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Asthma Video Close Captions 020918

Asthma Video   Close Captions 020918

– Hi, my name’s Anna.I’m a respiratory therapist.– My name isJ acquie.I’m one of the pediatric
resident doctors.– And I’m Luke.I’m a pediatric nurse
and we’re part of a teamhere at Golisano Children’s
Hospital talking to youabout how to use
inhalers with a spacer.When the video is done, you’ll
know how to help your childget the right amount of
medicine to manage their asthma.And keeping your child feeling
well and healthy is our goal.– This is one example of
a metered dose inhaler,also called an MDI
inhaler or puffer.It sends medicine into
your child’s lungs.Whenever an inhaler is used,
you must use a spacer with it.Here is an example of
what a spacer looks like.Without a spacer, the
medicine can’t getall the way into the lungs.Your spacer might have a
mouthpiece like this oneor your spacer might
have a mask like this.Your doctor will help
determine which onewill work best for you.– It is important
that you know aboutthe two main types of inhalers.Although they may look similar,
this one is a rescue inhalerand this one is a
controller inhaler.You’ll use the rescue
inhaler on a scheduled basis,as needed.Sometimes you will use
the rescue inhaler morewhen you’re having
trouble breathing.You’ll use the controller
inhaler one or two times a day.It usually contains a special
medicine called a steroid.This helps to reduce the
swelling in your airway.Use all medicine as
instructed by your provider.If you are using the
inhaler for the first time,it’s important to
prepare it for use.Start by looking at
the expiration date.If it is expired, it
will not be as effectiveand should be replaced.You will need to
prime the inhalerbefore using it on your child.Shake the inhaler in
the upright position.Release one puff from the
inhaler, pause for 30 secondsand shake again.Repeat this until the
recommended number of puffshave been released, as per the
manufacturer’s instruction,waiting 30 seconds
between each puff.If you have not used
your inhaler recently,you will need to re-prime
it every few days to weeks.This is especially important
with the rescue inhaler.Check with your specific
inhaler’s instructionsto find out how often
this should be done.Most inhalers have a
counter to signal how manydoses are left in the inhaler.Once the counter has reached
zero, the medication is goneand the inhaler
should not be used.It is important to
have active medicationinside the inhaler.If no counter is present,
tracking the remaining dosescan be done on a piece of paper.– To use the inhaler with the
mouthpiece and your spacer,shake the inhaler and place
in the back of the spacer.Have your child blow all his
air out and seal your lipstightly around the mouthpiece.Begin breathing in and
release a puff of medicinefrom the canister.Continue breathing in
as deeply as you can.Hold your breath and
slowly count to 10.One, two, three, four, five,six, seven, eight, nine, ten.If a second dose of
medication is required,wait one minute and repeat.If you hear a sharp
whistling sound(whistling sound)slow your inspiratory
breath down.This will allow for better
dispersion of the medication.To use the inhaler with
a mask and the spacer,have your child sit upright
or support your childin a sitting position.Shake the inhaler and place
in the back of the spacer.Place the mask on
your child’s face,taking care not to get
the top of the masktoo close to your child’s eyes.Press down on the spacer and
inhale the medication in.Let the child breath in
and out four to six timesbefore removing from the face.If a second dose of
medication is required,wait one minute and repeat.Wiping off the mask and
face with a wet washclothwill help prevent
irritation of the skin.After using your inhaler,
rinse your mouth outwith a sip of water
or brush your teeth.If this cannot be done,
wiping the inside of the mouthwith a wet washcloth
is sufficient.This is especially
important if using a steroidor controller inhaler.Rinsing the mouth helps
prevent hoarsenessand fungal infections like
thrush or yeast infections.If you are taking more than
one inhaled medication,it is important to take
them in the correct order.Rescue inhalers, such
as albuterol or Xopenex,are bronchodilators and
are usually taken firstto open the airways and
allow other medicationsto be inhaled deeper
into the lung.Controller medications,
steroids, should then be usedwith the same technique.– Spacers should be
cleaned once a week.They should be placed in a
sink with warm and soapy water.You’re gonna want to undo
the mask or mouthpiecefrom the holding chamber
and disassemble the spacer.Shake vigorously in the
water and rinse all partsin clean water and
let air dry overnight.Do not allow the metal
canister from the inhalerto become wet.If the medication begins
to clog the hole onthe inhaler dispenser,
a dry Q-tip can be used.Inhalers are sensitive
to extreme hot and cold,so you should not leave inhalers
in places such as a car.Likewise, excessive
moisture may cause buildupon the inhaler canister, which
will not allow the medicationto be delivered properly.– In this video, you have
seen how to properly useand care for your
inhaler and spacer.– If you have any questions,
please contact any memberof your healthcare team.– Thank you for watching.

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