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Benefits of FenuGreek Tea or Water

Benefits of FenuGreek Tea or Water

I’m gonna get me some water put it on
the stove so I can boil I’m going to make me some fenugreek tea it’s good for
so the fenugreek is good for so much so I’m making me a thing routine reason why
I’m taking me some fenugreek and came down with a cold or something like a
cold and I want to try to get this out of my system so fenugreek is good for
breaking up mucus and getting it in it’s getting it out of your system so I’m
going to show you guys how I make my finger green tea so I’m going to pour
some water the second thing I’m gonna do is to find my cup number one my trusty
bowl that I like it’s a cute little set I got this set from Dollar Tree they
was a dollar for each piece I’m gonna let this water boil if you take a
tablespoon and put it inside of here just wait for the water to boil okay
water is boiling I’m going to turn the burner out and I’m going to take the
water and pour it into the pot put the camera back I mean into the cup I’m
sorry and then what’s gonna happen now is that this has to steep for at least
20 minutes in order for the fenugreek to release whatever good stuff it has in it
to the water okay what I do is just get a saucer and put over it and it is steep
for 20 minutes and then it’ll be ready to be served the 20 minutes has definitely
passed and as you can see the water has turned a yellowish looking color I hopr you
can see that but the water has this yellowish looking color alright
which means that it’s ready for drinking what I like to put into my fenugreek tea
as well is a lemon of the slice and lemon and I just leaves the seeds in
there because these seeds can be reused as you know at least about a good two to
three times before I just finally throw them away see how dark
rich that color is see it’s a real dump rich gold color now okay then I just
put this lemon inside of there for like taste it does have kind of like a little
bitter weird taste to it so okay I just puts a little bit of um some lemon
in there that kind of like tame the flavor if you want to put honey you can
but I don’t I like to drink my tea just like that because it’s more better
potent when you’re drinking like this if you want to add other things to it of
course you can add what you want but I found I just want to taste the fenugreek
for some reason I don’t mind a bitter taste this it’s okay with me it don’t
bother me because I know the results I’m gonna feel better once I drink it so
yeah this is my opinion routine I wanted to come in and share with you um my
fenugreek tea this is another kind of like a remedy of what I use to make
myself feel better and also I know it’s breaking up that mucus that’s inside of
me that really what a lot of colds really comes from it’s like a buildup of
inflammation so between that fenugreek gets it out and also to tumeric is
good for that as well but no I just want to keep the fenugreek just plain
like that just add me a lemon for the flavor that’s it if you enjoyed this
video thumbs it up and thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe for
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