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BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE 🤢 *vomit warning*

– One, two, three. – Eh!
– Oh, oh my god. – Whoa, that tastes exactly like… – No, no, no, no. – This is (muffled)! (gagging sounds) – No. (laughs) – [Jeannie] Oh, ew. (coughing) – [Mamae Mai] I hate this game. – [Jeannie] Me too. – Bam Challenge, take one. (snaps) (inaudible) – Oh. – Are you sure you can
see my shoe over here? You can see it, right? Don’t worry, it’s very beautiful, Michael Jackson.
– Do we look okay on camera? Do we look normal, Mario? – We do. – [Mario] You look normal. (giggles) (energetic music) – Weren’t we planning to
dress comfortable-casual? – That’s your, not me.
I want to stand out. – What, what? – I’m very celebrity famous now. – Spell celebrity. – Celeb… – C. – C-E… Sell-E… C-E-L-E-B-R-I-T-Y. – [Mario] Whoa! – Is it right? Is it right?
– How did she… – But why does she know the letters and she leaves it out?
– She’s right, she’s right. – A celebrity! – Hello hunnay! – Hello hunnay! – Hello hunny! – See my shoe, beautiful? – Okay. – I have to put my hand in here so they can see the pocket. – My fam, first of all, thank you so much for keeping up with Hello Hunnay. Facebook Fam, please do follow! So Papa Mai, thank you so much for being a part of another episode! So millennial, dad. – Mmkay. (sighs) – So we’ve talked about a
lot of things on this couch. You’ve heard about my insecurities, you’ve helped me get over divorce and move forward with my life, you’ve celebrated my mom’s birthday, my new relationship. Now we wanted to turn
over this special episode with your next highly requested challenge. Out of all the challenges in the world that we could do for ya’ll, you asked for the Beanboozled Challenge. Literally wrote do the
Beanboozle Challenge, and no cheating. I think it’s nasty and I don’t understand why it’s interesting, but I listen to you, fam,
so I’m gonna trust you on this one and see how this goes. So Mama Mai and Papa Mai. – Yes. – Do you know what the
Beanboozle Challenge is? – Bamboo? – Beanboozle Challenge. – What does it mean? – So it’s a challenge where, I think you’re… What the f-ck is this game? What do you do? – [Paul] What you’re going to be doing is answering some questions
that all have number answers. Whoever is closest to the right answer does not have to participate
in that one round. – Can you sit back? I can’t even see dad! – (giggles)
– So, guys. – I’ll cover Dad. – Would you consider
yourselves competitive? – We’ll see. Just play. – So, Paul, how do we… – [Paul] You have white
boards right there. – Okay. – Pick them up. Give each one of you. And no cheating, don’t look
at each other’s answers. This is just who can get closest. We know you won’t know
the outright answer, but who can get closest. So the first question is, special for Mama Mai, in what year did Michael
Jackson first moonwalk? (gasps) – I got it. – [Paul] Turn it up. You have to wait until everyone’s done. – Write big, Mom. – Dad, big! – Big. – [Paul] Three, two, one. – 1985. Dad!
– [Papa Mai] Wah! – [Mama Mai] Oh, 1985! – [Paul] The way this works is that the person that was
closest does not have to eat a bean in this round. – But what if it’s closest to 1985? – [Paul] Don’t worry about it, because the answer is 1983! Mama Mai is correct. – Oh! ♪Da da, da da, da da. ♪ ♪ Da da! ♪ ♪ Da da! ♪ ♪ Da da! ♪ ♪ Da da! ♪ – Wow, you’re so good. (laughs)
– Oh, my God. – [Paul] So Mama, now
you’ll pick one of those packets in front of you. – Wait, how did you know that answer? Did you talk to her? – [Paul] No! – How did you know that answer? – No, I just say that
because I’m thinking about Dennis and Daniel Boone,
you know what I mean? – Oh, sh-t. – [Paul] Open it up. There’s beans inside there, so be careful when you open it. – Okay. – [Paul] And you’ll read the flavors. – Toothpaste or Berry Blue? – [Paul] Take one. – Okay. – Oh my God, this is
just like high school, except they were $20 a pop. – All right. And we clean it. Is it good? – I love this! It tastes like Colgate! – That’s why they advertise Colgate. – Do you taste it, Dad? What does it taste like to you? – I think blueberry is the right one. – But Dad, it’s toothpaste.
