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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

Balance Stomach Acidity Naturally — vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

Balance Stomach Acidity Naturally — vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

Do you experience occasional acid
indigestion or heartburn? That feeling of hyper acidity is due to excessive
production of acid by our digestive system, specifically in our stomach and
like anything, when too much is produced the cup overflows into our esophagus
somewhere that our stomach acid is not intended to travel. A very simple and
immediate solution is to take an alkaline product to immediately
neutralize the acid. This is okay if all you want is a temporary fix.
Standard hyper acidity products work to neutralize acid and comfort comes within
a matter of seconds or minutes! But what happens after the initial relief? The
acidity comes right back. By taking an alkaline product, we feel relieved
because the acid is neutralized but at the same time the brain is sent the
signal of the quantity of acid which is important for digestion is low and
immediately directs our system to produce more acid then hyper acidity
comes back and generally with greater intensity. This is called The Rebound
Effect. In Ayurveda we address the root cause of an imbalance — not just the
masking of symptoms. Aci-balance, our top-selling herbal blend, is fast-acting,
helps balance occasional stomach acidity, and supports overall digestion. By
helping to maintain balanced digestive fire — in the stomach and small intestine,
short-term comfort and long-term results are achieved. The herbs in a Aci-balance
are intentionally combined in precise proportions to create a synergistically
blended formula. Each ingredient is powerful individually, however together
they are a healing force. Amla one of Aci-balance’s main ingredients has a
rejuvenating and cooling quality. It is a fruit that is a rich natural source of
vitamin C and supports the function of digestion by calming hyper acidity in the stomach.
Indian jalap is balancing and cleansing, supporting functions of the stomach and
intestines (many times hyper acidity and the resulting symptoms are the product
of overeating eating at the wrong times poor or slow digestion or all of the
above.) And licorice has a soothing and cooling quality which can help
extinguish excessive heat in the stomach. Besides having a fast-acting effect on occasional stomach acidity, which standard over-the-counter products also
do, Aci-balance helps the brain produce acid in a balanced manner and
therefore avoids The Rebound Effect before it can take hold. All our herbal
formulations are based on texts that are thousands of years old and as such are
time-tested and without side effects. To maintain proper stomach balance and soothe occasional acid indigestion and heartburn, try Aci-balance in our
compressed tablet form which provides full efficiency of this ancient
Ayurvedic formula in a very convenient way.

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