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ASTHMA Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

ASTHMA Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects
the Airways of the lungs during normal breathing the bands of muscle that
surround the Airways are relaxed and air moves freely during an asthma episode or
attack there are three main changes that stop air from moving easily through the
airways the bands of muscle that surround the Airways tighten and make
the Airways narrow this tightening is called bronchospasm the lining of the
Airways becomes swollen or inflamed the cells that line the Airways produce more
mucus which is thicker than normal and clogs the airways these three factors
bronchospasm inflammation and mucus production cause symptoms such as
difficulty breathing wheezing and coughing symptoms and emia signs and
symptoms vary depending on the cause of your anemia they may include fatigue
weakness pale or yellowish skin irregular
heartbeats shortness of breath dizziness or lightheadedness chest pain cold hands
and feet headache at first anemia can be so mild that it goes unnoticed but
symptoms worsen as an email worsens causes the Airways in a person with
asthma are very sensitive and react to many things or triggers contact with
these triggers causes asthma symptoms one of the most important parts of
asthma control is to identify your triggers and then avoid them when
possible the only trigger you do not want to avoid is exercise pretreatment
with medicines before exercise can allow you to stay active yet avoid asthma
symptoms common ESMA triggers include infections
colds viruses flu sinus infections exercise weather changes in temperature
and/or humidity cold air tobacco smoke allergens dust mite pollens pets mold
spores cockroaches and sometimes foods irritants strong odors from cleaning
products perfume wood smoke air pollution strong
emotions such as crying or laughing hard some medications treatments asthma
symptoms are not the same for everyone they can even change from episode to
episode in the same person also you may have only one symptom of asthma such as
cough but another person may have all the symptoms of asthma it is important
to know all the symptoms of asthma and to be aware that your asthma can present
in any of these ways at any time the most common symptoms include coughing
especially at night shortness of breath wheezing chest tightness pain or
pressure every individual needs unique treatment and care we encourage people
with asthma and their families to learn as much as possible about the latest
medical treatment and approaches as well as healthy lifestyle choices please
subscribe and comment if you have any latest medical treatment for this
illness stay strong live long thank you

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