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AYURVEDIC REMEDIES FOR COUGH & ASTHMA II खांसी और अस्थमा के लिए आयुर्वेदिक इलाज II

AYURVEDIC REMEDIES FOR COUGH & ASTHMA II खांसी और अस्थमा के लिए आयुर्वेदिक इलाज  II

Hello Friends Myself Dr Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt Today I want to give you some information on cough. Although, you must be thinking that cough is normal It occurs any time or vanished any time. But, in case the cough is settled in your body & you haven’t treated it well Then cough produces various types of other diseases. Hence, moment you have normal cough you should get its treatment done Firstly we should know Why cough occurs? There are many reason behind it If we talk about general cough. If you have gone somewhere, where you have eat or drink something very chilled due to that also Or in winter season you are suffering from cold Then to flesh out that sputum also you caught by cough That cough get vanished within 2-4 days What should we do when we caught by cough Any one can be a sufferer or general cough Then you should keep some Ayurvedic Medicine at your home Just like Custard Apple’s Powder If you have general cough and cold Kantakaari Lavana is also very useful And the best out of all is Dry ginger powder If you follow all this point at your home then you can cure general cough easily For that you need not to visit any doctor If the sputum is out then automatically cough will be over Make sure you take care of what to eat or what not Don’t eat chilled food items when you are having cough so that your sputum could get out easily & your cough may vanish. Custard Apple’s powder is specially for that cough only Mix it with some honey & lick it. Within 2 days your cough will be vanished. But, you haven’t treated your cough You are coughing but taking it for granted Then you are wrong !!!!! Because if you will not treat your cough And repeatedly you are suffering from cough. 1-2 times in a month Then slowly that cough will affect your digestive system And it will make you asthma patient. It means Asthma Its a type of cough only You must have seen asthma patients They just gone mad while coughing They are unable to sleep, mid of the night they gets up And they try to breath inhale with raising their shoulders Why aren’t they able to breath And then a sound formed which is a specific sign of asthma patient. With the Sign-sign voice their breath got exhale Why is it so ? In Ayurveda there is a information on this Air which goes to our lungs Their pipes Which helps air to pass by They are very tender There are small glands on those pipes When those glands become ill Then, they put pressure on pipes That’s the reason we have sound while exhaling Those people are unable to breath like a normal person. Now you must be saying that its not a illness Let me tell you , patient of asthma doesn’t die fast. Because asthma is not the cause of death But, this disease even not leave the patient till he dies . That means till his last breath he remains the patient of Asthma. If you will control the cough from the beginning If you think about cough and be serious on your food habits then you will never be a sufferer of Asthma & your body will remain healthy. Patient of asthma become weak of coughing Because their food doesn’t get digest They didn’t get proper juices of body and their strength gets low day by day. Although they live long but their life is worst as they are dying daily If you don’t want to live such life Then rule out the cough. Moment you cough, just get its treatment done Friends, in this episodes we gave you information about 2 types of coughs. If a general cough becomes severe then it produces many other types of coughs And the other 2 types of coughs & how to treat them with magnetic procedure That we will inform you in our next episode. Thank you… Stay happy, stay healthy & keep in touch with us.

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