– Of course it’s a blueberry! – Toothpaste (inaudible)? – There’s not different flavors, is there? – [Paul] Yeah. They can sometimes be the same, they might be different, you never know. – So, I got Toothpaste,
you got Blue Berry. – Oh, really!
– I liked mine, minty fresh. – I thought it’s same. – Okay, I like this game. – [Paul] They’re gonna get worse. Next question. Will Smith’s famous TV show was The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. How many TV shows in
that show did he make? How many episodes? – I watched a lot, but I don’t remember how many episodes! – To yourself, please! – My gosh, I don’t even know! – Well, I’ll help you guys out. One season of The Real is 180 episodes for a whole season. How many seasons has he lasted, and then multiply that times about 170. – Well, for me, I just guess. – I’m not really, really, no. – Just guess. – Dad, nobody cares how you’re doing it, just answer. – I just speak my mind.
– Wait, how many episodes, ha? – Okay, I got it. – Make him happy, give him more. – [Paul] Three, two, one. – 900 episodes. – I say 600 episodes. – 242? – Yeah, that my lucky number. (both laugh) – [Paul] It is Papa’s lucky day. 148 episodes of the
Fresh Prince of Bel Air. – Are you kidding me? – [Mai and Mama Mai] That’s all? – Wait, why? – [Paul] You, you’re a talk show, you film every day.
– Too much. – [Paul] He films once a week. – [Mario] They did 24 a season back in the 90s, too. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was on every night around 7:00, for like, Monday through Friday. – [Paul] Syndicated. An original run it was once a week. (sad piano music) – Oh, I didn’t know that!
– What! Dad! How’d you guess that? – God helped me. – Did he! – So I can thank him for my (inaudible) – That’s all he did? – Now you know because you are beautiful, you see that? God. What a loser. – He got that famous off of that little episodes? – [Paul] Well, I mean, it
was on for five years, so. – So it just kept repeating? – [Mario] They’re not filming it anymore. (laughs) – [Paul] He’s moved on to other things. – I love him a lot. – Okay, what I got is Tutti Frutti, and the other one is Stinky Socks. – You mean like smell like a stinky sock? – I love you very much, you can try first. (giggles) Try it, let me see, tell me! – [Paul] No smelling. – One, two, three. (siren sounds) – Oh, my God. – Only sugar. – Inside? – Whoa. That tastes exactly like, no, no, no, no. Oh my God. – Only sugar?
(scratching) Too much sugar. – Oh my God. – Wait, can I get a napkin? That tastes actually
like a real stinky sock. Dennis, you’ve gotta taste one of those, it’s like a real stinky sock! You guys, what does a real stinky sock taste like in your mouth? It tastes like that jellybean. – I thought you (inaudible) – I can taste it in my nostril. Why is my head go away? – [Paul] Do you guys
want water just in case? – Yeah! – That’s good, right? Okay, I have to eat it all? – [Paul] Next time. You got one pass, but no more cheating. You have to take a bite. – No more spit, I have to eat? – [Paul] You can spit, – I bite already! – [Paul] Put it in your mouth, bite it, then spit it out. – Whatever. – [Paul] How many
official emojis are there? You know emojis, the little… – How many total? – Yeah, I know emoji, how many emoji. They have a smiling ugly face, whatever. I didn’t like that. – [Paul] Yeah, how many are there? – Okay, across, I feel like there’s one, two, three, four, five, six. Down, it’s like four. Or five. So thirty. And then you swipe, there’s
like two pages for each. So thirty times one, two,
three, four, five, six. – Hurry up! – Nine, 10, 11, 12. What’s 30 times 12? – [Paul] (laughs) You
