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Arranged Joint | EP 04 – DiLogic | Rom Com Web Series Originals | Smoke up ( New webseries out now)

Hi mom, you didn’t sleep till now. No, I am not feeling sleepy. Your dad is in Delhi and I am alone at home. Even his phone is off. And Mr. Gulati’s phone is also off. All network signals vanish when they meet. What are you doing son. You too didn’t sleep Mom I was about to sleep When will you do marriage son. I am so much tensed about you. These days even the number of good girls are less. If you like someone then tell me We’ll ask the priest to match the kundalis’ Mom stop it now. She should not be of other religion, color or other country and even region. She should not smoke and should not at all eat beef. Whom should I marry then you only tell. Marry Handa’s daughter, she even works in Hero Honda. Mom you please sleep, I am also sleeping. YOU..? TANU. No The birthday girl. According to my information you were in love. So what is your story. If I take her name she will be defamed. I don’t talk about old people with new people. You are good with words. Even you are no less. So what is your story. So let me narrate you a story. There lived a king and a queen. Queen was smart and clever So she left him all shattered. Are you that Queen I am just a Queen who happens to be friend of Bhawani And where is she. There loved ones came. Often in life, many desires are left incomplete Sometime thing don’t go as planned And sometimes things don’t go in your favor. Desires Which originated through an interaction. Have now taken form of seeds of love. Those desires are often crucified without any pain and further never talked about. You asshole. Hello Boss Seems like we have reached the told location. Yes boss.. Come lets see. Absolutely… Police. What is he doing here..? We are fucked man Should we call Faliya sir. Yes Boss, call him fast. Pick up the phone fucker.. Yes Funkey. Sir We won’t be able to execute the plan. Sir Police is here. Hello Funkey **Laughing** Bro what took you so much time. I was coming bro but then smoke up scenes. So did things worked in your favor. I don’t know bro I am not getting the spark The spark which is required to fall in love. Wtf bro If you didnt get the spark after meeting 3 girls. Then atleast you should have thought about me bro.. I haven’t dated a single girl for 3 years now.. And my spark plug got fused seeing that bhawani.. Bro I arranged this cop dress And kept my life under danger For you. But you can’t even pass me your discarded girls. Bro we smoked our first J together. Do you remember? Not fair asshole… Now you will crush and roll both. Do you remember Akanksha seth..? Ya I do remember her..She is getting married But why are you asking.. Nothing as such… Just saw her social media photos Ohh… I thought you will say she was my girlfriend. Was she *ucker…? Lets go or else the real cop will come shithead. We are not done bro…You r rolling for me for life. Take off this fake dress Arora bro Gudiya also went USA Next year she will marry and settle there. Ohh And my friend Its been 2 years since Guddu left home You only told Guddu to leave house Yes, so what else should I have done. She wanted to marry that professor. Its cool buddy If one girl will go another will come You are right what? Hey she is my daughter Chill buddy Watch that Amitabh movie The one who has no one He only has an option of new start Anyways did you bring the cigarettes along. Yes, but when did you start smoking I am so tensed and fucked I dont know where my love will be Speak in hindi mourning Buddha. You have been crying from the start. I have a cab booking And listen, if you don’t have money in mumbai Then this city becomes devil Now stop crying, I have a booking. Now what should I do Shut the fuck up. Who is he..? A fucked up person maam Why what happened to him Madam what should I say. He came with his girlfriend to mumbai on trip His girlfriend wanted to see some actors. But she blasted a nuclear weapon on his heart And ran with some actor. Madam I cant believe. That my love left me forever. I dont know how and where she will be. Is every 4th person actor here. Yes and every 3rd person writer every 2nd person broker. But every person wants to be 1st here. Will you have lighter or matchbox Yess maam Take it. Take it. matchbox Madam are you actress? No why? You look like heroine type. So I asked What is heroine type.. I am journalist. Maam you are smoking ganja in car Long live the shiv. Madam you are journalist. help me find my love. okey. why you think she left How do I know maam I have no idea, I have no clue. Rhyming Good Good… very good. She left you And you are here doing rhyming in her memory That’s why I don’t like love. Buddy live for yourself. Why are you upset for someone who left. Wow… what a thought maam…. very good. Maam its my heart, not a film story. Son, In a film you will get a happy ending always. But in real life, once you left then you cant be right. No maam My love is not like that, she is innocent. Sometimes she come in other people talks. What kind off love gets influenced by other people. But I haven’t seen a lover like you for long now. But maam why people go away. I have practical experience of this. What. I mean currently I am working on Vijay Faliya fraud case. Ohh… the person who went to Bangladesh with 1000 million. Not Bangladesh, England But maam why do people run. sometimes People can’t handle what is going in their life… So sometimes they run from the situation. STOP THE CAR Madam chuneky Pandey’s gaurd. The person who kidnapped my love. Yes… I am taking back. Funkey you can’t do a thing, loser Jr. Sir, there was police. Which one of you is Chuneky Pandey’s gaurd..? I am enjoying my life to the fullest. Yes paapa left India 2 days ago only. Also my love too left me… I am upset. Why is my love.. my lover.. my jaanu. Madam please ask him about my lover. Are you Chunkey Pandey’s gaurd? Not this one maam that one. Who is running. STOP… Dont run…. Where is my lover… You guys.. WTF. You and You. Ohh big brother…. you are here. This man took my love… he kidnapped her. Ohh… I was sure he is criminal. Ohh this is the same police sir. I think we are dead Take Back. So he might have called the Police for protection Su might have told him..about us. STOP Stop you criminal, police is there.. Maam he is fake police officer. Big brother, he only took my love. I was sure he is some kind off criminal You asshole, you kidnap girls. You… What are you saaying to him. You flirt with other people’s girlfriend. And here you blame other people. What do you think about yourself. With whose girlfriend I flirt? Su, my girlfriend. WTF.. who su and who you.? I am siddi Faliya. Oh, the one whose dad went bankrupt. And you started flirting seeing the opportunity. Is your girl… that the one with snake eyes. No sir, not that one. how do you know. I have seen this sir at Pub early. So your girl might be tanu. Right. very smart you are. Tanu Right. You are a stud. You are not even counting Su. And Su left me for you. Her girl might be Kanu. Inspector please. Kanu &Tanu are not Su. SU is Su. okey? WTSu… who is su..? sir my love. Quiet for a minute. Sunanina, the girl whom you met at Juhu early tonight. Oh, I only asked address from that girl. I don’t even know her. Raj Yes You took address from me and went to her house. Right… But dealer bro, what are you doing here. I drive cab in night for my stomach. For survival money is needed in Mumbai. What about my lover…folks. Where is his lover. I have no idea maam. His lover came to me And asked me to get her role in movies. So I took her to the Manager sir.

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