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Autism Behaviours: Digestive Stink & Upset (15/16)

Autism Behaviours:  Digestive Stink & Upset (15/16)

Why do Autistics Tend to Have SO Much Digestive
Stink and Upset? I have autism, and my life has been shaped
around discovering what hurts the symptoms of autism, what helps the symptoms of autism,
and finding the science which can explain this. In this video, I explain why autistics do
one of sixteen different types of behaviours. Then I’ll let you know how to get more information,
if you want it. This is one of a series of 16 different videos which I hope will make
it easier for you to explain autism behaviours to extended family, colleagues, educators,
friends, or anyone who might be working with or supporting someone with an autistic spectrum
condition. I’m Jackie McMillan of Thrive With Autism.
I help parents, educators, health practitioners, and adult autistics to reduce or eliminate
the symptoms of autistic spectrum disorders, so that autism no longer defines their lives,
or limits their opportunities. Why do, why do so many autistics have, ah,
digestive problems, and, um, and, and really bad stink when they go to the bathroom? Well,
um, it has to do with gut dysbiosis. When you have the wrong creatures in different
parts of your digestive system, they’re not breaking down food properly. And so, you’re
getting malnourished. But they’re also producing a lot of waste
products that we’re not designed to handle. And, and ah, and those waste products can
be really, really stinky. They can come out of your sweat, they can come out of your breath,
but, you know, they often just come out when you go to the bathroom.
And, um, so think about fungus. Fungus makes, they make some of the most toxic products
on the planet. And some, some people have funghi that shouldn’t be there in their digestive
system, that are exuding some of these toxins. Think of yeasts. Well you know yeasts, one
of their major by-products is alcohol. When you eat something that’s got a lot of sugar
in it, you’re producing alcohol, you’re having the alcohol high, you’re having the alcohol
crash, you’re having the alcohol cravings, um, and, and you’re having the alcohol withdrawal
symptoms, afterwards. So, um, there are some very simple dietary
changes that will gradually start to reinforce the good bacteria, and get rid of the bad
guys. Um, if you’re really, really sick, there are some fast options, but ah, our medical
system isn’t, ah, all that ready to ah, apply them to people who aren’t really, really close
to death’s door. If you’ve found these videos about the reasons
behind common autism behaviours useful, I have good news for you. Hunting through my
blog isn’t an immediate response to your concerned neighbour, teacher, or visiting relative.
So I’m giving 20% off for pre-orders of the whole collection, downloadable in both audio
and video. You can carry these around on your smartphone, and share as needed.
At Thrive With Autism, we help you optimize the gifts, and minimize the challenges. Thank
you for caring about someone with autism.

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