should probably keep this in your head. – Don’t be nosey. – I’m really impressed right now that my parents are understanding
what’s happening. (all laugh) – Yes! – [Paul] Three, two, one. – Yes. – 360. – [Paul] Is that a 100? – 100. – [Paul] 135. – Mom, you’re a loser. – [Paul] The correct answer is 230, Jeannie is the winner. – See Jeannie, I put 200
and then I change it! – Finally. – You see that? – I wanna see you guys suffer! – Son of a mitch. – Oh, okay. – Oh my God, do you see my 200? – [Paul] Because 100 is… – No, we’re going with this one. Okay, Chocolate Pudding
or Canned Dog Food. – Ew, no. – Take one. Mom! – Can I take first? – Mom, you have to. – Who’s got the dog food? – (muffled) (all laugh) – It’s really good! – Her’s is really good. Dad, what are you eating? – Like a chocolate! Really good! – You got the good one. Dad, what’d you get? – It’s okay with me. – I don’t feel like it’s
– It’s good! – dog food or something, you know? – I like it. – There’s going to be so
many Asian jokes in that one. – You have chocolate pudding. – [Paul] You both might have chocolate. They’re all like,
– Oh! – [Paul] They could both be
good, they could both be bad. One could be good, one could be bad. – Let me smell your breath. Open big. Oh, that’s chocolate, he got chocolate. – Mine’s really good! – [Paul] What is the
current cost of a Whopper? – Speak English again. (laughs) – [Paul] At Burger King, how
much does a Whopper cost? – Oh, how much for the Whopper? – [Paul] Dollar and cents. – So only…
– [Paul] Just the sandwich. – Oh, not the couple, right? Okay. – She never eaten it. – ♪ Burger King and I! ♪ – She never eat burgers. – She always sings that song. – ♪ Burger King and I! ♪ – [Paul] Three, two, one. – I put $3.69, but I think it also might be $4.19. – [Paul] Well, what’s your answer? – $3.69. – We’re talk about current price, everything going up now! – I put $2.69 when you have a coupon! They give you a good deal!
– (laughs) – So how much?
– Okay, how much is it? – [Paul] This is so crazy. The exact price is $4.19. – F-ck! F-ck! I knew it, I knew it! – [Paul] You’re still closer. You’re still closer. – Oh, I am? Okay, great. – Hold on. Take it easy. First of all, mine is supposed to be $4 and something, because I says with coupon, it’s gonna be like that, without coupon
– Well that’s too bad! it’s gonna be regular, it’s gonna be four something! Too bad mom, nobody talked about a coupon. You guys are taking the chance of Birthday Cake or Dirty Dishwasher. Enjoy. Go mom, in. Go. Go. Terrible? – That’s a really bad smell! – Oh, (speaks Vietnamese)! No good! – That’s really dishwasher! (laughs) – Oh, yeah, it is! (speaks Vietnamese) – Same thing? Like soap, like a soap! – It’s soap, a special dish washing soap. Is it really? – (speaks Vietnamese)
– Yeah, it’s soap, yup. – Oh, I’m so glad I won. – [Paul] Should we get waters for them? – No, no, no, let them suffer, let’s go. – My hair look okay? My hair look okay? – [Paul] How many grapes does it take to make a bottle of wine? – Wow, that’s a good question, I never know nothing
about a bottle of wine. I never think about it. How many… – How do they do that though, because they’ll make a barrel, and then they’ll divide it per glass? Or per bottle? So how many wine bottles
does one barrel make? – That’s a very stupid question. (rewinding) Wow, that’s a good question. You’re gonna have a dumb answer. – Why? – Because when you do it, you know that I watched I Love Lucy? The (mimics) – Stomping on the grapes. – Yeah, it’s a lot of grapes, you know! Not only one like that,
so how can you count? That’s a stupid question. Answer’s a dumb answer. Hurry up. – Okay! – [Paul] Three, two, one. The correct answer is 400 grapes. Jeannie, you are correct. – Yes!
– Oh my gosh. – Yes, oh my God!
