in 3.5 liters water for 20 minutes, drink 1.30 hours before bed time. And chopped the finger one like noodle, and cook with fish in any food. Put more fingerroot in the food, it's more delicious and no hot at all. You will be sad if you cook few of it 😂

  • I mince 1 tsp up super small and chug it down with my morning wake up drink; 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and 12oz water. Put it in a blender with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Chug it down through a straw. I make a yuck face, then go brush my teeth. Sucks but it works.

  • Hi, is the good doctor saying the studies suggest it’s more beneficial to take ginger power than taking fresh ginger juice??

  • I was recently diagnosed with a fatty liver. I was also overweight, and also had high blood pressure. I did the one meal a day diet for a month and my liver is now back to normal, I have lost over a stone in weight (13.5 stones to 12.1 stones), and my blood pressure is now back to a healthy reading. I also feel a lot better with more energy. I have a treadmill at home and can run for longer and I am not out of breath at the end. I am also saving money and watch what I eat. I make what I eat count. The first week was hard as my body adjusted to not having regular meals, but after a week I didn't feel hungry. I drank a lot of water throughout the day. This worked for me but may not work for everyone and may also be dangerous. Get some medical advice before giving it a try. I BELIEVE THE ONE MEAL A DAY DIET IS THE ANSWER TO AN OVERWEIGHT SOCIETY AND A LOT OF THE PROBLEMS THAT COME WITH IT.

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