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Asthma Advance: How Immune Pathways Contribute to Asthma

Asthma Advance: How Immune Pathways Contribute to Asthma

I’m Kevin Hart. I’m a postdoc in Tom’s lab for the last couple of years. Yeah, there’s lots of different flavors of immune responses that are tailored pretty specifically to the type of insult or pathogen that is attacking the body. And a broad array of these two are particularly relevant for asthma which is the TH2 pathway and the TH17 pathway. What we found was that, similar to a balance, patients either have this really strong TH2 response or a really strong TH17 response, and some patients had neither. But we didn’t find any patients that have both going on at the same time. When we looked in mice using our allergy model, what we found was that when we therapeutically intervened, we really controlled some of the features of their asthma. They have reduced disease. In addition to that we found that they have this increased TH17 response, indicating that if you take something off one side then the scale will tip. The nice thing about the studies is that we’re better understanding some of the pathways that are involved and how they interact with one another. Hopefully, we can better tailor therapies to the types of patients that we have and the types of responses that might be going on or changing within patients.

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  • It is good to see some one being able to help those with asthma due to a food allergen instead of a respiratory condition. The lungs are fragile enough. Bravo excellent stuff you do man.

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