– Why is she correct all the time? – Dad, for one bottle? – I thought you were
talking about the barrel. – Wait, sometimes they
have the big grapes, sometimes they have the
small, like a little, small like that, that’s not fair. – Take it to the People’s Court. Stink Bug, oh my God. Stinkbug, (speaks Vietnamese) – Ew. – Or Toasted Marshmallow. – Whoever make this one, something’s wrong with their mind. – Gah. – Go mom! – I’m waiting for him first! – This is stinky! (both gagging) – (speaking Vietnamese) – That’s really bad smell. – Yeah! – (inaudible) They make a stupid game, I don’t know who play this. – Wait, what did it taste like?? – No, I don’t like it. – Taste like sh-t! (all laugh) – Very close! – Oh my God, guys. I can smell it. Oh, that’s gross. It smells like a fart. (crosstalk) Whoa, Paul. It smells like (inaudible)
– It smells sh-t! – [Paul] That’s good. – On a one to 10 how bad was it, dad? – 10.
– Badder than 10. Badder, really bad. – Really bad. – Like underarms, smell underarms. (electricity sparks) – [Paul] Next question. – Hurry up, go faster! I hate you now! – [Paul] How much did
the first iPhone cost? – [Papa Mai] Wow. – The iPhone? – [Paul] The first one ever made. How much did it cost. – How many years ago was
that, can you tell us? – [Paul] It was released in 2007. – Got it. – Oh my gosh. I don’t know about that. The phone right now
cost like four or $500. No! The phone right now cost $1,300! Okay. No, at that time it just come out, ha. – My second guess is on the bottom. – [Paul] You and your second guesses. – I just wanna show it, just so I know. – Okay. – [Paul] Three, two, one. – Yeah. – 200. Dad! At that time, you know, everything is very high! – Back then? – Nobody had a phone like that, what’s the matter with you! – Dad, in 2007, how much was the iPhone? Why would it be $2000,
it’s not $2000 today. Did that stinkbug get to you? – You know what, one
thing I don’t understand. The last time Uncle Ted sit over here, he answered the wrong question. And this time he sit over here, answers the wrong question,
same thing as Uncle Ted! – You’ve got great taste, mom. – [Paul] Mama Mai, the answer is $499. – Damn.
– Wow. – So how much you got? – I was gonna say 300, but – I say 375 so I’m more close. – [Paul] You’re the winner. – Damn. – Ah hah! – I can smell your stinkbug.
– Everything cheap at the time, now expensive. – And now don’t worry. My turn. Jeannie. – It sticks in your
mouth when it tastes bad. – Yes, it’s terrible. (gasps) Peach or Barf. What does it mean barf? B-A-R-F. – You don’t have to worry. – Mom, when I say I need to barf, what does that mean. – (hiccups) (speaks Vietnamese) – (speaks Vietnamese), that’s burp. – Oh, you throw-up! I made you something good. My lovely daughter. (kisses) You better try it. – Oh man, dad. You’re terrible. – And my lovely husband try it! – Same. Looks same! – So how do you like it? – I got peach, I got peach! Oh, my god, thank God I got peach! Oh, my god, I’m so happy. – Really?
– I think I got peach. – Son of a gun. I hate it! (all laugh) (coughs) – It’s okay. I hate it! – It’s good, it’s so good. – Yeah. – Whatever! Go next one! My god, the other one’s smell still in my throat. Terrible. – [Paul] How many trees
are in Central Park? – Where’s Central Park? – New York. – In New York? I don’t live there! – I’ll give you a hint. It’s the largest park in, the US or the world? – No. – It’s like the size of a country. – No, no, no.
– I’ve read it before. Yeah, it is. No, a small country. I swear. – No.
– Google the facts, it’s the size of a small country. – Maybe Rome. – Google, Paul, help us. I remember this factoid. – [Paul] I don’t know what
country you’re talking about. – Yeah, they have a small country, big country.
– [Paul] It’s about a square mile. – No, there’s a small country. – [Paul] 1.3 square miles. – No, can you read the country? It’s like a small country. Central Park is as big as… – [Paul] It’s larger than
Monaco and Vatican City. – See, oh, city, oh, that’s a big factoid. – Central Park.
