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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

Battery Acid vs. Heartburn – The MedCline™ Acid Reflux Pillow System

Battery Acid vs. Heartburn – The MedCline™ Acid Reflux Pillow System

Hi, my name is Aaron Clark with Amenity Health.
Besides the fact that you don’t know me, what would you say if I invited you to
pop the cap on this car battery and take a nice big swig of the acid on the
inside. Of course, you say no! That would be crazy right? Well guess what, if you have nighttime
gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, and experience frequent heartburn at
night, this is exactly what is happening to you
throughout the night. You see, your stomach produces
hydrochloric acid which is similar to this battery acid. Hydrochloric acid is
so corrosive that it’s actually used in lots of industrial applications for
things like stripping layers of rust from metal. So, when you have acid reflux at
night this acid creeps out of your stomach, through the valve called the
lower esophageal sphincter and then sits in your esophagus. This can cause a
terrible pain in your chest often called heartburn. But it doesn’t stop there, this reflux can keep traveling up your
esophagus into your voice box where it leaves you with a horse or raspy voice,
into your lungs giving you a chronic cough or asthma symptoms, up into your sinuses were can give you
a chronic runny nose, even erode away the enamel of your teeth. Nighttime reflux is so bad that you are
11 times more likely to get esophageal cancer, if you have frequent heartburn at night.
Now speaking of heartburn itself — you know that awful burning your chest
that can jolt you away from the deepest sleep — Many people believe that heartburn is
the first sign that stomach acid has escaped into your esophagus, in reality, if you are experiencing
heartburn, this actually means that stomach acid has already eroded some of
the protective lines of your esophagus and that damage has already been done. So what can you do to not only alleviate
the painful nighttime symptoms of acid reflux, but also protect yourself
from the damage it causes. Well, let’s go back to the battery
example. The same approach applies to how you want to treat nighttime acid reflux.
You first want to avoid, as much as possible, having this nasty stomach acid
escape from your stomach and into your esophagus, which is called a reflux episode.
But if a reflux episode does occur, you want to make sure that you
get rid of that acid as quickly as possible.
Just like washing the battery acid off your hands. So, how do you first reduce these reflux episodes
from happening at night? Well, for starters, medications
unfortunately can’t help you here. Heartburn medications reduce the
acidity or potency of the stomach juices coming back up, but they don’t stop
the reflux itself from getting out of your esophagus. Dropping a Tums® into
this battery, for example, would neutralize some of the acid, but it won’t
prevent the acid from spilling out, nor would it make it safe to drink or
hang out in my esophagus. Ok, this is getting heavy! Let’s talk about how you can
help prevent acid reflux from lingering in your esophagus
at night and causing more damage. So during the day, if you reflux, you
might swallow or drink some water to help get that nasty taste out of your
mouth and soothe the burn, right? Well at night, saliva production slows or even stops
and you are unconscious of the need to get rid of the lingering acid. This is where gravity comes into play.
Sleeping with your upper body or torso elevated recruits gravity to pull acid
reflux back down into your stomach where it belongs. Shortening the duration of these reflux
episodes is known as acid clearance time. Improving acid clearance time has been
shown to be an important factor in reducing the damage that’s done to your
esophagus at night. Just like you would never let battery acid
linger on your skin all night you want to make sure that this doesn’t
happen to your esophagus while you sleep. We developed the MedCline™ Acid Reflux
Relief System to allow you to benefit from left side positioning and sleeping
inclined. MedCline™ elevates your entire upper body at an optimal angle without
sliding down so you maximize the benefits of gravity
to pull any acid reflux back down into your stomach. Plus MedCline™ keeps you on your left
side comfortably so you have fewer reflux episodes to
begin with. MedCline’s patented positioning method has been shown through multiple
clinical studies, to provide unparalleled relief compared to bed wedges or
propping up the head of your bed. If you would like to learn more about MedCline™ or about nighttime heartburn and how to treat it, please visit MedCline.com or visit
our YouTube channel. And please don’t forget to share this video with your
friends and family members who have nighttime acid reflux or GERD.
Thanks for watching.

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  • will this product of yours work for ppl with back/spinal pain, considering that u have to sleep on your side while using it?

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