– It’s larger than Monaco? – We were in Monaco, France. Central Park is bigger than Monaco. – Okay, then? (all laugh) – And how many tree in there? – I don’t know, I don’t count! Oh my gosh. – [Paul] Three, two, one. The correct answer is 18,000 trees. – My God. – [Paul] Papa Mai. – No, me! – [Paul] (laughs) No, not you. – 18,000? – Oh, that’s so much.
– Are we rounding up or down? – [Paul] Either way you’re not. – How much did you think? – I guessed a small one. – [Paul] Papa Mai, you
now pick one for them. – Flavor. – Hurry up faster! My gosh. – Oh man. I hope it’s not, like, poo. – I hate this game. – Me too. – Coconut or Spoiled Milk. – Oh, spoiled milk. – I can do spoiled milk. – Yeah, spoiled milk I can do. – ‘Cause it’s like yogurt. Right? – [Papa Mai] (laughs) No. No, not like yogurt. (both gag) Both of you? Same thing? Spoiled Milk? – Oh my God. – You’re terrible. I hate you. I hate producer more. – Oh, my god. I can smell it in my nose. Oh, it smells like baby barf. – Yep. – Yeah, it is like, like a baby throw-up. – [Paul] Okay, next question. – Can we pass? (all laugh) – [Paul] How many miles, by plane, to get from LAX to Ho Chi Minh, Saigon? – Miles?
– Oh, my. – [Paul] By flight. – By airplane. Sixteen hours. – Not hours, mom, miles. – I know. – But from there you can
figure it out, right. You can do it. – Yeah. – [Paul] Three, two, one. – Sixty thousand miles. Dad, what is that little
booger on the end? – No, that’s dot.
– That’s a point. – Point for what? – Final. (giggles) I know him! Okay, final. – [Paul] The correct answer is 8,169. Papa Mai.
– That’s it? – 8,000 miles? That’s it?? 8,000 miles takes like 17 hours? – Yeah. – [Paul] By flight. – Aw, man. – I hate it. – Who suggested this game. – Who’s did this idea.
– What’s their name. – Strawberry-Banana Smooth… smoothie. – Smothie. – Dead fish. – You try first. – Is it gonna taste like nuoc mam at all? – You try first and let me know. – No. – You do first. – You go first. One, two, three. (all laugh) – [Both] One, two, three! (both giggle) – [Both] One, two, three! – Bite a little bit first. – Bite the whole thing. – Oh, my god, mine’s good, mine’s good! – Mine’s strawberry smoothie! – I love it. – Oh, my god, I’m so happy.
– Okay. – Oh, my god, that would have been… – Oh, my god, thank God. Really good. – So good. Okay. – [Paul] How much did it cost to build the Statue of Liberty? – I know a French guy did it.
– The one in New York? – Yep. – I think we loaned him money. – [Paul] It was money donated from France. They… – Yeah, something like that. (laughter) – How much did it cost?
– Wow. – [Paul] Three, two, one. – 100,000. – [Paul] The correct answer is $250,000. Jeannie and Mama, you tie. I think that means Papa
has to go this one. – Oh, no. – Dad, you have to elect somebody. You have to elect somebody. You get to elect somebody in the room. Anybody, you pick somebody who has to have the second one with you. – Anybody in the room? Oh! – Anybody in the room, look around. Like Paul. – And then you know… – No, Paul, Dad, he’s the
one who did this to you. – I know, right. – Pick Paul, dad, Paul! – Okay, Paul! – Paul! – Come on, Paul! – Have Paul try it. – Oh, I’m so glad. – To be fair, we already ate a lot here. So you have to eat some. – Yeah, you have to say sorry! He deserve it! – Welcome my director, producer, amazing family member
with the Mai’s, Paul. – Mom, how do you spell Paul? – P-O-L-L, Paul, right? P-A-O, P-A-U-L! – Good job, mom. Paul, Paul, yeah. Thank you. – Juicy Pear or Booger. – Oh, booger! – You can pick whichever one you want. – Yeah, but that’s easy though, ’cause boogers don’t really have a taste. They’re salty. – Do you eat a booger?
– Booger, booger. – Go, one, two, three, go. – Pear. – Pear? – (speaking Vietnamese) – It’s booger. – Dad, you suck. Dad, that was not the point! We were supposed to make him suffer! – I know! I picked the wrong one! – Thank you, Papa Mai. – Whatever, (speaks Vietnamese). – What’s it taste like? – Yeah, (speaks Vietnamese). – No, it’s… – No, no, don’t tell me, I wanna throw up. – What’s it taste like? I wanna know what it taste like! – I wanna throw up! – It’s really bad smell! It’s really bad. The worst. – Worse than the spoiled milk? – Yeah. It’s really bad, yeah. – [Paul] What year did
the first Starbucks open? – Got that, that’s a good one. – The Starbucks open, did I come to United States yet? Or no? – Mom, you came to the
United States in 1975? – Yeah, six, ’76, like that. – ’76. What makes you think Starbucks
was around back then? – Let’s have, what is
it beside the Starbucks? – McDonald’s? – Oh, the cheap coffee house. – I’m thinking high school. When I graduated high
school it wasn’t there yet. – [Paul] Three, two, one. – 2005, but I kind of think 2002. – [Paul] The correct answer is 1971. (all gasp) – Whoa! – You son of a mitch! What the hell! I’m thinking you weren’t born yet! – Wait a minute.
– 1971. – Starbucks was here before
Mama Mai came to United States? – Yeah! – [Tesily] But it was the first one, the first one in Seattle. It was around for a long time before they made more. – Wow, I didn’t know that. (sad piano music) – How come they didn’t tell us? (laughs) – Why do I ask you, because you don’t even born yet! – [Paul] Papa, you won, so you get to read the last one. – 2000… why you won? – [Paul] Oh yeah! Oh, yeah yeah!
– I am closer! Hello, hello, hello! – [Paul] I thought he was it. – Oh, my god, you almost sabotaged her. Mom, punch him in the throat! – Hello, hello, hello! I can choose somebody else, instead both of you. Can we do that? – Yeah! Great. – Paul and me. – I want you Paul. – Okay, yeah, can we kill him, please? – We kill him right now. – Okay, and? – And then another one,
let me see who play. Over here. – Tesily! – Tesily! Come here! – Tesily takes care of our social media. Welcome to the stage. – Yeah, you sit here, both of you. Why we have to eat this sh-t all the time. Now your turn. – [Jeannie] Can we get the zoom-in, Mario, like really bad? – Should we? – [Mario] Say cheese. (photo snaps) – Good idea, mom. – Take it easy. I will have a good idea. If I speak English well, I become a president already, let me tell you that. – Did you hear what she just said? – [Mama Mai] Hear what I say? – She said if she speaks English well she would have become president. – Butter Popcorn or Rotten Egg. – Yep, that’s a good one! – That’s terrible – Yeah, that’s terrible. It’s gonna stink.
– I know how rotten egg smell. – It’s gonna stink up your whole nostrils. – Hi, my handsome director! Hello, honey! Try it. – [Jeannie] At the same time, please. – Cheers. – Action! – [Mama Mai] Okay? – [Jeannie] Have to swallow. Have to swallow. – No, no, no, no! It’s okay? How do you feel? – Oh, no! Stop him! – No, you have can’t! You have to swallow!
– He can’t! He cannot throw! – Let him die! (screams) – He cannot swallow? – No, no, no! – No, you can’t! You have to play the whole game! We at the whole time! – I swallowed it. – You swallowed? Tesily!
– You have to swallow? – You have to swallow. – We spit out. – You swallow. – You love me. – My body, my choice! – But you love me the whole time! – [Jeannie] (laughs) My body, my choice? – You say what a chicken! (squawks like a chicken) – Okay, (inaudible) – Thank you so much for
watching this episode, thanks for followers followed, thank you so much for this challenge, smell ya later! – Thank you, good bye! – Bye, everybody! – God punish you! – I thought for a second it was okay. – I was like, this is okay, this is okay, and then it’s like bam! And you’re like no! – What did it taste like? – Awful. And sweet too. – [Jeannie] It’s really real. (coughs) – That was so funny. – That’s the worst thing. – [Mama Mai] I rescue you! – Look at your outfit. – Huh? My outfit’s very beautiful. (jaunty music)

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